Rage text emoticons

Rage is the ultimate form of anger. When raged, your emotional state is totally out of your control. You become so wild that you want to kill the person or people who made you so mad. Your logic and reason goes out the window. If you don't react to the situation and bottle up the wild emotion it can become a threat to your health. So you have to vent the anger in one way or another. Of course the best solution would be to change your mental attitude in general and not let people and circumstances to make you angry in the first place, but until we grow to those higher states of the mind, we might need these Raging Emoticons and Smileys. Let's have a look at what we have for you:

Sideways Rage
Sideways Rage text emoticon
Skype Rage
Skype Rage text emoticon
Skype Japanese Rage
Skype Japanese Rage text emoticon
Japanese Raged
Japanese Raged text emoticon
Rage text emoticon
Ultimate Rage
Ultimate Rage text emoticon
Iphone Enraged
Iphone Enraged text emoticon
Mr. Rage
Mr. Rage text emoticon
Rage face
Rage face text emoticon
Raged text emoticon
Quit Rage
Quit Rage text emoticon
Rage Comics
Rage Comics text emoticon
Skype IM Rage
Skype IM Rage text emoticon
Facebook Chat Rage
Facebook Chat Rage text emoticon
FB Rage
FB Rage text emoticon
Rage Quit Table Flip
Rage Quit Table Flip text emoticon
Le Lenny Face
Le Lenny Face text emoticon
How to make Rage
How to make Rage text emoticon
Twitter Rage
Twitter Rage text emoticon
Adium Rage
Adium Rage text emoticon
Chrome Rage
Chrome Rage text emoticon
Plurk Rage
Plurk Rage text emoticon
SMS Rage
SMS Rage text emoticon
Android Rage
Android Rage text emoticon
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