Double Flip text emoticon

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If you like double flip, and wanna send something high and mighty to your online contacts, then insert this flipping the bird emoticon for texting!! Please rate it.

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User comments (13)

Anonymous said:13 Feb '18


This one is good too.

╭∩╮The Bird said:17 Jul '17

Ha ha ha ha... these facebook keyboard emojis are so funny...
I want to use them as an image on my android phone, is that possible?

Middle Finger Emoji said:17 Jul '17

Double flip emoji is easy to copy and paste in the facebook and snapchat messenger, etc.

Phil said:09 Jul '17

Cool Double Flip emojis

Titing namumula said:30 Dec '16

Like the cool expression on his face... not angry at all... hahahah

Anonymous said:29 Nov '16

These versions of flipping text emoticons are cool too:




Anonymous said:25 Mar '16


KaKo said:11 Sep '15

Flipping off those annoying guys with this Flipping off smiley is fun!

Anonymous said:15 May '15

Superb text emojis
Made perfectly
Love these double flip emojis for facebook and Skype. So Cool.

Anonymous said:15 May '15

You can use this instead ╭∩╮(D:

Anonymous said:31 Jan '15

Would be cool if you could add this emoticon.
I think this is the best one (mix of "Fuck You Finger" and "Double Flip").
╭∩╮( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)╭∩╮

Anonymous said:18 Mar '14

╭∩╮(-_-)╭∩╮ Double flipping with face is a better smiley face for cool texting!

Anonymous said:11 Jul '13

╭∩╮╮ ╭╭∩╮ double with all the fingers!

Details for double flip

  • The Double Flip text emoticon is single line
  • Visual size: 11x1 characters
  • Added on 05 May, 2013
  • Last commented on 13 February, 2018
  • Text Emoticon category: Misc. text emoticons

Double Flip has 1 line and is 11 characters long. It is made with the following 7 unique symbols and characters.

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