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Travel and Holiday emoticons

Going on vacation or travelling? These emoticons and smiley faces are perfect for holiday time! We hope you like these free animations and graphics. Have fun and enjoy your travel!

train goodbye smiley
Train goodbye
travel suitcase smiley
Travel Suitcase
i'm on a vacation smiley
I'm on a vacation
school bus smiley
School Bus
vacation time smiley
Vacation time
going on vacation smiley
Going on Vacation
sand castle smiley
Sand Castle
holiday ticket smiley
Holiday Ticket
backpacking smiley
world traveller's suitcase smiley
World Traveller's Suitcase
metal detector smiley
Metal Detector
surfer dude smiley
Surfer Dude
vacation day smiley
Vacation day
vacation day tomorrow smiley
Vacation day tomorrow
stewardess smiley
map smiley

There are 16 emoticons in the Travel and Holiday emoticons pack.

Recent Comments:

I need detector woman and man, holding long-handled detector. Wrong kind for...

in metal detector on 16 Dec, 2020

Cannot find a metal detecting emoji

in metal detector on 28 May, 2020

Cool school emojis. Thank you.

in school bus on 21 Oct, 2019

This is awesome 😉 Loving it a lot😍

in train goodbye on 21 Feb, 2017

Getting close to bag packing time. I needed this suitcase emoji.

in world... on 09 Sep, 2016
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