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Blushing Hello Kitty Emoticon

Blushing Hello Kitty animated emoticon
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Hello kitty is blushing here. She looks cuter than ever when she feels shy or embarrassed! We wonder what made he blush? Use this animated emoticon whenever you feel like your cheeks might be going red.

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User comments (68)

Alexa said:22 Jun '20

It's the most Adorable Kitty emoji.

Alexa said:22 Jun '20

I still Love hello kitty :)

Anonymous said:17 Nov '14

For Michaela Hughes....

dianneboucaud said:05 Aug '14


Anonymous said:29 Mar '14

lol so where does it say how to make blushing hello kitty?

l;gf said:14 Mar '14

I want it so bad :)

Anonymous said:08 Jan '14


IAMFROM2 said:10 Dec '13

Such a cutie! her cheeks are very cute!
(o● . ●o )

Sabina said:27 Oct '13

She's the cutest. My most favorite kitten.

Theodora said:16 Sep '13

so cute! her chicks are so pink:)

Anonymous said:03 Apr '13

Aww, she's so shy and cute

vishwanthini said:24 Dec '12

i love you cute and sweet kitty!

amirtha said:24 Dec '12

i love you sweet kitty!

kiwi said:22 Oct '12

how to download these lovely icons to my fbk?

Kyla D said:08 Oct '12

She tiam les sure el la mule Hellow Kitty

Fabz said:07 Oct '12

good really good website!!! Lool!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said:18 Aug '12

que mole los de la kitty hello ooooo

Bieber'sGurl!!!(; said:25 Apr '12

Hello Kity is sooooooooo cute especially in this pic of her blushin'!My 16 year old sister's BFF LOVES HELLO KITTY TO DEATH!!!!!!!!I saw her room OMG!!!!IT WAS FULL OF HELLO KITY STUFF!!!but i feel bad for hello kitty.......cuz her name has a bad word in it):

Helllo said:10 Apr '12

awwww! I have collected hello kitty things since I was little.

Anonymous said:04 Mar '12 cute!!

Anonymous said:02 Mar '12

aww hello kitty is very cute, especially on this picture of her blushing.

Anonymous said:27 Jul '11

she's so cute !! awwwwww i love her. i lovw to have collections of hello kitty. she is beautiful!

Anonymous said:12 Jun '11

aww i love her.................

Hello Kitty said:30 May '11

Aww, She's so cute! ♥

Eunice said:15 May '11

you're so cute hello kitty .............i love you i have many collections of hello kitty!

Anonymous said:15 May '11 know hello kitty you're my wallpaper and you're my icon i love hello kitty and have many collections of you.

Anonymous said:01 Apr '11

I love hello kitty so much she is so cool and so cute she is sooooo pretty.

açelya said:26 Mar '11

I love you a lot more. new pictures.. hello kitty pictures look super. calling everyone especially the site owner, we are waiting for new pictures and thank you for these pictures take care ....

Anonymous said:20 Mar '11

cute max-ado xi HELLO KITTY..i love HELLO KITTY so much..IDOL... HELLO KITTY..!!..♥♥

Anonymous said:14 Mar '11

It's a lovely picture of hello kitty. I love it.

Hello Kitty said:25 Feb '11

so lovely! I love it.

Anonymous said:22 Nov '10

how cute!! cute kittens emoticons are my favorites.

:) smile said:28 Oct '10

i want to get code for chat

:) smile said:28 Oct '10

blushing hello kitty i want to use it on Chat

:P said:22 Oct '10

We wonder what made him blush? WTF? lol love it;0

Yess Meee Who elsee? said:01 Sep '10

Wateverr Juss Somee Haterss

barbie angel said:13 Aug '10

i luv dat angry kitty she iz amazin

Anonymous said:10 Aug '10

i think the angry hello kitty is super cute!!

shy said:06 Aug '10

hi rockers! it is as good as can be.

pokebear said:27 Jul '10

awww, this icon is so sweet. I blush just like that whenever I embarrass myself in front of people :P

Details for blushing hello kitty

Suggested shortcut: ;kitty2
Tags: Blush, Shy, Embarrased, Cute, Kitty
Filename: blush.gif

  • The Blushing Hello Kitty emoticon is Animated
  • Blushing Hello Kitty icon file size: 2.65 kB (2711)
  • Added on 23 July, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Cartoon Emoticons

'Blushing Hello Kitty' is animated in 3 frames, the animation is 10 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 50 by 42 pixels and has 126 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Blushing Hello Kitty

To use the Blushing Hello Kitty icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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