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Friends emoticons

These aniamtions and emoticons are all about friends and friendship. Show people close to you how much you care using these smileys and graphics.

high five smiley
High Five
fist bump smiley
Fist Bump
brofist smiley
smileys wants a big hug smiley
Smileys wants a big hug
i miss you teddy bear smiley
I Miss You Teddy Bear
friendship handshake smiley
Friendship Handshake
i really miss you smiley
I really miss you
happy friends smiley
Happy friends
cheers! smiley
i miss you button smiley
I Miss You button
two happy friends smiley
Two Happy Friends
hug me smiley
Hug Me
secret handshake smiley
Secret Handshake
funny strong hand shaking smiley
Funny Strong Hand Shaking

There are 14 emoticons in the Friends emoticons pack.

Recent Comments:

Click on the emoji you want to use. It will appear a little bigger on a small...

in secret... on 18 Apr, 2019

DEAL! Let's shake on it!

in friendship... on 01 Dec, 2018

Love them. Wish I could get these emojis.

in hug me on 16 Oct, 2017

Love this teddy bear emoji. Very Cute. Lovely.

in i miss you... on 11 Jul, 2017

Please tell me how can I get this Teddy bear emoji to show in my text...

in i miss you... on 11 Jul, 2017

Friendship smileys and animations

Celebrate your friendship with your buddies using these cool animations and smiley faces. We hope you like them and always remember: good friends are hard to find, so be sure to appreciate them and keep them for life.

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