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Clapping Hello Kitty Emoticon

Clapping Hello Kitty animated emoticon
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Why is hello kitty clapping here? She is seems to be really happy and excited about something and she can't contain her joyfulness. Use this cute emoticon to show how overjoyed you are when you receive some good news or you're bursting with happiness, which can happen a lot when you're on MSN.

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User comments (70)

Hello Kitty emoji said:07 Dec '15

Nice clapping Hello kitty emoji...
An excited girl emoji...

Shriyans said:17 Jun '15

Hello kitty is such a good cartoon character and my favorite cartoon.

Jenny said:16 Jun '15

I love HELLO KITTY and all of her emojis.

Rincy said:12 Jun '15

Hello kitty is so cute and so are her emojis.

hello kitty's friend said:22 Apr '14

so so so so so so so cute!

Anonymous said:22 Apr '14

I love the hello kitty so much!

FarisaFirdaus said:13 Oct '13

Wow this so cutey I LOVE HELLO KITTY

hello kitty fan said:16 Sep '13

soooooooo cute! I wish I had hello kitty as a pet!

Denielle said:21 Jun '13

Hello Kitty is so cute and Adorable im so lucky i am president in her fan club. ^_^ even have rare collectibles and plushies. HELLO KITTY IS SOOO CUTE!

Anonymous said:15 Jun '13

Nice! :D I love it. Can somebody make a SpongeBob one?

D!@m@nt said:12 Jun '13

pretty...i love Hello Kitty

pretty said:27 Apr '13

nice. i love this.

Anonymous said:13 Oct '12

love hello kitty

Kittenz said:27 Aug '12

Oh my love for kittens never ends!

Joy said:22 Aug '12

Would like more Hello Kitty emoticon choices.

hello kitty lover said:30 Jun '12

i love hello kitty soo much xxxxx

Hello kitty fan said:20 Jun '12

I love hello kitty ◕‿◕

chryssa said:15 Jun '12

sooooooooo cute very nice congr

Anonymous said:13 Jun '12

Love Hello kitty, perfect for blog!!!

Tiffanyy said:23 Apr '12

they should tell you how to do it on facebook!!

Anonymous said:16 Apr '12

omg she is so cute!!!!!!

Anonymous said:13 Apr '12

i very much like hello kitty :)

Anonymous said:10 Apr '12


Anonymous said:17 Feb '12

I like the hello kitty just.

meeper (/:$?:/:;:$;) said:24 Jan '12

i like pikachu wo im sad ight now.

JulieBean109 said:26 Oct '11

i like the banana one way better!

JulieBean109 said:26 Oct '11

I hate pikachu. he is weird-looking and he does nothing. I wish they had anything else except him. gosh he is ugly too!

Anonymous said:15 Oct '11

how do u put it on msn?

Lulu said:28 Aug '11

Cute... I love hello kitty, she's awesome!!!

hellokitty:) said:13 Aug '11

can someone tell me how do u put it on msn?

Anonymous said:12 Jun '11

oh my god this is the best thing!!...x

daris said:03 Feb '11

oh my Goodness its so cute

ana said:01 Jan '11

muito fofos os emoticons

Anonymous cuz u dont said:08 Dec '10


malisha said:18 Sep '10

HeEllllOooooo kiTty hAtEr
iT MaKEZ Me SICK Ooooooooo tHoSe gOoSEBuMpz i GEet
bYe hAtErZ

Cerys and Ellie said:29 Aug '10

Hello Kitty is amazing. they're cool. this is a comment from me and mates.

HelloKittyluver said:24 Aug '10

cute + a bow + Hello kitty!!!! these are brilliant!!!!

laluneonyoutube said:19 Aug '10

:) I love them they are cute

Anonymous said:03 Aug '10

wow these are good! i really like them and i have got loads of hello kitty stuff myself!

lol x said:01 Aug '10

awesome :) i love it. This site has the best hello kitty smileys i could find anywhere on the internet. I'm going to put this one on my profile haha ;)

Details for clapping hello kitty

Suggested shortcut: ;kitty3
Tags: Clapping, Happy, Cute, Kitty
Filename: clapping.gif

  • The Clapping Hello Kitty emoticon is Animated
  • Clapping Hello Kitty icon file size: 1.77 kB (1812)
  • Added on 23 July, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Cartoon Emoticons

'Clapping Hello Kitty' is animated in 2 frames, the animation is 1 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 50 by 42 pixels and has 68 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Clapping Hello Kitty

To use the Clapping Hello Kitty icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

For more free Animated Hello kitty emoticons emoticons like the clapping hello kitty icon, visit the Hello Kitty Emoticons pack.

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