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Happy Birthday Emoticon

Happy Birthday animated emoticon
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A smiley face wishes you the best on this very special day. We hope that you can be as happy as he is on this wonderful occasion.

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User comments (59)

Kathy and Dan said:22 Feb 2017 (13:48)

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Anonymous said:03 Feb 2017 (12:58)

Happy 4th birthday Stella Bella, love Nonna and Pop pop

Kathy . said:09 Nov '16

Happy Birthday Janet, hope you have an awesome day old friend .xx

Lah said:03 Nov '16

Happy, HAPPY 6th birthday Amari !!

Anonymous said:02 Nov '16

Happy 4th Birthday Handsome!

Auntie Kathy . said:30 Oct '16

Happy Bithday Keegan, love you ...

Anonymous said:22 Oct '16

Hope it is exciting!

Anonymous said:14 Oct '16

Happy birthday and many more! !!

Mom & Dad said:13 Oct '16

Hope you have a great birthday! Love you

Anonymous said:26 Sep '16

Karthi kaetjdigh fdjveiv gh

Anonymous said:12 Sep '16

Happy birthday Ellie enjoy your 10th birthday love Mum,Dad and Luke xxx

Anonymous said:07 Jul '16

Happy bday to my momma. May the day be filled with joy and evening filled with cheers.

#1 Mom said:06 Jul '16

Today is the day your birth was announced!!# The baby's coming

Anonymous said:29 Jun '16

Happy Birthday to the gal who puts a smile on Everyone's face. Enjoy & love you💗

rit babu said:14 Jun '16

Happiee birthday to my simplest sis...I hope you really enjoy your special day with your family ,friends and your dearest person

Anonymous said:01 May '16

Good evening & happy birthday to a kind soul who I'm sure is well respected, admired and even loved. :) I hope you are having a really good day and great year!

Anonymous said:16 Apr '16

Happy birthday tee tee

Christiane & Walt said:08 Feb '16

Joyeux Anniversaire Cindy!

Anonymous said:25 Jan '16

Happy Birthday Mark!

parooo said:20 Dec '15

Happy bday ma! love love u love u love u so so much!

Anonymous said:23 Nov '15

happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuuu

Anonymous said:30 Oct '15

Happy 32nd birthday to a awesome son!!
I love you! Have a great day!!!

Anonymous said:09 Oct '15

happy birthday rhiddima gupta

Anonymous said:05 Jun '15

Tum joyo hjaro sal
Sal ke don ho ak hazar

Anonymous said:05 Jun '15

Happy Birthday, Ayumu

Anonymous said:11 May '15

"Have a great day Karen"

Anonymous said:02 May '15

Happy birthday to my son Jaylen

Anonymous said:18 Mar '15

Happy birthday to karen Rosado at pom pom planning have a beautiful day!

Anonymous said:09 Mar '15

Happy Birthday, Richard!

AMMI & ABBI said:07 Mar '15


Anonymous said:25 Feb '15

Happy birthday dear lalallalalL

Anonymous said:20 Feb '15

Happy 17th birthday Brittney!!!

love Linda &Mike said:08 Feb '15

Happy birthday Bryan

Love from your Nani! said:23 Oct '14

Happy 2nd Birthday to my Grandson Xander!!! Today is his actual special day. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness with many more Birthdays to come!!!

Anonymous said:29 Sep '14

Happy birthday to you. Hope you had a great day.

Anonymous said:15 May '14

Happy Birthday Toby! Another year come and gone, and many more yet to come. I hope you have a fantastic Birthday Day and just know that you are so loved. Wish we were there already, but soon :). Make the most of your special day.

Anonymous said:09 Apr '14

Happy birthday buddy!

Anonymous said:18 Feb '14

Happy Birthday Kristen!

Anonymous said:16 Jan '14


Bridget said:05 Jan '14

Happy Birthday, Betty! Enjoy:)

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Suggested shortcut: ;happybd
Tags: birthday, happy birthday
Filename: happy-birthday.gif

  • The Happy Birthday emoticon is Animated
  • Happy Birthday icon file size: 43.38 kB (44417)
  • Added on 14 June, 2011
  • Last commented on 22 February, 2017
  • Emoticon category: Holiday Emoticons

'Happy Birthday' is animated in 12 frames, the animation is 1.44 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 127 by 62 pixels and has 246 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

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