Letter N text emoticons - Page 1

These are all the text emoticons starting with the letter N. This is the 1st page.

Nervous text emoticon
Nervous Laugh
Nervous Laugh text emoticon
Neva Eva
Neva Eva text emoticon
Nightmare text emoticon
No Way!
No Way! text emoticon
Nodding text emoticon
Not Happy
Not Happy text emoticon
Not Laughing
Not Laughing text emoticon
Not Sure
Not Sure text emoticon
Not Sure
Not Sure text emoticon
Not Sure If Serious
Not Sure If Serious text emoticon

There are 11 emoticons in the Letter N text emoticons pack.

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Or you can just type "u.u" like most people I know do.

in nodding on 27 Jul, 2018

This emoji is also good for a nervous laughter(⌒▽⌒)

in nervous laugh on 13 Jul, 2017

Group laughing emojis: (´∀`)(´∀`)(´∀`) A bunch of...

in nervous laugh on 26 Aug, 2016