How to Type Rage Facebook emoticon


How to use on Facebook

  1. Copy the How to Type Rage text art above
  2. Go to Facebook and you can:
    • Use it in wall posts and status updates
    • Include it in comments you type
    • Send it in FB chat messages

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User comments (8)

Anonymous said:21 Jan '18


Anonymous said:19 Jun '16

How do I make these rage emojis?

Anonymous said:24 Feb '16

How to type rage? Love these!

Anonymous said:13 Sep '15

I still have an erection from the rage.

Anonymous said:08 Jul '15

Cool text emojis. Hard to make though. Better just to copy from here and paste it wherever you want them to show up.

Anonymous said:26 May '15

I like the rage emojis a lot. Use them all the time.

Anonymous said:29 Dec '14

It made me poop a little!

Anonymous said:06 May '14


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