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Funny Personal Messages

Funny Personal Messages

Funny MSN Names are great for having a laugh with all your friends and keeping things fun. Enjoy the world's largest selection of funny names and Funny Personal Messages!

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Funny MSN Personal Messages

Yet more Funny MSN Messages have been added to the site! Use these funny personal messages for all your contacts to see, and hopefully have a laugh and brighten up their day. Got a Funny Message? Be sure to send it over to us.

  • I'm being abducted by aliens. I'll see you yesterday!
  • I didn't lose my mind, I sold it on eBay
  • Computer $900. Internet subscription $20. MSN Messenger $0. Keeping you busy with this stupid message: PRICELESS.
  • Chocolate makes my clothes shrink!
  • Roses r red violets r blu, monkeys lyk u shud b kept in a zoo, dont b angry I'll b there 2, outside the cage, I'll b laughin @ u!
  • I always wanted to be a fisherman, but I failed. I couldn't live on my net income.
  • Shin: a device for finding furniture in the dark
  • Roses are red, violets are blue; I once thought I was ugly until I met you.
  • Why are you even reading this?
  • Some may call it stalking. I prefer to call it love.

Using the Funny Messages

Personal Messages are a great way to share humor, fun and laughter with your friends, even when you're not at your computer! Use these Funny Messages as your MSN Personal Message or in other Messengers. You can also use them as your Screen Name or Display Name. And don't forget to also see our cool personal messages page.

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