Copy Paste Evil text emoticon

( °`⊥ °´ )

Use the the movie star planet text art to type your emails!!

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Anonymous User said:20 Feb '20

Love it ... Love the rest of the comments as well.

>:3 said:01 Dec '18

Nice job, very happy.

Amazed said:12 Nov '18

The size of archives of emojis and emoticons on this website is amazing. Great job. A job well done!

BOY said:08 Oct '18


Kara said:31 Jul '18

Handy Dandy Man? IDK. I Really Don't Talk Much To Others So I Dunno What To Say At Times! Please Forgive Me!

UWhat said:05 Jun '18

Pft! This Evil text emoji is funny!

Oh boi said:05 Feb '17

What an amazing website... Lots and lots of animated emoticons and smiley faces...

Thank you for your efforts.

Good said:20 Dec '16

I will kill Evil... I hate him! Yes the Good will destroy the Evil.

Anonymous said:12 Nov '16

We're all doomed... Trump is president O.O

Calman said:27 Jan '15

0 :- )
3 : )
3 : - )
I am a regular visitor of your site, great job.

Details for copy paste evil

  • The Copy Paste Evil text emoticon is single line
  • Visual size: 10x1 characters
  • Added on 21 April, 2013
  • Last commented on 20 February, 2020
  • Text Emoticon category: Misc. text emoticons

Copy Paste Evil has 1 line and is 10 characters long. It is made with the following 7 unique symbols and characters.

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