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Best Emoticons and Smileys

This page contains the top rated and most popular emoticons on our site. These smileys are considered to be the best ones, according to our visitors.

French kiss
Rated 3.96
french kiss (#1)
Michael Jackson dancing
Rated 4.59
michael jackson dancing (#2)
Dancing Banana
Rated 4.48
dancing banana (#3)
Animated middle finger
Rated 4.02
animated middle finger (#4)
Fuck you finger
Rated 3.68
fuck you finger (#5)
Spinning middle finger
Rated 3.57
spinning middle finger (#6)
Rated 4.10
weed (#7)
Rolling laughter
Rated 4.23
rolling laughter (#8)
Flipping the bird
Rated 3.68
flipping the bird (#9)
Big Dancing Banana
Rated 4.17
big dancing banana (#10)
LOL Panda
Rated 4.37
lol panda (#11)
Sexy Blonde Kiss
Rated 3.69
sexy blonde kiss (#12)
Dancing smiley
Rated 4.05
dancing smiley (#13)
Cute smileys hug
Rated 4.24
cute smileys hug (#14)
Middle finger dancing banana
Rated 3.93
middle finger dancing banana (#15)
Blowing a kiss
Rated 4.08
blowing a kiss (#16)
Rated 4.11
shit (#17)
Animated dancing banana
Rated 4.50
animated dancing banana (#18)
Flipping off
Rated 4.11
flipping off (#19)
Trippy dancing banana
Rated 4.44
trippy dancing banana (#20)

The great things about our Best Emoticons and Smileys section is that it provides you with a quick and easy way to find the most popular emoticons of all time.

The smileys on this page come from all of our different emoticon categories and collections. They include static and animated emoticons that are deemed to be the best ones, based on their popularity and ratings as voted for by the website users. By offering this Best Emoticons and Smilies collection, we have put our faith in our users' opinion, by trusting their votes for their favorite smileys or emoticons.

You can also participate in this process by casting your vote or even writing a comment for each emoticon or smiley face which you view on our site. We would like to know your opinion on the content of the site; your vote is valuable to us because it helps us to improve the quality of the service we provide and the types of emoticons we create.

If you have a new emoticon and would like to know what others think of it, simply submit it to the site and we'll upload it for public viewing. You will then be able to see users' votes and ratings for that particular emoticon or smiley.

So go ahead and share the fun; it's worth every bit. Enjoy and don't forget to cast your own vote too. Your opinion is always welcome around here!

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