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Trees and plants emoticons

These are the tree emoticons and smileys for all of you nature lovers out there! We hope you find the animations and graphics that you need.

island smiley
painting smiley
heart plant smiley
Heart plant
raking leaves smiley
Raking Leaves
gardening smiley
venus fly trap smiley
Venus fly trap
tree hugging smiley
Tree Hugging
palm trees smiley
Palm Trees
spooky tree smiley
Spooky Tree
act of love smiley
Act of Love
tree house smiley
Tree house
palm tree smiley
Palm Tree
cactus smiley
valentine heart plant smiley
Valentine heart plant
fall colors smiley
Fall Colors
happy tree smiley
Happy Tree
tree dance smiley
Tree Dance
bush smiley
spiritual tree smiley
Spiritual Tree
save a tree smiley
Save A Tree
tree 2 smiley
Tree 2
small tree smiley
Small Tree
tree smiley
leaf smiley
tree 3 smiley
Tree 3
leaf 3 smiley
Leaf 3
leaf 1 smiley
Leaf 1
tree 6 smiley
Tree 6
leaf pile smiley
Leaf Pile
leaf 2 smiley
Leaf 2
leaf 8 smiley
Leaf 8
leaf 7 smiley
Leaf 7
leaf 5 smiley
Leaf 5
tree 4 smiley
Tree 4
leaf 4 smiley
Leaf 4
leaf 6 smiley
Leaf 6
bonsi smiley

There are 37 emoticons in the Trees and plants emoticons pack.

Recent Comments:

You had a cute Smiley which I can't find on your site anymore... it was a...

in island on 13 Jan, 2020

Have a Happy Love-Filled Day....

in heart plant on 14 Feb, 2019

Can I suggest that you create an emoji sawing logs-tree logs?

in tree house on 09 Jun, 2018

How about a LIGHTED palm tree emojie for Christmas and Hanukah? Great...

in palm trees on 25 Dec, 2017

So nice! Thanks. I´ll use this Cactus emoji for my comments on my cactus fan...

in cactus on 05 Sep, 2016
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