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Funny Screen Names

Funny Screen Names

Funny MSN Names are great for having a laugh with all your friends and keeping things fun. Enjoy the world's largest selection of funny names and Funny Screen Names!

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Funny Screen Names for MSN

Looking for a funny screen name for MSN/WLM or other Messenger? Good, then you've found the right page! Here we've got some of the funniest, brand new screen names on the site, check 'em out.

  • I'm a Psycho, no wait, I mean Psychic
  • ThIs WrItInG Is VeRy IrRiTaTiNg
  • U know whats funny?... UR FACE!
  • My dog ate my Screen Name!
  • I enjoy candlelight dinners, writing poetry, walks on the beach and poking dead things with sticks
  • I'm not stupid. You see I get Fs for FANTASTIC!
  • The Police never think its as funny as you do
  • Why does everyone say I'm dum... everyones rong with a capital R!
  • __Dont Bother Clicking Here__
  • If you think you're alone and nobody notices you, try not paying your bills

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Besides the funny names, we've also got many cool screen names and love screen names which are quite popular, be sure to check those screen names as well. Good humor is something we all need, which is why we're always adding newer and funnier screen names to the funny names section of the website.

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