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Birthday cake candle Emoticon

Birthday cake candle animated emoticon
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Everyday we work hard to add only the very best Celebration smiley faces! The main colors contained in the clipart are yellow brown, sunflower yellow, bronze, baby doll pink and apricot. It has been made with a really long animation. Do you have any questions about this blowing candle smiley? ask about it in the comments. Hopefully someone will answer your question!

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User comments (82)

Anonymous said:01 Nov 2016 (07:51)

Happy birthday rosie

Pat pelzer said:04 Oct 2016 (16:22)


Anonymous said:03 Oct 2016 (20:52)

Happy Birthday Stephanie

Anonymous said:30 Sep 2016 (17:12)

Happy birthday Kate xxx

Anonymous said:30 Sep 2016 (09:23)

Happy birthday Adam xx

Christine & Howard said:21 Sep 2016 (08:55)

Happy Birthday Nikky

Anonymous said:19 Jul 2016 (04:15)

Happy birthday shona

Anonymous said:13 Jul 2016 (16:42)

Happy Birthday LEEKS

Anonymous said:14 Jun 2016 (12:04)

Happy Birthday Traci,

Anonymous said:27 May 2016 (23:05)

Happy Birthday dear Ximena! I hope you have a day as special as you are!

JAEME said:05 May 2016 (13:45)

You are sooo loved and admired!!! XOX

donna said:25 Apr 2016 (16:44)

Happy Happy Birthday Terre and Sarah!!

Anonymous said:11 Apr 2016 (13:42)

Happy Birthday ALISCIA! My Garidan Angel!

Linda said:10 Apr 2016 (09:57)

Happy Birthday Sis! I hope your day is as special as you are. Love you lots! ☺

Anonymous said:07 Apr 2016 (11:11)

Happy 70th birthday Jim! Have a good one

valerie said:13 Mar 2016 (20:52)

Happy Birthday Skillet!

Joe said:27 Feb 2016 (12:04)

Happy B-Day young lady! 🎂🍻

Anonymous said:22 Feb 2016 (16:40)

Yay it's your birthday!! Let's party!!

Anonymous said:16 Feb 2016 (09:17)

Are these stickers free?

Ted and Joyce said:11 Feb 2016 (13:38)

Happy Birthday Harold. Hope you have a special day!

Anonymous said:26 Jan 2016 (16:37)

Happy Birthday Buddy

Anonymous said:20 Jan 2016 (05:10)

Happy birthday my beautiful baby. I love you soooooooo much!

Anonymous said:09 Jan 2016 (08:34)

Happy birthday to my lovely sister

Anonymous said:12 Dec '15

Happy 26th Birthday Rose!

Anonymous said:21 Nov '15

Happy birthday 🎂 Affooooo

Anonymous said:08 Nov '15


Mariushka said said:02 Nov '15

Happy birthday Missele!

Anonymous said:30 Oct '15

Happy birthday jaanu

Anonymous said:15 Oct '15

Happy Birthday Tony!

Anonymous said:12 Oct '15

Happy Birthday Nicky

Renee said:16 Sep '15

Happy birthday Sean, may Jesus' continue to bless you with many, many, many more beautiful years.

Anonymous said:08 Sep '15

Happy Birthday Brently. Grandma Loves you

Anonymous said:29 Aug '15

Happy Birthday Gordon x

Anonymous said:15 Aug '15

Happy 25th birthday, Jessica!! Love you so much!

Anonymous said:08 Aug '15

WiSh U mAnY mAnY hApPy ReTuRnS oF tHe DaY.......HaPpY bIrThDaY.......Girish Mama .......

Your sis... said:19 Jul '15

Happy birthday Sis... Love you much. Hope your day is as special as the day you were born..

bev said:10 Jul '15

Happy Birthday to You ..Happy Birthday to You Happy birthday dear Lou Happy birthday to you.. Love ya

Anonymous said:09 May '15

Happy Birthday Donna

Anonymous said:06 May '15

Happy Birthday Angel!!!! Aka JoJo

Andy Garcia said:05 May '15

Happy birth day I wish that I could afford to take you on a vacation someday happy birthday beautiful Kelly I love you

Details for birthday cake candle

Suggested shortcut: ;birthday
Tags: Bday, Birthday, Cake, Blowing Candle, Party, Birthday Party
Filename: birthday-cake-candle.gif

  • The Birthday cake candle emoticon is Animated
  • Birthday cake candle icon file size: 133.59 kB (136798)
  • Added on 27 November, 2011
  • Last commented on 01 November, 2016
  • Emoticon category: Holiday Emoticons

'Birthday cake candle' is animated in 25 frames, the animation is 2.5 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 86 by 175 pixels and has 253 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

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