Large Nipples text emoticon


Another Tits emoticon from our 18+ Adult X Smileys gallery. Please be cautious where you use it.

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User comments (8)

Anonymous said:27 Nov '20

TY. This is hot!

Anonymous said:21 Dec '17

Nice! firm and big tits!

Anonymous said:27 Oct '17

Nice, sweet, beautiful and naughty.

Anonymous said:09 Sep '17

Love big titty!

Lezlee said:13 Jul '17

Hilarious boobs emojis!
Love all the boobies emojis created by keyboard letters and characters shown here.

Lovely said:14 Sep '16

Nice, sweet, beautiful and naughty.

Anonymous said:16 Aug '16

I love small breasts and large nipples and a petite body. I have a ...

Sanjoo said:18 Nov '14

I only love big boobs in the virtual worlds not in real world! Well, that's me, I don't know about you.

Details for large nipples

  • The Large Nipples text emoticon is single line
  • Visual size: 5x1 characters
  • Added on 23 March, 2013
  • Last commented on 27 November, 2020
  • Text Emoticon category: Misc. text emoticons

Large Nipples has 1 line and is 5 characters long. It is made with the following 4 unique symbols and characters.

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