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NudgeMania for MSN and Live Messenger
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Send unlimited Nudges in MSN and Live Messenger!

MSN Nudges

NudgeMania is a free program that allows you to send unlimited MSN Nudges.


  • Quick and Easy install
  • Unlimited Nudges in all versions of Messenger that support Nudge
  • Does not modify (patch) Messenger
  • Supports 5 languages

NudgeMania is the original tool for sending infinite nudges, released shortly after the MSN Messenger 7 BETA in October 2004.

Sending unlimited nudges without having to wait (also called Nudge bombing, nudge flooding) can be the perfect way to grab your contacts complete attention, but not everyone can handle the Nudge Madness, so try not to drive your contacts crazy.

With NudgeMania, you are also able to remove the Buzz limit when chatting to Yahoo Messenger contacts. Nudge Mania is not a patch and does not modify your Messenger, registry, etc like some other Nudge hacks.

NudgeMania currently supports these languages: English, Spanish, French, Turkish and Portuguese. If you want to suggest your language to be included in NudgeMania, you can contact us from this page.

How to use NudgeMania?

Sending multiple or unlimited MSN Nudges is very easy with NudgeMania, and you can find out how with detailed help on the NudgeMania help page.

NudgeMania Screenshots

  1. NudgeMania in English
  2. NudgeMania in Portuguese
  3. NudgeMania in Spanish
  4. NudgeMania in French
  5. NudgeMania in Turkish

NudgeMania version history

More about Nudges...

Nudge bombing in MSN and Live Messenger (WLM) has recently become very common (often to annoy enemies and create Nudge Wars). Of course, not everyone uses this tool to Nudge bomb their friends (and drive them mad), some people just want to be able to send Nudges as often as they like to grab the attention of their contacts (like those annoying times they stop answering your Messages!).

You don't need to hack MSN to disable the Nudge limit, just install Nudge Mania and you'll be able to send multiple and infinite Nudges in MSN and Live Messenger.

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