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Symbols and Signs emoticons

All of the different signs and special symbols are in this section. These graphics and animations are provided free. We hope you enjoy them!

signboard thank you smiley
Signboard Thank You
i need drugs smiley
I need drugs
happy anniversary smiley
Happy Anniversary
happy weekend smiley
Happy Weekend
nice day sign smiley
Nice Day Sign
dancing banana with poop picket smiley
Dancing banana with poop picket
good morning signboard smiley
Good Morning Signboard
dollar signs on eyes smiley
Dollar Signs on Eyes
wtf question mark sign smiley
WTF Question Mark Sign
yes, i fully agree smiley
Yes, I Fully Agree
making love sign smiley
Making Love Sign
i'd hit it banana smiley
I'd hit it Banana
more drama plz smiley
More Drama Plz
love is in the air smiley
Love Is In The Air
thanks sign smiley
Thanks Sign
laughing text smiley
Laughing Text
cool rocker smiley
Cool Rocker
winking victory sign smiley
Winking Victory Sign
peace symbol smiley
Peace Symbol
welcome signboard smiley
Welcome signboard
drooling sign smiley
Drooling Sign
hinduism symbol spinning smiley
Hinduism Symbol Spinning
cool sign smiley
Cool Sign
talk to the hand sign smiley
Talk To The Hand Sign
warning warning smiley
Warning Warning
not allowed symbol sign smiley
Not Allowed Symbol Sign
signboard ok smiley
Signboard OK
peace sign winking smiley
Peace Sign Winking
male and female symbol smiley
Male And Female Symbol
no picket sign smiley
No picket sign
rage text smiley
Rage text
valentine i love you sign smiley
Valentine I love you sign
sad text smiley
Sad Text
toxic sign smiley
Toxic Sign
male symbol smiley
Male Symbol
cancer zodiac sign smiley
Cancer Zodiac Sign
radioactive sign smiley
Radioactive Sign
text happy face smiley
Text Happy Face
scorpio zodiac sign smiley
Scorpio Zodiac Sign
rocker hand sign smiley
Rocker Hand Sign
female symbol smiley
Female Symbol
sad symbol smiley
Sad Symbol
aries zodiac sign smiley
Aries Zodiac Sign
leo zodiac smiley
Leo Zodiac
pisces zodiac sign smiley
Pisces Zodiac Sign
inflammable sign smiley
Inflammable Sign
sagittarius zodiac sign smiley
Sagittarius Zodiac Sign
virgo zodiac sign smiley
Virgo Zodiac Sign
taurus zodiac sign smiley
Taurus Zodiac Sign
aquarius zodiac sign smiley
Aquarius Zodiac Sign
high voltage sign smiley
High Voltage Sign
corrosive substance sign smiley
Corrosive Substance Sign
capricorn zodiac sign smiley
Capricorn Zodiac Sign
libra zodiac sign smiley
Libra Zodiac Sign
gemini zodiac sign smiley
Gemini Zodiac Sign

There are 55 emoticons in the Symbols and Signs emoticons pack.

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