Embarrassed text emoticons

Embarrassing incidences happen to all of us. People react in different ways to the intense discomfort brought upon us by embarrassment. Some of us laugh it off, some start sweating, and some blush! Some of us instantly hide ourselves from the witnesses by covering our face by our hands, etc. all these reactions are intended to reduce our pain. Those of us, who are of a shy nature, suffer even more. Now let's look at what embarrassment emoticons and smiley faces we can use in such emotionally tense situations and conditions:

Embarrassed text emoticon
Expressing Embarrassment
Expressing Embarrassment text emoticon
Ascii Embarrassed
Ascii Embarrassed text emoticon
Asian Embarrassed
Asian Embarrassed text emoticon
Blushed Embarrassed
Blushed Embarrassed text emoticon
Eastern Embarrassed
Eastern Embarrassed text emoticon
Embarrased Outlook
Embarrased Outlook text emoticon
Unicode Embarrassed
Unicode Embarrassed text emoticon
Embarrassed Android
Embarrassed Android text emoticon
Embarrassed Blushing
Embarrassed Blushing text emoticon
Embarrassed Face
Embarrassed Face text emoticon
Ashamed text emoticon
Embarrassed Face Facebook
Embarrassed Face Facebook text emoticon
Facebook Embarrassed
Facebook Embarrassed text emoticon
Embarrassed Facebook Chat
Embarrassed Facebook Chat text emoticon
Embarrassed FB
Embarrassed FB text emoticon
Embarrassed Gchat
Embarrassed Gchat text emoticon
Embarrassed Gmail
Embarrassed Gmail text emoticon
Embarrassed Iphone
Embarrassed Iphone text emoticon
Embarrassed Japanese
Embarrassed Japanese text emoticon
Embarrassed Keyboard
Embarrassed Keyboard text emoticon
Embarrassed Messenger
Embarrassed Messenger text emoticon
Embarrassed Skype
Embarrassed Skype text emoticon
Embarrassed Smile
Embarrassed Smile text emoticon
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I don't have the characters of this emoji on my keyboard. so how to type it...

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I'm Always Shy So i use The Emoticons So that I can make shy faces And Stuff.

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Ahhhh this is so CUTE: ( ; ﹡╯ω╰ ﹡)

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(^_^;) I am testing the embarrassed emoji.

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So cute! Also... FIRST!

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Shy and blushing emoticons

We hope you love these really shy and red-faced symbols. We've also got a good selection of embarrassed animated smileys if want something graphical. Don't blush too much!