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Wild Animals

In this section we have all sorts of wild animals that live in the jungle. You might see some of these in a zoo, but that is not where they really belong. We hope you like our selection of free emoticons, animations and smiley face graphics!

giraffe smiley
tiger smiley
fox smiley
white rabbit smiley
White Rabbit
happy skunk smiley
Happy Skunk
lion smiley
leopard wearing headphones smiley
Leopard wearing Headphones
happy baby elephant smiley
Happy Baby Elephant
hippopotamus smiley
adorable giraffe smiley
Adorable Giraffe
hippo smiley
laughing monkey smiley
Laughing Monkey
fishing polar bear smiley
Fishing Polar Bear
monkey smiley
wow smiley
you rule smiley
You Rule

There are 16 emoticons in the Wild Animals pack.

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in fox on 07 Sep, 2020

Can you make a polar bear please? There is only one!

in fishing... on 17 Nov, 2017

The code for the skunk doesn't work. It's a broken link.

in happy skunk on 08 May, 2017

How do I download the giraffe emoji?

in giraffe on 26 Feb, 2017

How do you insert the fox emoji into your facebook messenger and whatsapp text?

in fox on 03 Nov, 2016
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