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Butter Face emoticons

This is a free set of yellow smiley faces. These emoticons are pretty cool and they're quite big as well! We hope you like them.

wondering smiley
oh well smiley
Oh Well
hit by love smiley
Hit by Love
no idea smiley
No Idea
cool rocker smiley
Cool Rocker
mortified smiley
shamed smiley
sour face smiley
Sour Face
flabbergasted smiley
river of tears smiley
River of Tears
uncertain smiley
guy with mohawk and knife smiley
Guy With Mohawk and Knife
villainous smiley
impressed devil smiley
Impressed Devil
bad smile smiley
Bad Smile
hatched smiley
hard to believe smiley
Hard to Believe

There are 17 emoticons in the Butter Face emoticons pack.

Recent Comments:

This emoji does not look anything like a sour face.

in sour face on 09 Apr, 2018

I can almost feel your kisses

in hit by love on 16 Jan, 2016

Yes! That's me!

in hit by love on 17 Feb, 2015

I wasn't able to get the codes to work on Facebook.

in oh well on 12 Aug, 2014

Buttery smileys

The name of this collection comes from the unique butter-like color they have. They look almost delicious! Someone might be tempted to eat one of these little smiley guys if they existed in real life!

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