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Everyday actions emoticons

These smileys are going about their daily lives and doing some everyday tasks.

relaxing smiley
working on a computer smiley
Working on a Computer
using shaving cream and razor smiley
Using Shaving cream and Razor
brushing teeth smiley
Brushing Teeth
whistling smiley
reclining couch smiley
Reclining Couch
showering smiley
shopping smiley
gossip smiley
flossing smiley
shaving smiley
mouth whistle smiley
Mouth Whistle
shopping spree smiley
Shopping Spree
watching horror movie smiley
Watching Horror movie
deposit into piggy bank smiley
Deposit into Piggy Bank
contact lenses smiley
Contact Lenses
giving a speech smiley
Giving a Speech
flying toy airplane smiley
Flying Toy Airplane
i'm getting late smiley
I'm Getting Late

There are 19 emoticons in the Everyday actions emoticons pack.

Recent Comments:

I love EMotions 💜😊❣️😊

in showering on 22 Mar, 2020


in giving a speech on 13 Jun, 2017

Nice talking... Loved the gossip

in gossip on 05 Feb, 2017

Like it,. This brushing teeth emoji is cute.

in brushing teeth on 28 Apr, 2016

Having fun in the sun .

in relaxing on 25 Jul, 2015

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