How to Make a Confused face text emoticon

How nice is it to check out this mail text art!

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Anonymous said:02 Feb '18


Anonymous said:21 Aug '17

What does this text face mean: (",)

Anonymous said:24 Mar '17

(@_@) (o-0) I'm aawesome

Anonymous said:08 Dec '16


This is so cute text emoji. It says I'm confused. I don't know which way to go!

Anonymous Person said:27 Oct '16

A group of confused emojis:

Have a not-so-confused day!

Seeing You Emoji said:18 Jun '15

@_@ just seeing @~@

Anonymous said:26 Nov '14

(@~@) That's how I make a very confused face.

Details for how to make a confused face

  • The How to Make a Confused face text emoticon is single line
  • Visual size: 3x1 characters
  • Added on 11 March, 2013
  • Last commented on 02 February, 2018
  • Text Emoticon category: Confused text emoticons

How to Make a Confused face has 1 line and is 3 characters long. It is made with the following 2 unique symbols and characters.

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