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Heavy Mustache
Heavy Mustache text emoticon
Mustached Blank Face
Mustached Blank Face text emoticon
Mustached Indifferent
Mustached Indifferent text emoticon
Mustachey text emoticon
Laughing Mustached Guy
Laughing Mustached Guy text emoticon
Angry Mustache Man
Angry Mustache Man text emoticon
Bushy Mustache
Bushy Mustache text emoticon
Handlebar Type Mustache
Handlebar Type Mustache text emoticon
Handlebar Mustached Smiley
Handlebar Mustached Smiley text emoticon
Mustache and Beard
Mustache and Beard text emoticon
Mustached Bearded
Mustached Bearded text emoticon
Shocked Mustached Guy
Shocked Mustached Guy text emoticon
Mustache Goatee
Mustache Goatee text emoticon
Bald Bearded Mustached
Bald Bearded Mustached text emoticon
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That may work actually. Just sayin.

in how to make... on 10 Mar, 2021

You could also, do this: _ _ | O

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You guys are so noob!

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:-{ ok I will add text to mustache man!

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:-{ Excellent mustache emoji

in heavy mustache on 22 Jul, 2017