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Valentine's Day Love MSN Names - Free Download!

Funny MSN Names - Free Download!


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Funny MSN Names

This is the third Funny nicknames collection, the MSN names in this collection have been submitted by users. If you have some names for MSN Messenger that you would like to submit to our collection, you can do so HERE. Browse the funny MSN names!

Funny MSN Messenger Names

  • You may be only young once, but you can be immature forever!
  • I couldn't fix your brakes, so I made your horn louder!
  • Hate: A special kind of love given to people who suck
  • (8)roll roll roll ur joint, gently down the line, take a toke, inhale dat smoke, and blow ur friggin mind!(8)
  • Damn right I'm good in bed i can sleep for hours!
  • Now that I have a gun...u may run or hide :P
  • Knowledge Is Knowing That A Tomato Is A Fruit, Wisdom Is Not Putting It In A Fruit Salad.
  • God made elfs God made deers God made u such a queer
  • Im not crazy, ask mr bunny and mrs dodo here
  • If u want breakfast in bed, sleep in the kitchen
  • In jail u get food, in jail u get tea, in jail u get anything butt... the KEY!
  • I have a picture of u, I think its very nice, I put it under my bed... 2 scare away the mice!
  • I tought u were crazy, now i c ur nuts!
  • Life's a game. FISHING IS SERIOUS!
  • Be kool.. Dont go to school :D
  • Silence is Golden.. But Shouting IS fun!
  • It Worries Me How Dumb You Are
  • Roll roll roll your joint, twist down the end, take a puff thats enough, pass it to a friend!
  • I hope life isn't a joke, because I don't get it!

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