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Funny Personal Messages

Funny Personal Messages

Funny MSN Names are great for having a laugh with all your friends and keeping things fun. Enjoy the world's largest selection of funny names and Funny Personal Messages!

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Funny Personal Status Message

Need a hilarious and funny personal message to go along with your screen name? Then check out these new funny status messages we've added, enjoy.

  • Spelling tootors kneaded
  • I visit my friends' houses with the sole intention of eating their food.
  • Cool thing about MSN is that people can't tell if you're talking to them naked.
  • Real life needs a search function... I need my socks.
  • I'm happy, don't ruin it by talking to me.
  • What did 50 Cent say to his friend when he knitted him a scarf? "G-Unit?"
  • You can't buy HAPPINESS but you can buy ICE CREAM... that's close enough right?
  • I run with scissors... makes me feel dangerous!
  • Team effort: Lots of people doing what I say.
  • People like you are the reason we have middle fingers

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Personal messages are a fun way of giving your contacts a laugh while you're away or even offline (status messages show up next to your name even when offline). We hope you enjoy this funny message selection, also take a look at our Cool Personal Messages.

Visit again soon as we're always adding even more funny messages. Got a quote or phrase thats very funny? Add it here!

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