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MSN Emoticons: Backup Wizard 2.1: Backup Emoticons, Display Pics and MSN Backgrounds
Posted on Friday, October 13 @ 05:49:04 UTC
MSN Emoticons
Backup Emoticons, Display Pictures and MSN Backgrounds!

The Messenger Backup Wizard has been updated to version 2.1, which fixes a bug that caused any existing files and folders within the select backup destination to be erased.

We strongly recommend that users of version 2.0 update to this new version which can be downloaded below.

+ Download Messenger Backup Wizard 2.1

FAQ: I used a shared computer to chat on Messenger, is there a way to stop others from running the Backup Wizard on the shared computer and saving all my Emoticons, Display Pics, etc?

Answer: Unfortunately it is not really possible to stop someone from using the Backup Wizard to copy your Messenger content.

This essentially allows someone to steal the Messenger emoticons and avatars of the other users in a shared environment.

Got any questions about the Backup Wizard? Just drop us an email.

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