Letter O text emoticons - Page 1

These are all the text emoticons starting with the letter O. This is the 1st page.

Oh My God
Oh My God text emoticon
OMG text emoticon
OMG Ascii
OMG Ascii text emoticon
One-eyed Angry Face
One-eyed Angry Face text emoticon
Open Mouth Kiss
Open Mouth Kiss text emoticon
Opened Mouth and Unsure
Opened Mouth and Unsure text emoticon
Opera Singer
Opera Singer text emoticon
Orkut Angel
Orkut Angel text emoticon
Orkut Unsure Look
Orkut Unsure Look text emoticon
Outlook Angel
Outlook Angel text emoticon
Outraged text emoticon
Outraged text emoticon
Overslept text emoticon

There are 13 emoticons in the Letter O text emoticons pack.

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You're amazing, how did you do this?

in omg on 07 Jul, 2020

E STAHP stahhhhp okay just stahp

in oh my god on 31 Aug, 2019

Some people use "Oh my Gosh" instead of "Oh my God!". So, I suggest adding...

in oh my god on 16 Jun, 2019

Good. Really good OMG text emojis.

in omg on 12 Mar, 2019

More like "IDK". IMHO.

in oh my god on 06 Jun, 2017