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Family emoticons

These are all the animations and graphics related to families. You can send these to your family members to show them how much you love them! These emoticons and smileys are free to download or use, we hope you like them.

spanking smiley
hugging smiley
crying baby smiley
Crying Baby
loving family smiley
Loving Family
i love my family smiley
I Love My Family
grandmother loves you! smiley
Grandmother Loves You!
super mom smiley
Super Mom
i love you mom smiley
I Love You Mom
love u mom smiley
Love U Mom
turkey family smiley
Turkey family
grandpa and child smiley
Grandpa and Child
grandpa loves you smiley
Grandpa Loves You
i love you dad smiley
I Love You Dad
family smiley
i want my mommy smiley
I Want My Mommy
family picture smiley
Family Picture
baby feeding smiley
Baby Feeding
girl smiley
love you dad smiley
Love You Dad
family portrait smiley
Family Portrait

There are 20 emoticons in the Family emoticons pack.

Recent Comments:


in turkey family on 28 Nov, 2019

No Emojis for "Happy Father's Day"??

in i love you dad on 19 Jun, 2018

Happy mother's day to all mothers on this planet and beyond!

in i love you mom on 13 May, 2018

It's very violent but I suppose funny.

in spanking on 21 Jan, 2018

Get harsher Like Shoot the junkie or Draw&Quarter the burglar Or castrate the...

in spanking on 21 Jan, 2018
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