How Do I Make a Pig Facebook emoticon


How to use on Facebook

  1. Copy the How Do I Make a Pig text art above
  2. Go to Facebook and you can:
    • Use it in wall posts and status updates
    • Include it in comments you type
    • Send it in FB chat messages

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User comments (5)

Anonymous said:03 Jun '20

PIG Clan plz. This is too nice.

Ascii Pig Emoji said:26 Nov '15

Hahaha! Nice Pig face emoji... Couldn't think of making it with keyboard characters myself. I'm happy to copy and paste it into my text in facebook, or iMessage, Skype, gchat, everywhere I can copy paste basically. That's the good thing about emojis made with symbols and letters; you can use them as text in most messengers.

Anonymous said:05 Aug '15

(;*^_^*;) so cute

Stella said:16 Nov '14

How cute !! I really like this emoticon

Anonymous said:06 Nov '14

:@) This is a pig face.

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