Crying Laughter Facebook emoticon

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How to use on Facebook

  1. Copy the Crying Laughter text art above
  2. Go to Facebook and you can:
    • Use it in wall posts and status updates
    • Include it in comments you type
    • Send it in FB chat messages

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User comments (67)

Anonymous said:23 Dec '17

Nice, LOL

Anonymous said:24 Oct '17

Memes are taking over the world. WE CREATED MEMES.

Danny said:11 Jul '17

Missed laughing to the point of tearing!
Absolutely great cry laughter emojis.

Anonymous said:24 Jan '17

😂 here it is! just copy and paste

Anonymous said:15 Dec '16

Does it work on FB?

Anonymous said:02 Dec '16

x'D is this right? I can't seem to find it.

Anonymous said:24 Nov '16


Just checking out ;)

Anonymous said:17 Nov '16

Haha cry baby

Anonymous said:22 Oct '16

Let's see if it works...

Anonymous said:12 Oct '16

This is the best text emoji man! It takes a very creative mind to make these faces by putting together the keyboard signs and symbols.

Anonymous said:09 Oct '16

Text art emojis that are made by keyboard characters are really cool.

Anonymous said:03 Oct '16

X`D emojis

Lolz said:07 Sep '16

(´;^ё^;`) it works because this emoji is entirely made with keyboard characters available on standard keyboards.

Anonymous said:23 Apr '16

u make my face crying...... :'(

Anonymous said:10 Apr '16

X'D ha ha

Anonymous said:01 Feb '16


gggg said:12 Jan '16

Just checking to see if it works.

Anonymous said:25 Dec '15


Copy Paste emojis said:03 Dec '15

Crying Laughing face emoji is nice for typing in text messages. SMS. TXT.

Anonymous said:16 Nov '15

Is this how you make the crying face?

Cry Laugh Emojis said:16 Nov '15


Tearing Emoji said:16 Oct '15

Sideways Tearing Emoji for text, tears of joy only.

Anonymous said:10 Sep '15

We are proud to...
you fill the blank. What is it that makes you feel proud in life. Now you can cry if you can't find anything! Go ahead and laugh and cry like this crying text emoji! Because you should!

Anonymous said:27 Aug '15

Let's see...

Anonymous said:17 Apr '15

Does not work on Facebook ... Great -_-

Anonymous said:26 Mar '15

I can't find all the characters on my standard English keyboard.

Anonymous said:26 Mar '15


Anonymous said:23 Feb '15

Yeah thank you, I got it.

Anonymous said:12 Feb '15

OMAYGHAD this is so so funny! XD

Anonymous said:05 Feb '15


Anonymous said:29 Jan '15

X`D... I wonder if it works.

V said:28 Jan '15

Good one

WeAreAnonymous said:24 Jan '15

We do not forgive we do not forget but we do agree to bribery.

Anonymous said:24 Jan '15

Hmmm...let's see how it comes out (´;^ё^;`)

Anonymous said:08 Jan '15

X'D Very good hard laugh character emoticons for sms txt.

Anonymous said:17 Dec '14

X'D ha ha ha ha Hilarious!!

EMBARASSED said:06 Dec '14

:D ha ha I tried it and it didn't work and now people think I'm a weirdo!YOU HAVE BETRAYED ME:D

Anonymous said:05 Dec '14

Let's see if it works!

Anonymous said:27 Nov '14

Hmmm... let's see!

Hey said:25 Nov '14

I like it.

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