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Transport emoticons

These emoticons and smileys are related to different means of transport. Wether it's by air, road or sea, we have the animations and clipart graphics that you need right here!

airplane smiley
moving sports car smiley
Moving Sports Car
speeding motorcycle smiley
Speeding Motorcycle
dirt bike smiley
Dirt Bike
bike riding smiley
Bike Riding
biker babe smiley
Biker Babe
biker smiley
sexy biker smiley
Sexy Biker
flying helicopter smiley
Flying Helicopter
helicopter flying smiley
Helicopter Flying
bus ride smiley
Bus ride
modern train smiley
Modern train
hot air balloon smiley
Hot Air Balloon
tractor smiley
golden submarine smiley
Golden Submarine
boat smiley
boating smiley
racing boat smiley
Racing boat
speedboat smiley

There are 19 emoticons in the Transport emoticons pack.

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TractorSpeedboatRacing Boat
BoatingBoatHelicopter Flying
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I have an Android phone(Alcatel Fierce). I am dying to download your biker...

in biker on 25 Aug, 2017

I like the "Boat" smiley because the motion of the waves is more natural than...

in bike riding on 10 Jun, 2016

Is there any way to use Yahoo emoticons in Mac Mail?

in bus ride on 24 May, 2016

The Biker Emoji looks hot! Used it on gchat an got good comments.

in sexy biker on 02 Dec, 2015

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