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no way smiley
No way
nao smiley
sad no smiley
Sad No
german nee animated text smiley
German Nee Animated Text
portuguese nao! animated text smiley
Portuguese NAO! Animated Text
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Recent Comments:

Well I think the cat is kawaii and I like it so much.

in shaking head no on 01 Dec, 2019

It's cute and I love it!

in shaking head no on 01 Dec, 2019

"No emoji" good for facebook (shaking head sadly)

in shaking no on 20 Oct, 2018

I love this shaking head No emoji! He's kinda saying: No means No!

in sad nope on 09 Jun, 2018

Great Emojies

in shaking head no on 21 Feb, 2018
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