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Seniors emoticons

These are the smileys and emoticons we have featuring senior citizens. If you need some graphics or animations of old people, this is the right section. We hope you like these free icons.

old lady driving smiley
Old Lady Driving
going on vacation smiley
Going on Vacation
old person helped to walk smiley
Old Person Helped to Walk
troubled old man smiley
Troubled Old Man
old man taking off teeth smiley
Old Man Taking off Teeth

There are 5 emoticons in the Seniors emoticons pack.

Recent Comments:

Could you make me an emoji of an old man driving a mobility scooter please?...

in troubled old... on 05 Aug, 2017

The person in front of me all day!

in old lady... on 27 Jul, 2017

Is that Beannie behind the wheel?

in old lady... on 16 Dec, 2015
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