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Space emoticons

Everything about outer space goes into this section. These graphics and emoticon animations are provided free of charge for your personal use.

cartoon moon hearts and kisses smiley
Cartoon Moon Hearts and Kisses
cartoon moon crying smiley
Cartoon Moon Crying
astronaut smiley
sleeping moon smiley
Sleeping Moon
space cat smiley
Space Cat
very happy moon smiley
Very Happy Moon
cartoon moon giggling smiley
Cartoon Moon Giggling
space shuttle smiley
Space Shuttle
the world in your hands smiley
The World in your hands
planet smiley
rotating space station smiley
Rotating Space Station

There are 11 emoticons in the Space emoticons pack.

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Great.. love the moving ones

in rotating... on 07 May, 2022

The information contained in this sleeping moon emoji is don't stay awake in...

in sleeping moon on 15 Feb, 2018

Moon is kiss of true love I love you Kissey kissey

in cartoon moon... on 01 Jul, 2016 is a great source for emoticons and emojies and smileys and...

in sleeping moon on 03 Mar, 2014
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