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cool symbols for your names

Cool MSN Symbols and Characters added, decorate your Messenger Names!

Monday, 24 Mar. '08600 comments3.94

We've added a brand new collection of cool symbols and special characters that you can insert into your name. These symbols are quite cool, so go ahead and try them out!

Name Symbols
View the Symbols and Characters

These characters are great for decorating your screen names. There are all types of cool symbols for you to use: stars, hearts, notes, crosses, arrows and so on. We've organized each symbol by category.

You can copy the characters and use them in your screen names, personal messages and decorate your display names on MySpace, Bebo, etc. The symbols are very popular on MSN and Windows Live Messenger where they can be used in your name, this is why they are often called MSN Symbols.

We'll add loads more symbols shortly, but feel free to write to us and request any specific symbol or character that you would like added. We'll do our best to get it for you. Note that most of these letters are Unicode (and not ASCII) so they may not work in all environments.

Important note!

Want to write your name with cool fonts and funky letters? Check out the Weirdmaker!

Weirdmaker text

Click here to make your name!


User comments

Jack said:17 Jun '21

Very nice content. Thanks for sharing. Thank you very much.

Jack said:17 Jun '21

Super legendary content. Thank you for amazing content

Jack said:17 Jun '21

Hello, good content
Thanks for uploading

Anonymous said:01 Aug '17

Can you do, shiner you wanted me well here I am?

CR7 said:06 Mar '13

can someone show me how to make * but in the middle ?

hope replied:22 Apr '13

mary*anna... hope this helped you...

Anonymous said:17 Apr '13

Can u say CCari loves you

Anonymous said:04 Apr '13

can you please write Leah?

ѕнαzzч ♥נαу replied:05 Apr '13


Hope This Helped Babeez ... ! xxx

Anonymous said:24 Mar '13

Can you do "A Stephanian"

ѕнαzzч ♥נαу replied:25 Mar '13


Hope This Helped Babeez ... ! xxx

Anonymous said:22 Mar '13

can you do, I Love You!

ѕнαzzч ♥נαу replied:23 Mar '13

ι ℓσνє уσυ!
ι love yoυ!
ï løṿε ÿøυ!
í lσvє чσu!

Hope This Helped Babeez ... ! xxx

santos said:12 Mar '13

Mari y Chuy
Mari y Jesus

Anonymous said:09 Feb '13


Anonymous said:27 Jan '13

can u do xiarah please

swaggyal4455 said:22 Jan '13

How do u make a text in this thingy lol

ѕнαzzч ♥נαу replied:22 Jan '13

Heeyy Babeezz You Okaii And You See The Top Yellow Box At The Top Which Says `Click Here To Make Your Name `! Its There LOL Hope This Helped xxx

YourrrJanoskiaanLove said:17 Jan '13

can someone write zaynah rafiq inaa really nice waay plzzz?x♥

YourJanoskianLover replied:17 Jan '13

LOOOOOL, awww! horses are so adorable.

ѕнαzzч ♥... replied:17 Jan '13

zαуиαн яαfιq ιиαα
zaynaн raғιq ιnaa
ʐαÿṉαh ɾαƒïσ ïṉαα
zαчnαh rαfíq ínαα

Hope This Helped Babeez ... ! xxx

Anonymous said:05 Jan '13

Can you find a horse shoe symbol? I am a horse lover and would love to decorate my email user name with it. Can you help me out?

ѕнαzzч ♥... said:01 Jan '13

Happy New Year!!

ѕнαzzч ♥... said:04 Nov '12

ḋøεṡ αṉÿøṉε ώαṉτ ṃε τø ḋø τhεïɾ ṉαṃεṡ øɾ ṡøṃετhïṉģ ώïτh ṡÿṃвølṡ , јυṡτ сøṃṃεṉτ вεløώ ! =) x

heyyy replied:23 Dec '12

Basira xx do this one plzzz

ѕнαzzч ♥... replied:24 Dec '12


Hope This Helped Babeez ... ! xxx

Tiaa said:19 Dec '12

Can somebody write Tiaa in that cool handwriting? I would really appreciate it!

ѕнαzzч ♥... replied:21 Dec '12


Hope This Helped Babeez ... ! xxx

Anonymous said:11 Dec '12

what empty square means?

replied:12 Dec '12

it means your computer doesn't have the font you are looking at. it shows up as an empty square shape when your windows or Mac system does not include that character font. you have to find out what font is it and then download it to your computer. only then you'll be able to see it properly. I'd say it's from a foreign language, different from that of your country. hope this helped.

Anonymous said:01 Dec '12

Can you say Valeria Y Freddy

ѕнαzzч ♥... replied:02 Dec '12

ναℓєяια у fяє∂∂у
valerιa y ғreddy
ṿαlεɾïα ÿ ƒɾεḋḋÿ
vαlєríα ч frєddч
Hope This Helped Babeez ... ! xxx

Francessa said:04 Nov '12

somebody write the letter F but in different fonts but make it look nice, girly but not too girly thanks so much...xx

•••✿ⓙⓞ replied:27 Nov '12

cool symbol emoticons smiley faces
...ღ...{ Ʈ }...ღ...

I (L) this website x said:04 Nov '12

OMG lyk that is soooo, soooo true!!! this website is soo cool!

Shhh x said:30 Mar '12

This Is Reallii Siik x

ѕнaz [♥] replied:30 Mar '12

Yhhhhhh I Knoee x :)

rose replied:03 Apr '12

Alie! i use this alot!!!! this is amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing

ѕнaz [♥] replied:03 Apr '12

omg mee too bcz ii do da stuff for ppl x

RETARDSTHELOTOFYA replied:05 Apr '12

learn how to spell, it'll make you sound ALOT smarter than you are.. Cause you spell the way ppl with downs syndrome would

ѕнaz [♥] replied:05 Apr '12

OK Thanks For That I Will Doo x :)

mb replied:10 Apr '12

noing u if u are doing anthing

ѕнaz [♥] replied:10 Apr '12

HUH ? MB What Did Yuu Say ............... ?????

ѕнαzzч ♥... replied:30 Oct '12

Nothin Jstin Wiv Maa Bf x itz lateeee lool been bussyy x

Anonymous said:22 Oct '12

can you do Obama is gay?

ѕнαzzч ♥... replied:25 Oct '12

σвαмα ιѕ gαу
oвaмa ιѕ gay
øвαṃα ïṡ ģαÿ
σвαmα ís gαч

Anit Dnt Bit Mean LOL :/ :P & Yuu Posted This On Ma B-Day =)
Hope This Helped... ! xxx

●๋•ι ℓσν said:24 Oct '12

●๋•ιтz вєυαтιƒυℓ αη∂ ソσυ ¢αη тяソ ιт ωιтн αηιтнιηg●๋•

how? said:14 Oct '12

how do u write it? please please tell me?

Anonymous said:06 Oct '12

Can you do Kierstan pleasee

ѕнαzzч ♥... replied:12 Oct '12


Hope This Helped... ! xxx

Amy said:08 Oct '12

Can u do VIP gal x? plz

ѕнαzzч ♥... replied:12 Oct '12

νιρ gιяℓ
vιp gιrl
ṿïρ ģïɾl
víp gírl

Hope This Helped... ! xxx

D'nt Look @ Me! said:11 Oct '12

Is it possible to get a teardrop sign?

Anonymous said:23 Sep '12

Can You do Amira? pleae :)

ѕнαzzч ♥... replied:25 Sep '12


Hope This Helped... ! xxx

Anonymous said:22 Sep '12

can u do dana please...??

ѕнαzzч ♥... replied:23 Sep '12


Hope This Helped... ! xxx

Anonymous said:13 Sep '12

can someone make this '# CRISTIANO

Someone x said:09 Sep '12

Heya Can you please do Phoebe
Thanks xxx

shαzч вєє ♥ replied:10 Sep '12


Hope This Helped... ! xxx

Anonymous said:24 Aug '12

can anyone do slipknot?? plz??

tazmina said:23 Aug '12

yep thumbs up it works

albba said:03 Jun '12

never say never .... ;)

Anonymous replied:20 Jun '12

Niceeeeee !!:):)
Like It

JordieBabeeeey♥.. replied:20 Aug '12

nєνєя ѕαч nєνєя..♥
Hope This Helped.!

Anonymous said:20 Aug '12

Hey :-) Please could you do claire bear in cool writing

Anonymous said:18 Aug '12

Somee onee ! makee cutee onezz

Mee ♥ said:12 Aug '12

Can someone pleease do Unicorns, thaaanks :)

Merru said:10 Aug '12

Can you do Merru plz

Anonymous said:07 Aug '12

plz anyone :) ;)

Anonymous said:07 Aug '12

Could someone do me falling for my baby boy more know that he's is mine with a heart xxx

Andrew said:05 Aug '12

EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF SEE THIS GO TO, fly like a bird 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (-'_'-) now!!!!!!!!! IF NOT GO TO, Game vial, - you don't have to do com or anything. ̿̿̿ ̿' ̿'̵͇̿̿з=(•̪●)=ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿ ̿ NOW OR ELSE!!!!!!!

Anonymous said:05 Aug '12

ffion megan - with F and M in capital,with a black heart please?:-)

Anonymous said:03 Aug '12

heyy!!!!!! can you do please (Marwa A.) please make sure that M and A are capital.
Thanks alot:) :)

Kel Alexa; ♥ said:01 Aug '12

Could someone do me a name with either Kel Alexa or Kelin Alexa? Thank you! Love xoxo

Anonymous said:24 Jul '12

'cool story babe' with a design or something cool like backwards please

Chloe ❤❤❤❤ replied:31 Jul '12


ąƈɧïℓℓε said:20 Jul '12

ҡąŗεŋ ɓąŧŧïşŧą Ձ٥١١ - ҡąŗεŋ ɓąŧŧïşŧą - Ձ٥١Ձvoila!

Mrs. One Direction said:26 Jun '12

Can you do 'With Your Love' but can you make sure the W, Y, and L are capital! thanx!!

мιкαєℓℓα replied:02 Jul '12

нєяє уσυ gσ ! ღ ₩ιтн Уσυя ℒσνє or Ш☤⊥ℌ У◎υя ℒøṽ℮ or ₩ḯ☂н ¥☺υґ Ḻ☺♥ε

Anonymous replied:18 Jul '12

can u do MR BOMBLAST plz

GSTAR1234567 said:14 Jul '12

thumbs up!!

Anonymous said:11 Jul '12

nice!!...this realli works and now i have a cool MSN name

Anonymous said:10 Jul '12

happy birthday Love you very much xxxx

OneDirectionLover! said:13 Apr '12

How do u do BLACK hears I tried ALT and 3 but it doesnt work :( xx

ѕнaz [♥] replied:14 Apr '12

hєєч ввє чu αчt х σmg чu luv 1d tσσ í luv єm dєч r dα вєst ! х

вlαсќ hεαɾṡ ï τɾïεḋ αlτ αṉḋ 3 вυτ ïτ ḋøεṡṉτ ώøɾќ :(
вlαck hєαrs í tríєd αlt αnd 3 вut ít dσєsnt wσrk :(

♥ZaynMalikFan♥ replied:05 Jul '12

One Direction Is The Best ♥

alwaiis.4evaa said:26 Aug '11

Heyy .. can somebody do me a 'Certified Pwincess' .. not being picky but can i have some of the letters backward an a pretty design b4 an afta it please .. a bit similar to this : `·..ï ģøτ ḋα øṉε ḋïɾεсτïøṉ ïṉƒεсτïøṉ!

Love.. replied:26 Aug '11

- °ø. сεɾτïƒïεḋ ρώïṉсεṡṡ' ♥ .ø°

Love.. replied:26 Aug '11

- [( cєrtífíєd pwíncєss♥ )]

iii hopeee youu likee theemmm

alwaiis.4evaa replied:06 Sep '11

thankk yuh .. its exactly what i was looking for !!xx

♥ZaynMalikFan♥ replied:05 Jul '12

ï ģøτ ḋα øṉε ḋïɾεсτïøṉ ïṉƒεсτïøṉ! too ♥

♥ZaynMalikFan♥ said:05 Jul '12

Can You Please Write
"Don't Regret Anything, Because At The Time You Wanted It To Happen" Thankyou ♥

Anonymous said:04 Jul '12

Hey could you do Hannah?

CandyCane said:29 May '12

Can you do XxBabyCakesxX plz? :)

мιкαєℓℓα replied:02 Jul '12

ЖЖβĂβŶČĂĶĔŚЖЖ χχвαву¢αкєѕχχ ххвaвycaĸeѕхх ххвαвчcαkєsхх нσρє ι нєℓρє∂ !(=

Anonymous said:07 Jun '12

can u do lelly belly

мιкαєℓℓα replied:02 Jul '12

нєяє уσυ gσ ! ღ ℓєℓℓу вєℓℓу Ḻℯℓℓ¥ ฿ℯʟℓƴ

Anonymous said:02 Jul '12

I only want a anchor!!!!!!! :(

мιкαєℓℓα replied:02 Jul '12

нєяє уσυ gσ ! ღ ⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓

Anonymous said:20 Jun '12

can someone do 'marwa' please.
Thanks You :) :)

ѕнaz ღ replied:20 Jun '12

Here Yu Go Babe Hope This Okayy =) x

amaamsns said:20 Jun '12

can someone write nicknames for msn

Anonymous said:20 Jun '12

can you do plzz marwa

Shhh xx said:07 Jun '12

ii Realli Likee Thiis Itshh Soo Wiickeed =D

WinkWink x replied:12 Jun '12

Yepp Yur Riightt ii Like Dis x

Girl Best said:09 Jun '12

please for facebook, "Karen battista" Thanks

Anonymous said:05 Jun '12

Can you do me one as well shaz? " Trust No1 "

ѕнaz ღ replied:05 Jun '12

ÿhh ṡυɾε вαвε xx
тяυѕт иσ1
тrυѕт no1
τɾυṡτ ṉø1
trust nσ1

jessica said:31 May '12

could you please do I love Alexander

Sparklez said:30 May '12

can you do this name please:-
XxSparklez Be Dha RealistxX

Anonymous said:21 May '12

Ok I'll Do That. Thanks For The Advice!

aditya kumar said:19 May '12

aditya kumar ...for facebook display name

ѕнaz [♥] replied:20 May '12

α∂ιтуα кυмαя
adιтya ĸυмar
αḋïτÿα ќυṃαɾ
αdítчα kumαr

Here Yu Go Babe Hope This Okayy =) x

Mahima said:17 May '12

Can You do Pwincess Mahima For Me Please...

ѕнaz [♥] replied:17 May '12

ρωιи¢єѕѕ мαнιмα
pwιnceѕѕ мaнιмa
ρώïṉсεṡṡ ṃαhïṃα
pwíncєss mαhímα

Here Yu Go Babe Hope This Okayy =) x

Rk. said:10 May '12

Can you write
Rohit Kelkar

ѕнaz [♥] replied:10 May '12

яσнιт кєℓкαя
roнιт ĸelĸar
ɾøhïτ ќεlќαɾ
rσhít kєlkαr

Here Yu Go Babe Hope This Okayy =) x

Anonymous said:08 May '12

can you write i love you babe 07172011

ѕнaz [♥] replied:09 May '12

ι ℓσνє уσυ вαвє 07172011
ι love yoυ вaвe 07172011
ï løṿε ÿøυ вαвε 07172011
í lσvє чσu вαвє 07172011

Here Yu Go Babe Hope This Okayy =) x

Hehe said:07 May '12

Can you do, "Don't lead your life, follow it to where it takes you" ?

ѕнaz [♥] replied:08 May '12

"∂σи'т ℓєα∂ уσυя ℓιfє, fσℓℓσω ιт тσ ωнєяє ιт тαкєѕ уσυ"
"don'т lead yoυr lιғe, ғollow ιт тo wнere ιт тaĸeѕ yoυ"

"ḋøṉ'τ lεαḋ ÿøυɾ lïƒε, ƒølløώ ïτ τø ώhεɾε ïτ ταќεṡ ÿøυ"
"dσn't lєαd чσur lífє, fσllσw ít tσ whєrє ít tαkєs чσu"

Here Yu Go Babe Hope This Okayy =) x

ⓐⓐⓠⓞ said:30 Apr '12

Can some one do Aaqo to me?:D

ѕнaz [♥] replied:06 May '12


Here Yu Go Babe Hope This Okayy :) x And Soz For Dah Late Reply :( xxxx

Anonymous said:03 May '12

Can you do rachael loves kim please o:

ѕнaz [♥] replied:06 May '12

яα¢нαєℓ ℓσνєѕ кιм
racнael loveѕ ĸιм
ɾαсhαεl løṿεṡ ќïṃ
rαchαєl lσvєs kím

Here Yu Go Babe Hope This Okayy :) x And Soz For Dah Late Reply :( x

Anonymous said:05 May '12

shaz u r soo gd at these u lyk dun every1s lol :) xxx

ѕнaz [♥] replied:06 May '12

Awahhhhhh Babez ThankYou And Yeahhh That`s Wat EveryWun Needz I Can`t Leave It LOL I Need To Help EveryWun

Anonymous said:29 Apr '12

Can you do wife for me ??

ѕнaz [♥] replied:29 Apr '12


Here Yu Go Babe Hope This Okayy :) x

Anonymous said:20 Apr '12

my love is your love

ѕнaz [♥] replied:22 Apr '12

Awahhhhhhhhhhhh =) x

Anonymous replied:23 Apr '12

Can someone do Andrea and Ray for me please :)
Thanks u :)

ѕнaz [♥] replied:24 Apr '12

αṉḋɾεα αṉḋ ɾαÿ
αndrєα αnd rαч

Here Yu Go Babe Hope This Okayy :) x And Soz For Dah Late Reply :( x

Abbie. said:13 Apr '12

Hai, can someone do' AbbielovesNathan' for me, thanks : )

ѕнaz [♥] replied:14 Apr '12

hєєч ввє чu αчt х σmg чu luv 1d tσσ í luv єm dєч r dα вєst ! х


Abbie. replied:14 Apr '12

Thankyou verymuch.. you helped alot, &Ahahah, im not great fan of 1D, my guy is actually called Nathan ; *&I'm ohkay thanks ; d

ѕнaz [♥] replied:15 Apr '12

Awaahhh Welcome And Ohh Right Daahh 1D Tiiing Izz For A Other Person Ooops Sorryy Andd Awahhh Datz Sweet Yu Hav A BF I Hope Yuuu Guyz R Gr8 Withh Eachh Other x

Anonymous said:13 Apr '12

How do u do BLACK hearts?

ѕнaz [♥] replied:14 Apr '12

Itz At Dahh Top Of Thiis Page Which Sayzz View the Symbols and Characters And Thatz Where It Izz Hope Thiis Helped x

Kyra said:12 Apr '12

heyy can u do PinkStar plz?

ѕнaz [♥] replied:12 Apr '12

ρïṉќ ṡταɾ

pínk stαr

Here Yu Go Babe Hope This Okayy :) x

me said:12 Apr '12

Can you write Celine , please ?

ѕнaz [♥] replied:12 Apr '12

Here Yu Go Babe Hope This Okayy :) x

Anonymous said:11 Apr '12

so sweet
very good

Ace said:06 Apr '12

Can you plz do one for ace ?


ѕнaz [♥] replied:06 Apr '12

Here Yu Go Babe Hope This Okayy :) x

Ace replied:07 Apr '12

thankyou =) it says i have to add more text so yeah... hi

ѕнaz [♥] replied:07 Apr '12

Your Welcome Babe And LOL Yhhh I Knoe Heeyy Yuu Okayy x

jazzy said:03 Apr '12

can u write birthday coming up soon

ѕнaz [♥] replied:05 Apr '12

вιятн∂αу ¢σмιиg υρ ѕσσи
вιrтнday coмιng υp ѕoon
вïɾτhḋαÿ сøṃïṉģ υρ ṡøøṉ
вírthdαч cσmíng up sσσn

Here You Go Babe Hope Thiis Is Okay x :)

Anonymous said:20 Mar '12

i want a poem for my crush...can u make one for me...thnx!

ѕнaz [♥] replied:27 Mar '12

Give me a hint,
Just one little clue
To let me know why
I have a crush on you
Don't make me feel silly
Or worse, even shy
And I'll listen to what you have to say
If you just tell me why
Is it the way you listen,
and talk to me,
Or the look on your face
When I do something silly?
Is it the cute habits you have unlike no one else
That make me wish I could have you all to myself?

Here Yu Go Babe Hope This Okayy :) x And Soz For Dah Late Reply :( x

mary roberts said:21 Mar '12

canu make a poem to some1 u really hate! many thnx!

ѕнaz [♥] replied:27 Mar '12

I will close my mouth, and advice you to do the same.
I hope you don’t continue your reign of bloodshed, and pain
I will not be around, but I can promise you I won’t be a friend.
I will not take from her, and to her I will never ever lend.
But at least I’m not shouting in her face, no. I have the willpower you’ll never get.
Because I’m sick of the screams, the ignorance, the arrogance, and we’ve barely even met…

But most of all, something passes my hate for anything else. More than ignorance, more than gluttony, more than lust, more than envy, sloth, greed, anger and pride
I’m utterly, horrendously, sick of the hate.

Here Yu Go Babe Hope This Okayy :) x And Soz For Dah Late Reply :( x

Natalie said:21 Mar '12

Hiya xx could you do Natalie pleaze xx

ѕнaz [♥] replied:27 Mar '12


Here Yu Go Babe Hope This Okayy :) x And Soz For Dah Late Reply :( x

Anonymous said:21 Mar '12

Please could someone do me a name with the names either Kel or KelBelle thanks :)

ѕнaz [♥] replied:27 Mar '12


Here Yu Go Babe Hope This Okayy :) x And Soz For Dah Late Reply :( x

Darin said:26 Mar '12

Hey... I'm Here:) Lv U All

ѕнaz [♥] replied:26 Mar '12

Heeeeeeeeeeyyyyy Lv Yuu Two Babe x

Anonymous said:21 Feb '12

Heey:) Can You Do Nickiee and Dylan Pls ? :Dxx

ѕнaz replied:25 Feb '12

nιcĸιee and dylan
ṉïсќïεε αṉḋ ḋÿlαṉ
níckíєє αnd dчlαn
Hope Yuu Lyk It xx

Anonymous replied:22 Mar '12

Thankyouu Hunney:3 xx

ѕнaz replied:23 Mar '12

Yur Welcome Babe xxx

Rachael :) x said:25 Feb '12

can you do Rachael plz? xx

ѕнaz replied:25 Feb '12

Hope Yuu Lyk It xx

Rachael :) x replied:21 Mar '12

Thanx so much xx it made my day xx

ѕнaz LuvsYouhh... replied:21 Mar '12

Itz Ayt Babe xxxxxx

Anonymous said:08 Jan '12

Can yoou do somee nicee friendship quotes please..? much lovee:')

ѕнaz replied:08 Jan '12

yearѕ oғ ғrιendѕнιp & noтнιng тo doυвт.
endleѕѕ мeмorιeѕ; тo мany тo coυnт.
laυgнтer, lιeѕ & ѕтυpιd ғιgнтѕ.
ѕнe'ѕ мy вeѕт ғrιend. мy нearт.
мy lιғe. xx

kiran replied:28 Feb '12

woww what a lovely friendship Quote Shaz you got true friendship init x

ѕнaz LuvsYouh..... replied:29 Feb '12

Awaahh ThankYouuu And Yeahh I Doo If Yuu Want More Let Mee Noe Babe x

Anonymous replied:17 Mar '12

Hi, can u write Natalie

ѕнaz replied:19 Mar '12


Hope Yu Like It Babee x

taylor j replied:20 Mar '12

wow, so cool , i really like it!

ѕнaz replied:21 Mar '12

Awahhh Thank You Babe x

Anonymous said:20 Mar '12

amazing i love this thank you sherv co.

Anonymous said:18 Mar '12

hey can you write next stop level 4 plz xxx

ѕнaz replied:19 Mar '12

иєχт ѕтσρ ℓєνєℓ 4
neхт ѕтop level 4
ṉεχτ ṡτøρ lεṿεl 4
nєхt stσp lєvєl 4

Hope Yu Like It Babee x

Anonymous said:18 Mar '12

I scream at drunk hobos all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Natalie said:17 Mar '12

Write something nice!

Danni-lol-babe said:13 Mar '12

Could someone please do some really nice quotes or phrases about butterflies please? Thanks a million. X

ѕнaz ♥♥ replied:17 Mar '12

Butterfly, the wind blows sea-ward,
strong beyond the garden-wall!
Butterfly, why do you settle on my
shoe, and sip the dirt on my shoe,
Lifting your veined wings, lifting them?
big white butterfly!

Already it is October, and the wind
blows strong to the sea
from the hills where snow must have
fallen, the wind is polished with
Here in the garden, with red
geraniums, it is warm, it is warm
but the wind blows strong to sea-ward,
white butterfly, content on my shoe!

Will you go, will you go from my warm
Will you climb on your big soft wings,
as up an invisible rainbow, an arch
till the wind slides you sheer from the
and in a strange level fluttering you go
out to sea-ward, white speck!

Hope Yu Like It x

Anonymous said:14 Mar '12

can u do snowy plzzzzzzzzzzzz

ѕнaz ♥♥ replied:17 Mar '12


Hope Yu Like It x Btw Soz Dah Late Reply ;( x

Anonymous said:14 Jan '12


Anonymous replied:11 Mar '12

no one did this?:(

ѕнaz replied:16 Mar '12

preмѕιngн;ιloveyoυ 161111...

Hope Yuu Like It x

Anonymous said:09 Mar '12

do a T or t pleaseeeeeeeee thanks xxx

izabella said:03 Mar '12

make one 4 izabella plzz

ѕнaz replied:06 Mar '12


Hope Yuu Liike It x

rhian' said:05 Feb '12

Can someone do 'rhian baybiee

Anonymous replied:02 Mar '12

янιαи вαувιєє

Anonymous said:27 Feb '12

I don't get it! How do u do it?

Sharon said:24 Feb '12

Can do one for Sharon ?

ѕнaz replied:25 Feb '12

Hope Yuu Lyk It xx


Sharon replied:27 Feb '12

u r great ! thank you :D

ѕнaz replied:27 Feb '12

Awahh ThankYou Huniii xx

SaSee x'3 said:25 Feb '12

hello whats your name

ѕнaz replied:25 Feb '12

Itzz Shaz Yurzz x :)

Anonymous said:23 Feb '12

How do u do gangster princess

Anonymous said:17 Feb '12

can you please do evelyn collard please x

candy kitten said:10 Feb '12

i cant find any symbols can someone tell me where i could find them?

relpy replied:14 Feb '12

Here is the answer to your question:

that's the page you have to visit to get the facebook symbols. copy the address and paste it into your browser address bar.

Hope this can help.

Anonymous said:05 Feb '12

send my one name for my ship

tiaa:) said:01 Feb '12

hay can you do.. my beautiful butterfly in diffrent fonts?.. thanks.:)

Anonymous replied:02 Feb '12

idk figure it out dont you have a brain

teisa said:01 Feb '12


Anonymous said:25 Jan '12

can you do "Hakuna Matata"

alys said:19 Jan '12

How do you do that cool writing?x

Anonymous said:17 Jan '12

Moreniita Boniita Girl

Anonymous said:17 Jan '12

:P like it ,......... its so funny

Anonymous said:03 Jan '12

Can you do " I Love You " ?

ѕнaz replied:04 Jan '12

í lσvє чσu
ï løṿε ÿøυ
ι love yoυ
ι ℓσνє уσυ

нere υ go вaвe нope der ĸaιι 4 υ ιғ nт jѕт aѕĸ, ιғ υ wanт мore leт мe noe хх :)

Anonymous replied:09 Jan '12

wow... these are great.. Ilove em'

Raab replied:09 Jan '12

how do you make that "ι ℓσνє уσυ" font?

ѕнaz replied:10 Jan '12

I Dun It Inn Daa Yellow Box Hun

ѕнaz replied:10 Jan '12

Awaahh Am Glad Yuu Love Emm xx

Anonymous replied:11 Jan '12

Lol. thanx. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

ѕнaz replied:12 Jan '12

Itzz Aytt Babezz :) xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said:11 Jan '12

Please can you do

katie said:11 Jan '12

can you do katie? :):):):):):):)

Anonymous said:09 Jan '12

i dont get this
plz help

Anonymous said:09 Jan '12

Can you do:-
Abbiee' ( But with a heart on the end please.)
Heyyaaa' ( with a smile face on the end please.)

Please said:09 Jan '12

can u please write Shelby

anonymousss said:06 Jan '12

lol i knw how u do it just go to weird maker lol n just go on msn symbols

Chantelle xox said:06 Jan '12

Can you do the word 'Quality' please? In that nice fancy writing :) Thanks

popay said:04 Jan '12

could you do popay vandetta ba and popay guetta ba please:)

Anonymous said:03 Jan '12

can u make an anchor?

Anonymous said:31 Dec '11

Can you do " Emily

ѕнaz replied:02 Jan '12


нere υ go вaвe нope der ĸaιι 4 υ ιғ nт jѕт aѕĸ, ιғ υ wanт мore leт мe noe хх :)

Alissa said:01 Jan '12

Can someone put Alissa Matthews

Anonymous said:30 Dec '11

can anyone do Nema minella with cool letters?

ѕнaz replied:30 Dec '11

иємα мιиєℓℓα
neмa мιnella
ṉεṃα ṃïṉεllα
nєmα mínєllα

нere υ go вaвe нope der ĸaιι 4 υ ιғ nт jѕт aѕĸ, ιғ υ wanт мore leт мe noe хх :)

anonymous said:20 Dec '11

can u do ' warda baybiee'

ѕнαz replied:20 Dec '11

ωαя∂α вαувιєє
warda вayвιee
warda вayвιee
wαrdα вαчвíєє

нere υ go вaвe нope der ĸaιι 4 υ ιғ nт jѕт aѕĸ, ιғ υ wanт мore leт мe noe хх :)

anonymous replied:21 Dec '11

yerr thanx it looks great !
could u also do 'princess' plz x

ѕнaz replied:27 Dec '11

ѕoz ғor da laтe reply ι coυldn`т do ιт вcz ι waѕ ιll and aм ѕтιll ιll any way нpe υ love deм вaвe хх

xx replied:28 Dec '11


ѕнaz replied:29 Dec '11

lol what do u mean by LLLLLLLLLLLLL i think u want me to do summat :P xx

hudd said:28 Dec '11

hii help me ge new maes

Anonymous said:28 Dec '11

Can someone give me nice friendly quotes.

ѕнaz replied:28 Dec '11

yearѕ oғ ғrιendѕнιp & noтнιng тo doυвт.
endleѕѕ мeмorιeѕ; тo мany тo coυnт.
laυgнтer, lιeѕ & ѕтυpιd ғιgнтѕ.
ѕнe'ѕ мy вeѕт ғrιend. мy нearт.
мy lιғe.

ѕнaz said:27 Dec '11

and υr welcυм хх нope υr all ғynn хх :)

Anonymous said:27 Dec '11

how do u do hearts and all that with your keyboard?

ѕнαz replied:27 Dec '11

ι do all oғ тнoѕe ιn a weвѕιтe тнe wrιтнιng ι do ιѕ ιn тнe yellow вoх aт тнe тop and тнe ѕyмвolѕ ιn a dιғғerenт вaвe..х

ғrм ѕнaz хх

anonymous said:27 Dec '11

could u do badman hussein boy leters

ѕнαz replied:27 Dec '11

вα∂мαи нυѕѕєιи вσу
вadмan нυѕѕeιn вoy
вαḋṃαṉ hυṡṡεïṉ вøÿ
вαdmαn hussєín вσч

нere υ go вaвe нope der ĸaιι 4 υ ιғ nт jѕт aѕĸ, ιғ υ wanт мore leт мe noe хх :)

Anonymous said:27 Dec '11

how sdo u do them with keyboard?

Anonymous said:24 Dec '11

can anyone do samantha with cool letters? or add differnt words to it please
-thank you

ѕнαz replied:25 Dec '11

нere υ go вaвe нope der ĸaιι 4 υ ιғ nт jѕт aѕĸ, ιғ υ wanт мore leт мe noe хх :)

Anonymous said:25 Dec '11

hanoona i love you


sana said:24 Dec '11

can you do for me
Sana Tariq

mylennaGiovanelli;D replied:25 Dec '11

SAnA TaRiQ Lol I just felt like writing somethAngg kkk

Birdiee' said:22 Dec '11

Hey please could you do >> Birdiee'
Thank you :) xx.

ѕнαz replied:23 Dec '11

нere υ go вaвe нope der ĸaιι 4 υ ιғ nт jѕт aѕĸ, ιғ υ wanт мore leт мe noe хх :)

Birdiee' replied:23 Dec '11

Thanks so much :) xx.

ѕнαz replied:24 Dec '11

itzz ayt anytyme bbe :) xx

Your worst dream said:24 Dec '11

hello everybody idk thid but hiiii

anonymous said:22 Dec '11

can u do 'khadra' with a heart plz

ѕнαz replied:23 Dec '11

кнα∂яα ❤
ĸнadra ❤
ќhαḋɾα ♡
khαdrα ღ

ѕнαz replied:23 Dec '11

нere υ go вaвe нope der ĸaιι 4 υ ιғ nт jѕт aѕĸ, ιғ υ wanт мore leт мe noe хх :)

my life is flim hend said:23 Dec '11

My-lįfę Įs Fįłm-hęndi

Safaa said:21 Dec '11

Can you please do .. 'Safa' then a heart sign if possible ?

ѕнαz replied:22 Dec '11

ѕαfα' ❤
ѕaғa' ❤
ṡαƒα' ♡
sαfα' ღ

нere υ go вaвe нope der ĸaιι 4 υ ιғ nт jѕт aѕĸ, ιғ υ wanт мore leт мe noe хх :)

Anonymous said:21 Dec '11

Can you do 'Queen' please

ѕнαz replied:22 Dec '11


нere υ go вaвe нope der ĸaιι 4 υ ιғ nт jѕт aѕĸ, ιғ υ wanт мore leт мe noe хх :)

Anonymous said:20 Dec '11

can u write
A true friend is someone you can disagree with and still remain friends. If not, they weren’t true friends in the first place.

ѕнαz replied:20 Dec '11

α тяυє fяιєи∂ ιѕ ѕσмєσиє уσυ ¢αи ∂ιѕαgяєє ωιтн αи∂ ѕтιℓℓ яємαιи fяιєи∂ѕ. ιf иσт, тнєу ωєяєи’т тяυє fяιєи∂ѕ ιи тнє fιяѕт ρℓα¢є.

a тrυe ғrιend ιѕ ѕoмeone yoυ can dιѕagree wιтн and ѕтιll reмaιn ғrιendѕ. ιғ noт, тнey weren’т тrυe ғrιendѕ ιn тнe ғιrѕт place.

α τɾυε ƒɾïεṉḋ ïṡ ṡøṃεøṉε ÿøυ сαṉ ḋïṡαģɾεε ώïτh αṉḋ ṡτïll ɾεṃαïṉ ƒɾïεṉḋṡ. ïƒ ṉøτ, τhεÿ ώεɾεṉ’τ τɾυε ƒɾïεṉḋṡ ïṉ τhε ƒïɾṡτ ρlαсε.

α truє fríєnd ís sσmєσnє чσu cαn dísαgrєє wíth αnd stíll rєmαín fríєnds. íf nσt, thєч wєrєn’t truє fríєnds ín thє fírst plαcє.

нere υ go нope der ĸaιι 4 υ ιғ nт jѕт aѕĸ, ιғ υ wanт мore leт мe noe хх :)

Anonymous said:18 Dec '11

All i want for christmas is you

ѕнαz replied:19 Dec '11

αℓℓ ι ωαит fσя ¢няιѕтмαѕ ιѕ уσυ
all ι wanт ғor cнrιѕтмaѕ ιѕ yoυ
αll ï ώαṉτ ƒøɾ сhɾïṡτṃαṡ ïṡ ÿøυ
αll í wαnt fσr chrístmαs ís чσu

нere υ go нope der ĸaιι 4 υ ιғ nт jѕт aѕĸ, ιғ υ wanт мore leт мe noe хх :)

Shizuka said:19 Dec '11

can u do Shizuka Heiwajima

ѕнαz replied:19 Dec '11

ѕнιzυкα нєιωαנιмα
ѕнιzυĸa нeιwajιмa
ṡhïʐυќα hεïώαјïṃα
shízukα hєíwαjímα
нere υ go вaѕнιzυĸa нeιwajιмaвe

нope der ĸaιι 4 υ ιғ nт jѕт aѕĸ, ιғ υ wanт мore leт мe noe хх :)

Anonymous said:18 Dec '11

could you please do LittleMissTweet, thank you :)

ѕнαz replied:19 Dec '11


нere υ go вaвe нope der ĸaιι 4 υ ιғ nт jѕт aѕĸ, ιғ υ wanт мore leт мe noe хх :)

tyler said:17 Dec '11

hey:) Pleas can u do tyler thanks

ѕнαz replied:19 Dec '11


нere υ go вaвe нope der ĸaιι 4 υ ιғ nт jѕт aѕĸ, ιғ υ wanт мore leт мe noe хх :)

Anonymous said:16 Dec '11

tolong buatin huruf jawa hana caraka datasawala

ѕнαz replied:16 Dec '11

ѕorry нυn вυт ι dnт υnderѕтand wнaт тнιѕ ѕayѕ woυld υ lyĸ мe do any тнιng хх :)

Anonymous said:16 Dec '11

hey can you do littlemissme :)

ѕнαz replied:16 Dec '11

ℓιттℓємιѕѕмє :)
lιттleмιѕѕмe :)
lïττlεṃïṡṡṃε :)
líttlєmíssmє :)

нere υ go вaвe нope der ĸaιι 4 υ ιғ nт jѕт aѕĸ, ιғ υ wanт мore leт мe noe хх :)

pink girl 2002 said:14 Dec '11

plzz do Single Prigle

ѕнαz replied:14 Dec '11

ѕιиgℓє ρяιgℓє
ѕιngle prιgle
ṡïṉģlε ρɾïģlε
sínglє príglє

нere υ go вaвe нope der ĸaιι 4 υ ιғ nт jѕт aѕĸ, ιғ υ wanт мore leт мe noe хх :)

adrience said:12 Dec '11

how do u write adrience in them letters ?

ѕнαz replied:12 Dec '11

click on daa top box hunnii x

nabeela said:10 Dec '11

someone do ---> bam its nabeela :) x nicely

ѕнαz replied:11 Dec '11


нere υ go вaвe нope der ĸaιι 4 υ ιғ nт jѕт aѕĸ, ιғ υ wanт мore leт мe noe хх :)

joe said:10 Dec '11

please do my name joe

ѕнαz replied:11 Dec '11


нere υ go вaвe нope der ĸaιι 4 υ ιғ nт jѕт aѕĸ, ιғ υ wanт мore leт мe noe хх :)

hehe :P said:10 Dec '11

someone please do merry christmas

Love.. replied:10 Dec '11

- mєrrч chrístmαs' х
- [( ṃεɾɾÿ сhɾïṡτṃαṡ' )]
- мєяяу ¢няιѕтмαѕ' χ..... αṉḋḋ'α hααρρÿÿṉεώώÿεαɾɾ'

Leaaaaaaaaah! said:07 Dec '11

Could you do 'a' with two dots above it asap?! Thanks!

Anonymous said:14 Aug '11

can soomee one do zuhra babeehhh plzzz

Beckyy :) replied:14 Aug '11

zυнra вaвeeннн♥

zuhrα вαвєєhhh'♥)]

if youu wannnt anymoree or any quoteesss just comment ;)x

Anonymous replied:06 Dec '11

can u plzzz do some more wiv some luvv quotsss... thnxxxx ;)

Anonymous said:05 Dec '11

can someone please do my name witch is Anne

ѕнαz replied:06 Dec '11

нere υ go вaвe нope der ĸaιι 4 υ ιғ nт jѕт aѕĸ, ιғ υ wanт мore leт мe noe хх :)

Anonymous said:04 Dec '11

as sweet as life... could you do it please?

ѕнαz replied:04 Dec '11

αѕ ѕωєєт αѕ ℓιfє...
aѕ ѕweeт aѕ lιғe...
αṡ ṡώεετ αṡ lïƒε...
αs swєєt αs lífє...

нere υ go вaвe нope der ĸaιι 4 υ ιғ nт jѕт aѕĸ, ιғ υ wanт мore leт мe noe хх :)

louise said:25 Oct '11

can u do louise please

ѕнαz replied:03 Dec '11

нere υ go вaвe нope der ĸaιι 4 υ ιғ nт jѕт aѕĸ, ιғ υ wanт мore leт мe noe хх :)
soz da latee replyy xx

Anonymous said:31 Oct '11


ѕнαz replied:03 Dec '11

ℓσνє мυѕι¢
ι ℓσνє 2 ∂αи¢є
ι ℓσνє му fяιєи∂ѕ
ι ℓσνє уσυ

love мυѕιc
ι love 2 dance
ι love мy ғrιendѕ
ι love yoυ

løṿε ṃυṡïс
ï løṿε 2 ḋαṉсε
ï løṿε ṃÿ ƒɾïεṉḋṡ
ï løṿε ÿøυ

lσvє musíc
í lσvє 2 dαncє
í lσvє mч fríєnds
í lσvє чσu

нere υ go вaвe нope der ĸaιι 4 υ ιғ nт jѕт aѕĸ, ιғ υ wanт мore leт мe noe хх :)

Shaz said:04 Oct '11

hey if anyone wants me to do their name just let me know xoxo

jessicaaa replied:05 Nov '11

yeaah can i hve Miss Lil Swag .. ? plzz

shaz x replied:08 Nov '11

мιѕѕ lιl ѕwag

нєяє υ gσ вαвє ιf υ ωαит мσяє ℓєт мє иσє χ

kelsey replied:09 Nov '11

hey ppl i want the website this is all done at.

Angelica replied:10 Nov '11

hey kelsy,

click inside the the yellow box on the top of this page and you'll get there and you can make this stuff yourself.

ѕнαz replied:03 Dec '11

awwah soo sweet of yaa agelica xx

Anonymous said:07 Nov '11

I`m YσuŔ MøŦhʒŔ ıIİıİIı

ѕнαz replied:03 Dec '11

lol Wahtz Dah All Bout I`m Your Mother Peak xx

ιℓℓυѕισиι said:02 Dec '11

Thank You Shaz For Your Doing This !

shaz x replied:03 Dec '11

Itz Okaiii Babe Any Time Babezz ! xx

Let Mee Noe If Any Thiing Needed xx

ѕнαz replied:03 Dec '11

Thank Youuu For Youurr Comment Tooo Love Yaa Froom ѕнαz xxx

Anonymous said:03 Dec '11

can you do leigh claudia dayman please xx

shaz x replied:03 Dec '11

ℓєιgн ¢ℓαυ∂ια ∂αумαи

leιgн claυdιa dayмan

lεïģh сlαυḋïα ḋαÿṃαṉ

lєígh clαudíα dαчmαn

нere υ go вaвe нope der ĸaιι 4 υ ιғ nт jѕт aѕĸ, ιғ υ wanт мore leт мe noe хх :)

Anonymous said:02 Dec '11

Love Allana & Cameron with a heart

LB:') said:29 Nov '11

Please can you do laurenbond or just lauren if thats any easier, thanks

shaz x replied:30 Nov '11


нere υ go вaвe нope der ĸaιι 4 υ ιғ nт jѕт aѕĸ, ιғ υ wanт мore leт мe noe хх :)

LB:') replied:01 Dec '11

Thank you, apriciate it muchly. Recommend this website to loaaaaddddsssss, your amazing. Cheers:)xx

LB:') replied:01 Dec '11

cud u by any chance do, 'love you tanisha' with love hearts/ a love heart??!!xxx

shaz x replied:01 Dec '11

ℓσνє уσυ тαиιѕнα' ღ

'love yoυ тanιѕнa' ❤

'løṿε ÿøυ ταṉïṡhα' ♡

'lσvє чσu tαníshα' ❤

ιтѕ кαιι вαвє + тнαик уσυ 4 ѕαуιи αм αмαzιи υя ∂α вєѕт вαвєzz χχ

Ieva said:01 Dec '11


Hana said:30 Nov '11

please can u write " Love Yhuu Loaads Wiffeyy Hina x "
Thankks x

shaz x replied:30 Nov '11

ℓσνє унυυ ℓσαα∂ѕ ωιffєуу нιиα χ

love yнυυ loaadѕ wιғғeyy нιna х

lσvє чhuu lσααds wíffєчч hínα х

нere υ go вaвe нope der ĸaιι 4 υ ιғ nт jѕт aѕĸ, ιғ υ wanт мore leт мe noe хх :)

bob said:30 Nov '11

this is cool idk what to say so im going to say this bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shaz x replied:30 Nov '11

lol y u sayin dat for

shaz x replied:30 Nov '11

ii could do sum stuff for u if u want xx

meow! said:20 Nov '11

Can you do; Bestfriends... then a heart after the bestfriends...

shaz x replied:29 Nov '11

вєѕт fяιєи∂ѕ❤

вeѕт ғrιendѕ ♡

вεѕт ғrιεηdѕ ❤

вëѕт ғrιënÐѕ ღ

нere υ go вaвe нope der ĸaιι 4 υ ιғ nт jѕт aѕĸ, ιғ υ wanт мore leт мe noe хх :)

shaz x replied:29 Nov '11

втw ѕoz ғor daн laтe reply :( хх

Anonymous said:26 Nov '11

ت ヅ ツ ッ シ☣ ☠ ☯ ♥ ✌ ✖ ☢ ☮ ™©® ✓ ✔ ✕✗ ✘ ۞ ۩ ♬ ★ ☆♠ ♣ ℗ ™ ℠ ♚ ✞✰ ★ ☆ -‘๑’- 卐 ✞ ▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ ▉ ▊ ▋ █ ▌ ▍ ▎ ▏ ▐ ▓ para ti xD

shaz x replied:29 Nov '11

Thank Youu Babe`zz xx

aruba girl said:19 Nov '11

i dont know how too download it :(

shaz x replied:29 Nov '11

download what babe, u don`t need to download heree xx

Anonymous said:22 Nov '11

can someone do jordan iloveyou baby
mummy to be
and a quote thanks

cloboluvsdan said:14 Nov '11

can someone do 'ily' with like loads of hearts and that.

andчmerrч replied:20 Nov '11

- íʟч♥..

hope tiss ok!xxx

Anonymous said:19 Nov '11

under the sea hrhhrhrrr

shaz x said:11 Oct '11

ιƒ υ ωαηт мσяє ∂σσ ¢σммєηт χ

laura replied:21 Oct '11

Can u do laura nd nelly x

shaz x replied:22 Oct '11

ℓαυяα и∂ иєℓℓу χ ♥

Heree uu goo bbz xx

Anonymous replied:05 Nov '11

can you do Jade and mason ?

shaz x replied:08 Nov '11

נα∂є & мαѕσи

нєяє υ gσ вαвє ιf υ ωαит мσяє ℓєт мє иσє χ

Anonymous replied:12 Nov '11

can you do @DamnEpicQuotess ?

P.N.C replied:17 Nov '11

Shaz can you do

shaz x replied:17 Nov '11

Yeaahh Sure Babe x


hope there okaii 4 u if nt let me noe xx

P.N.C replied:18 Nov '11

Okeyz :D
Thanks a load xx

Anonymous replied:19 Nov '11

itz Kaii Babe if u want more let me noe xx

BabyCakes. said:13 Nov '11

Can uu do some love ones please...

✝нєαтнєя✝ replied:17 Nov '11

Here are just some of the basics, if you want more symbols let me know :) I can do names as well.

Love hearts:
❤ ♡ ❤ ღ

★ ☆ ✰

¿ ؟ ﹖

‼ ¡

♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

© ® ™

☮ ☯ ☢ ✔ ➝

✚ ✞ ☨ ╬

⁰ ¹ ² ³ ⁴ ⁵ ⁶ ⁷ ⁸ ⁹

✝нєαтнєя✝ replied:17 Nov '11

Hey Everyone,
For those of you who want to get a bunch of symbols for your name, written in cool letters go to these web page of this site:

Good Luck xx

Anonymous replied:17 Nov '11

Thank You Babe !!

Love.. said:07 Aug '11

AnyOne Wantt Me To Doo There Namee; Commentt On Thiss I Can Doo Quotesz; Upside down writing':
ƃu!ʇ!ɹʍ uʍop әp!sdn
HeartBroken Quote: if youu want youu heart broken; give it to a boyy :( AND Baybee Myy Heartt Was Broken Byy Youu; Now its in peices beacusee of youu :( Thankk Youu By ♥'lσvєє..хσхσ


Anonymous replied:07 Aug '11

Please please please can u do rebecca with hearts and symbols diifferent options and cud u do some friendship quotes and sum other quotes i wud really apreicate it thankss ;) ;)xxx

Samantha replied:07 Aug '11

Me please? Samantha'Dawn.

Nabeela replied:08 Aug '11

^ Rebbecaa x
- ɾεввεсαα'♥ [[simplee]]
[( pwιnceѕѕ

Love.. replied:08 Aug '11

Nabeelaa thiss is minesz

Rebeccaa Im Soryy it wont workk ill doo it lateer okayy x Dw

Love.. replied:08 Aug '11

ツ ιтz яєввє¢α ツ
[( ρώïṉсεṡṡ; ɾεввεсαα♥ )]
- ɾεвεссα;♥♪
[( вαчвíεεhh

Love.. replied:08 Aug '11

[( вαчвíεεhh

Love.. replied:08 Aug '11

Loll itt didntt comee owtt properlyy [( вαчвíεεhh

Love.. replied:08 Aug '11

- ♥ѕaмanтнa'dawn♥
[♥') sαmαnthαα™
✮ģÿαll; lïќεε; ṡαṃαṉτhα♪♥

Hopee Youu Likee Themm x I can doo more lett mee know'♥

Love.. replied:08 Aug '11

- ツ'fríεnds αrε fσrεvvαα; clσsє tσσ чσurrh hεαrtt; nεvαα fσrgσttεn nσσ mtrr wαhtt'♥™
- ✰'α яιиgg ιѕ αяσυи∂∂ αи∂ иєναα єи∂∂; ∂αтѕzz нσω ℓσиgg ωє ωιℓℓ вє fяιєи∂ѕѕ; ιιℓσνєєуσυнн;мααмαтєѕzz♥♫
There Youu Go Rebbeccaa'♥ Hopee Youu Likee Themm Soryy If Itt Doesntt Work Outt Forr Youuh

Anonymous replied:08 Aug '11

Awww thanks that AMAZING xx

Beckyy :) replied:09 Aug '11

Hey Love.. can you do some friendship ones for me pleaseee thanks :)xx

Love.. replied:09 Aug '11

ø°•τɾυєє ƒɾíєṉḋṡ αɾє ṉєṿєɾ αραɾτ; ṃαчвєє íṉ ḋíṡταṉсєєє; вυτ ṉστ íṉ hєαɾτ♥¤εïз
- ツí gσt чσurr вαckk чσuu gσt mínєє; tσ sєє чσu hurt tσσ sєє чσuu crчч mαkєs mє wαnnα wєєp αnd díєє; íff α вrσkєn hєαrt nєєds α mєndd íll вє thєrє ríght tíll thє єnd;]♥

Hopee you likee them♥ If nott i cann doo moree x

shaz replied:27 Sep '11

heeyy cn uu dooo ii luv juned in cool writhin plzz
and cnn uuu dooo zain maliik wifey plz & junedz wiifeey plzz
and a qoute about ma peng bf plzz
& also ii luv ma girlz ^ bowiiizz plz TAHNKYOU X

Lilly-mae replied:30 Sep '11

can you do lilly plz with nice writing and a few little symbols..... thanks x
and you can do eny phrase for me plz x

Love.. replied:15 Oct '11

- ïï lυṿ јυṉεḋ♥
zaιn мalιιĸ;ѕ wιғeeyy'
----> lσckk σv hαtєrss; ítss justt mєє αndd mчч pєngg gírlss,'ღ

shaz x replied:17 Oct '11

Thank uu babe ur daa best realii Appreciated loads xx

Rebeccaa&&Nathann replied:19 Oct '11


Can i havee I Love Nathann ( with a heart )
with all different styles and stuff pleasee i realllyyy wud appreciate ittt.........

Lilly-mae replied:25 Oct '11

what happend to doin mine....???

Love.. replied:17 Nov '11

sorrii i havent been on quiiite a while x

Love.. replied:17 Nov '11

- I Love Nathann♥'
nαthααnn ; вαчвíєєh íí lσvєєчσuuuu♥

Hope uu like emm iii haventt been on quite awhile

Love.. replied:17 Nov '11

-вαm ! íítss lííllчч♥
[ líílllчччвαчвíєєhh' ♥ ]

➝loveмeeн ; нaтeeмeeн ; eιтнerwayy υrr ѕтιll тнιnĸιngg aвoυтт мee

Anonymous said:15 Nov '11


✝нєαтнєя✝ replied:17 Nov '11


There you go :) If you want any other styles let me know.

Anonymous said:14 Nov '11

Could υ plz ∂σ Hamida? Xx

Anonymous said:13 Nov '11

write syble in cool letters!!

BabyCakes. said:13 Nov '11

Can i have:: bestmates.

hottie. said:07 Nov '11

or go on this.

Anonymous said:03 Nov '11

MATRIEKS 2012 . Dané prinsloo. Sexi and you know it. Bebe

Anonymous said:03 Nov '11

Please make this nice? "Jaco lovi dankie vir als jy is amazing, en jy maak my die gelukkigste meisie op aarde,naie lief vir jou my boyfriend van Dane , volstruis vleis, jam en viv hey bestie buzinga."

Anonymous said:02 Nov '11

Can you write "sean wilson"
in smart writing please❤

Anonymous said:31 Oct '11

can someone do ' zoemichellebabie x jordaniloveyou and a quote to do with justin bieber

Anonymous said:27 Oct '11

can i have gurvir wth some cool symbols

Neeshaa said:27 Oct '11

can someone write neesha aden with a heart or star pleasee???x

twatsss;] said:25 Oct '11

lol. Anyone can do that.

Anonymous said:24 Oct '11

Friendship Quotes Pleaasseee!!!!!

NoNaMuZzZ ✝ said:23 Oct '11

can you please write 'SUMMER-SWAGG ✝'

Anonymous said:19 Oct '11

can u write heyyn chikku plzzzzzzzz

Anonymous said:19 Oct '11

Please write Heyyn Chikku in a fancy way? (:

Aleem said:18 Oct '11

can someone please do my name?(:
Aleem Rehs

laura said:17 Oct '11

Could someone do " laura + nelly" please :)

Anonymous said:17 Oct '11

--Hi can you do my name's chelsea withs ome fancy writing and symbols like a smiley face or love hearts and stuff? thanx :)

Anonymous said:16 Oct '11

someone do Danielle please.

Anonymous replied:16 Oct '11


Anonymous said:14 Oct '11

Can you plz do Marie always with love hearts and some fancy writing thnk u!

Anonymous replied:14 Oct '11

мαяιє αℓωαуѕ ωιтн ℓσνє нєαят

нєяє υυ gσ ввz ιƒ υ ωαηт мσяє ∂σσ ¢σσмммєηт χχ

Anonymous said:11 Oct '11

cn som1 do kauser plzz wid a nice symbol mayb a heart or star????

shaz x replied:11 Oct '11

кαυѕєя ♥

нєяєє υυ gσσσ вαвє нσρє υυ ℓук ιт ιƒ υ ωαηт мσяє ∂σσ ¢σммєηт χ

Faiza said:18 Aug '11

Urm can some one do Faiza with some cool symbols and could make it a bit girly to preferably Beckyy :) or Love.. thanks xxxx ps can u add in a freindship quote

Beckyy :) replied:19 Aug '11





♥jυѕт cranĸ υp тнe volυмe and,
we ѕιng lιĸe were ѕυperѕтarѕ,
and dance aroυnd lιĸe were ғaмoυѕe,
вecaυѕe тнaтѕ jυѕт нow we roll♥

Theree youu goo if yaa wannt annymoreee just comment :)

Faiisa ;D replied:21 Aug '11

Thank you they're really pretty ;D x

Beckyy :) replied:23 Aug '11

S'okaay if ya want anythin else just comment :)x

shaz x replied:10 Oct '11

yo faiza wheree u frm x

yazmyne said:22 Jul '11

someone do Yazmyne? :)

shaz x replied:10 Oct '11


heerree uu goo babe x

Harouno said:23 Jul '11

hey Haroun please :)

shaz x replied:10 Oct '11


ιf иєє∂ мσяєє ℓєт мєє иσєє χχ

Anonymous said:08 Oct '11

Any way to do a pentagram?

shaz x replied:10 Oct '11


нєяє υυ gσσ ιf υυ иєє∂ мσяєє ℓєт мєє иσє χ

anonymous said:30 Sep '11

someone write eva fancy written? (:

shaz x replied:10 Oct '11

here uu goo if uu need moree let mee noe x

MAXI said:10 Oct '11

51 3N7I3ND35 L45 P4L4BR4 D3 3573 M3N54J3
3N 73ND3R45 Y 73D4R45 CU3NTA D3 QU3 N0
H4Y QU3 H48L4R73 CL4R0 P4R4 D3C1R73 QU3 73 QUI3R0

shaz x replied:10 Oct '11

would u lyk mee to do any fing 4 u x

Anonymous said:10 Oct '11

✩✩ te ✩✩✩ imagiinazzz ✩✩✩ el✩✩✩ trabajoOo ✩✩✩ ke ✩✩✩ me✩✩✩ kostOo ✩✩✩ bajar ✩✩✩ ezthaz✩✩✩ ztrelliTiaz ✩✩✩ del ✩✩✩ziieloO ✩✩✩ peroO ✩✩✩ KomoO ✩✩✩eran ✩✩✩ para ✩✩✩ thii ✩✩✩ loO✩✩✩ logre ✩✩✩ TE ✩✩✩ KIERO✩✩✩ MUCHO✩✩✩

Anonymous said:01 Oct '11

Could you do Aleahh Jaidd, LeLe Jaid, Jaid Love? Thanks ✿

Shaz x replied:05 Oct '11

αℓєαнн נαι∂∂, ℓєℓє נαι∂, נαι∂ ℓσνє

Is Thiis Okaii 4 Youu Hope u like it if u want me let mee noe xx

Beckyy :) said:02 Oct '11


Not been on in ageees im back now so if annyyoneee wants me to do names or quotes comment!xx

Shaz x replied:02 Oct '11

heeyy becky cn uu do ii Luv Juned With Heartz Plzz
& Can Yuu Doo 1D Luv It & Zain Maiilk`z Wiffey & Juned`z Wiffeyy plzz thanx lv yaaa xxx

can uu also do Tania && Sonia && Sana && Sana && Tanjiila && Faiza && Sophiia & Maa BF Juned && His Broo Alii Sayiin I Love Yuu x Wiiv a Heart Plzz thank uu sooo much ly

heeyyy cn uuu dooo juned`z wifey

and a quote 4 him plzz

and cn uu do zain malik`s wifeyy tooo & Shaz & Juned

thankyou xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Can You Doo Shaz & Juned With a Heart On It Plz x

Thanx Hunii x

Lilly-mae replied:02 Oct '11

hi can you please do Lilly Metcalfe and can you make it eligant and girly but with a few tomboyish symbols please???

ohh and can you do a quote please?? im not botherd what it says but can you make it a bit chavvy?? thanks :)

Shaz x said:02 Oct '11

heeyy becky cn uu do ii Luv Juned With Heartz Plzz
& Can Yuu Doo 1D Luv It & Zain Maiilk`z Wiffey & Juned`z Wiffeyy plzz thanx lv yaaa xxx

Anonymous said:01 Oct '11

can someone please do a butterfly , thanks

Guess xx said:26 Jun '11

Can any1 do sadaf?xx

Vp replied:26 Jun '11


there you go hope you like it bro',

shaz replied:29 Sep '11

heeyyy cn uuu dooo juned`z wifey

and a quote 4 him plzz

and cn uu do zain malik`s wifeyy tooo & Shaz & Juned

thankyou xxxxxxxxxxxxx

shaz said:27 Sep '11

heeyyy cn uu do Zaiin Maliik`z Wiifey Wiiv a Heart Plz x
Thank Youu xx

Shaz said:27 Sep '11

can uu also do Tania && Sonia && Sana && Sana && Tanjiila && Faiza && Sophiia & Maa BF Juned && His Broo Alii Sayiin I Love Yuu x Wiiv a Heart Plzz thank uu sooo much ly

Shaz said:27 Sep '11

Can You Doo Shaz & Juned With a Heart On It Plz x

Thanx Hunii x

lola said:24 Sep '11

Can somebody please put Natalie Morra in different kinds of fonts :) and then a black heart

Anonymous replied:26 Sep '11

I Can Help Yuh With The Hear Sweety..
There You Go ♥

Anonymous said:22 Sep '11

can someone please do:
Qamar && Fahim, My best friends!!!
please?? thanks xx

Anonymous replied:26 Sep '11

q@mAr & F@k h!m, My B3$t Fr!eNd$

pwincess said:19 Sep '11

can some 1 rite me a name wid nice symbols dat sayz pwincess farhiyo

Anonymous replied:26 Sep '11

Pw!nCes$ F@rH!y0♥..
Hope that will do hunny

Anonymous said:17 Sep '11

can someone do me a name with my name in my names zoe

then a quote with get i really hope you fight this..better soon granny iloveyou

thanks to who ever does this xx

Anonymous replied:24 Sep '11

zσєє'gєт ωєℓℓ ѕσσи gяαи, ι ℓσνє уσυ ωιтн му нєαят χχ
,i hope this is okay hunni, and give your granny my regards xx :)

Anonymous replied:24 Sep '11

thanks so much and i will x

Ciara replied:25 Sep '11

please can somebody do.. ciara,wiki,kamila,lucy,fionn friends forever. thank u so much xx

Anonymous replied:26 Sep '11

Hope that will do:)

naaatalie said:14 Sep '11

can someone put Sydney Willie in cool fonts and a heart at the side pleaaase and thaank you (:

victor replied:15 Sep '11


naaatalie replied:26 Sep '11

thanks, but I wanted it to be a little smaller

Anonymous said:25 Sep '11

can someone write Lindsay a really really cool way ?

Anonymous replied:26 Sep '11


will that do?!

Anonymous said:15 Sep '11

could some do mehran

Anonymous replied:25 Sep '11


Anonymous replied:26 Sep '11

ṃεhɾαṉ and иα∂ια

will they do?!

heeeyyy said:24 Sep '11

kay, so can someone do the name Sydney in awesome fonts that are like not hard to read, and then a black heart please and tank you!!

lovemybaby:) said:21 Sep '11

Can someone write "justin" really nice with symbols and crosses, my bf is christian:)

Anonymous said:20 Sep '11

could some wone do brooklyn

Anonymous said:19 Sep '11

Heyy..wassupp ppll..
please help me write "charming gal sikina"

Anonymous said:13 Sep '11

can u make the name (mira) plz

Anonymous replied:15 Sep '11


spider replied:19 Sep '11

Amantes ( pon este nombre ))

Mahima said:18 Sep '11

Can Some One Do Mahima Plz!

ciara said:17 Sep '11

can someone please make an amazing messenger name saying ciara in like a really cool font? thanks :) xoxo

Blaahh blaaahhh replied:17 Sep '11

ciara xoxox

ciara babbeeiiieee

Emliyflower said:16 Sep '11

Hello does it Work?? lol r u on moviestarplanet add emliyflower cos ma name is Emliyflower!! Add me plzzzzzzzz plssssssssss

Emliyflower said:16 Sep '11

i like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what does it do ?? :D |8

Amanda(: said:13 Sep '11

Could someone do Amanda Nicole ?

victor replied:15 Sep '11


Anonymous said:15 Sep '11

☹ ☺ ☻ ت ヅ ツ ッ シ Ü ϡ ﭢ ™ ℠ © ® ℗ € £ ¥ ¢ ƒ ₩ ℂ ℍ ℕ ℙ ℚ ℝ ℤ ℬ ℰ ℯ ℱ ℊ ℋ ℎ ℐ ℒ ℓ ℳ ℴ ℘ ℛ
ℭ ℮ ℌ ℑ ℜ ℨ ▲◣◢ ◥▼△▽ ⊿◤◥ △ ▴ ▵ ▶ ▷ ▸ ▹ ► ▻ ▼ ▽ ▾ ▿ ◀ ◁ ◂ ◃ ◄ ◅

Anonymous replied:15 Sep '11

⅟½⅓¾⅔⅕⅖⅗⅘⅙⅚⅛⅜⅝⅞ ≂ ≃ ≄ ≅ ≆ ≇ ≈ ≉ ≊ ≋ ≌ ≍ ≎ ≏ ≐ ≑ ≒ ≓ ≔ ≕ ≖ ≗ ≘ ≙ ≚ ≛ ≜ ≝ ≞ ≟ ≠ ≡ ≢ ≣ ≤ ≥ ≦ ≧ ≨ ≩ ⊰ ⊱ ⋛ ⋚ ∫ ∬ ∭ ∮ ∯ ∰ ∱ ∲ ∳ ⁰ ⁱ ⁲ ⁳ ⁴ ⁵ ⁶ ⁷ ⁸ ⁹ ⁺ ⁻ ⁼ ⁽ ⁾ ⁿ ₀ ₁ ₂ ₃ ₄ ₅ ₆ ₇ ₈ ₉ ₊ ₋ ₌ ₍ ₎ ₏
ᴬ ᴭ ᴮ ᴯ ᴰ ᴱ ᴲ ᴳ ᴴ ᴵ ᴶ ᴷ ᴸ ᴹ ᴺ ᴻ ᴼ ᴽ ᴾ ᴿ ᵀ ᵁ ᵂ ᵃ ᵄ ᵅ ᵆ ᵇ ᵈ ᵉ ᵊ ᵋ ᵌ ᵍ ᵎ ᵏ ᵐ ᵑ ᵒ ᵓ ᵔ ᵕ ᵖ ᵗ ᵘ ᵙ ᵚ ᵛ ᵜ ᵝ ᵞ ᵟ ᵠ ᵡ ᶛ ᶜ ᶝ ᶞ ᶟ ᶠ ᶡ ᶢ ᶣ ᶤ ᶥ ᶦ ᶧ ᶨ ᶩ ᶪ ᶫ ᶬ ᶭ ᶮ ᶯ ᶰ ᶱ ᶲ ᶳ ᶴ ᶵ ᶶ ᶷ ᶸ ᶹ ᶺ ᶻ ᶼ ᶽ ᶾ ᶿ
ₐ ₑ ₒ ₓ ₔ ᵢ ᵣ ᵤ ᵥ Ⅰ Ⅱ Ⅲ Ⅳ Ⅴ Ⅵ Ⅶ Ⅷ Ⅸ Ⅹ Ⅺ Ⅻ Ⅼ Ⅽ Ⅾ Ⅿ ⅰ ⅱ ⅲ ⅳ ⅴ ⅵ ⅶ ⅷ
ⅸ ⅹ ⅺ ⅻ ⅼ ⅽ ⅾ ⅿ ➀➁➂➃➄➅➆➇➈ ➉
ⓐⓑⓒⓓⓔⓕⓖⓗ ⓘⓙⓚⓛⓜⓝ ⓞⓟⓠⓡⓢⓣ ⓤⓥⓦⓧⓨⓩ ಐ ಓ ಔ ಕ ಖ ಗ ಘ ಙ ಝ ಞ ಲ ಶ ಹ ೀ ಾ ಿ ಧಿ ೈ ೋ ೌ ೬ ೂ ೄ ભ મ ય ર લ ળ વ શ ષ સ હ ઼ ઽ ા િ ી ુ ૂ ૃ ૄ ૅ ે ૈ ૉ ો ૌ ્ড ঢ ণ ত থ দ ধ ন প ফ ব ভ ম য র ল শ ষ স ঁ ং ঃ অ আ ই ঈ উ ঊ ঋ ঌ এ ঐ ও ঔ ক খ গহ ㌹ - ㍭ - 頹 - 衙 - 浳 - 浤 - 搰 - 煤 - 洳 - 橱 - 橱 - 煪 - ㍱ - 煱 - 둻 - 睤 - 楤 - ぱ - - 椹 - ぱ - ㍵ - 畱 - 煵 - 田 - つ - 煵 - 엌 - 嫠 - 쯦 - 案 - 迎 - 是 - 從 - 事 - 網 - 頁 - 設 - 計 - 簡 - 大 ♚ ♛ ♜ ♝ ♞ ♟
♔ ♕ ♖ ♗ ♘ ♙ ☚ ☛ ☜ ☝ ☞ ☟ ✌ ☩ ☨ ☦ ✙ ✚ ✛ ✜ ✝ ✞ ✠ ⋆ ✢ ✣ ✤ ✥ ✦ ✧ ✩ ✪ ✫ ✬ ✭ ✮ ✯ ✰ ★ ✱ ✲ ✳ ✴ ✵ ✶ ✷ ✸ ✹ ✺ ✻ ✼ ❄ ❅ ❆ ❇ ❈ ❉ ❊ ❋ ╰☆╮ ✡ ❂ -‘๑’- ✽ ✾ ✿ ❀ ❁ ❃ ❋ ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯ 𝄫 𝄪 𝄳 𝄲 𝄳 𝅝 𝅗𝅥 𝅘𝅥 𝅘𝅥𝅮 𝅘𝅥𝅯 𝅘𝅥𝅯 𝄻 𝄼 𝄽 𝄾 𝄿 𝄞 ° ø

Anonymous replied:15 Sep '11

☼ ☀ ☁ ☂ ☃ ☄ ☾ ☽ ❄ ☇ ☈ ⊙ ☉ ℃ ℉ ° ❅ ✺ ϟ ☪ ✌ ☮ ♆ 卐 ✡ † ☨ ✞ ✝ ☥ ☦ ☓ ♁ ☩ Ⓐ ☭ ✯ ♥ ❤ ❥ ❣ ❦ ❧ ♡
♋ ♂ ♀ ☿ 웃 유
ღ ۵ ✉ ✍ ✎ ✏ ✐✑✒ ⌨ ☑ ✓ ✔ √ ☐ ☒ ☓ ✕ ✖ ✗ ✘ ✇ % ℅ ‰ ‱ ☌ ␛ ␡ ␚
␟ ␘ ␠ ␤ ␋ ␌ ␍ ␎ ␏ ␐ ␑ ␒ ␓ ␔ ␕ ␖ ␗ ␙ ␜ ␝ ␞

Anonymous replied:15 Sep '11

┌ ┍ ┎ ┏ ┐ ┑ ┒ ┓ └ ┕ ┖ ┗ ┘ ┙ ┚ ┛ ├ ┝ ┞ ┟ ┠ ┡ ┢ ┣ ┤ ┥ ┦ ┧ ┨ ┩ ┪ ┫ ┬ ┭ ┮ ┯ ┰ ┱ ┲ ┳ ┴ ┵ ┶ ┷ ┸ ┹ ┺ ┻ ┼ ┽ ┾ ┿ ╀ ╁ ╂ ╃ ╄ ╅ ╆ ╇ ╈ ╉ ╊ ╋ ╌ ╍ ╎ ╏ ═ ║ ╒ ╓ ╔ ╕ ╖ ╗ ╘ ╙ ╚ ╛ ╜ ╝ ╞ ╟ ╠ ╡ ╢ ╣ ╤ ╥ ╦ ╧ ╨ ╩ ╪ ╫ ╬ ❏ ❐ ❑ ❒ ▀ ▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ ▉ ▊ ▋ █ ▌ ▍ ▎ ▏ ▐ ░ ▒ ▓ ▔ ▕ ▖ ▗ ▝▝ ▘ ▞ ▚ ▙ ▟ ▛ ▜
■ □ ▢ ▣ ▤ ▥ ▦ ▧ ▨ ▩ ▪ ▫ ▬ ▭ ▮ ▯ ☰ ☲ ☱ ☴ ☵ ☶ ☳ ☷   頹 - 衙 - 浳 - 浤 - 搰 - ㍭ - 煤 - 洳 - 橱 - 橱 - 煪 - ㍱ - 煱 - 둻 - 睤 - ㌹ - 楤 - ぱ - - 椹 - ぱ - ㍵ - 畱 - 煵 - 田 - つ - 煵 - 엌 - 嫠 - 쯦 - 案 - 迎 - 是 - 從 - 事 - 網 - 頁 - 設 - 計 - 簡 - 大 ✁ ✂ ✃ ✄ ✆ ☎ ☏ ❝❞ «» ‶ ‷‴ ‹ › 〈 〉 ‸^ ′ ″ ‵ ‘ ’ ‚ ‛ “ ” „ ‟ ⌚ ⌛❂ ○ ◎ ● ◯ ◕ ◔ ◐ ◑ ☢ ⊗ ⊙ ◘ ◙ ◍ ❢ ❣ ⁇ ⁈ ⁉ ‼ ‽ ! ! ♥℘.s. Æ ℓ٥ﻻ ﻉ√٥υ♥ ͡c ͜c‿⁀⌢⌣

Anonymous replied:15 Sep '11

┌ ┍ ┎ ┏ ┐ ┑ ┒ ┓ └ ┕ ┖ ┗ ┘ ┙ ┚ ┛ ├ ┝ ┞ ┟ ┠ ┡ ┢ ┣ ┤ ┥ ┦ ┧ ┨ ┩ ┪ ┫ ┬ ┭ ┮ ┯ ┰ ┱ ┲ ┳ ┴ ┵ ┶ ┷ ┸ ┹ ┺ ┻ ┼ ┽ ┾ ┿ ╀ ╁ ╂ ╃ ╄ ╅ ╆ ╇ ╈ ╉ ╊ ╋ ╌ ╍ ╎ ╏ ═ ║ ╒ ╓ ╔ ╕ ╖ ╗ ╘ ╙ ╚ ╛ ╜ ╝ ╞ ╟ ╠ ╡ ╢ ╣ ╤ ╥ ╦ ╧ ╨ ╩ ╪ ╫ ╬ ❏ ❐ ❑ ❒ ▀ ▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ ▉ ▊ ▋ █ ▌ ▍ ▎ ▏ ▐ ░ ▒ ▓ ▔ ▕ ▖ ▗ ▝▝ ▘ ▞ ▚ ▙ ▟ ▛ ▜ ■ □ ▢ ▣ ▤ ▥ ▦ ▧ ▨ ▩ ▪ ▫ ▬ ▭ ▮ ▯ ☰ ☲ ☱ ☴ ☵ ☶ ☳ ☷   頹 - 衙 - 浳 - 浤 - 搰 - ㍭ - 煤 - 洳 - 橱 - 橱 - 煪 - ㍱ - 煱 - 둻 - 睤 - ㌹ - 楤 - ぱ - - 椹 - ぱ - ㍵ - 畱 - 煵 - 田 - つ - 煵 - 엌 - 嫠 - 쯦 - 案 - 迎 - 是 - 從 - 事 - 網 - 頁 - 設 - 計 - 簡 - 大 ✁ ✂ ✃ ✄ ✆ ☎ ☏ ❝❞ «» ‶ ‷‴ ‹ › 〈 〉 ‸^ ′ ″ ‵ ‘ ’ ‚ ‛ “ ” „ ‟ ⌚ ⌛❂ ○ ◎ ● ◯ ◕ ◔ ◐ ◑ ☢ ⊗ ⊙ ◘ ◙ ◍ ❢ ❣ ⁇ ⁈ ⁉ ‼ ‽ ! ! ♥℘.s. Æ ℓ٥ﻻ ﻉ√٥υ♥ ͡c ͜c‿⁀⌢⌣

Anonymous said:10 Sep '11

Can someone create me an MSN Name for "Shereenn"

MIKE replied:11 Sep '11


Anonymous said:09 Sep '11

Can You Do an edit for my name ? Caren

abby :) said:09 Sep '11

ava khan that ma best friend

Eddie said:06 Sep '11


This is the best middle finger emoticon smiley ever! ha ha!!

Anonymous replied:06 Sep '11

U know that looks really wrong as well if you get me (he he)

Anonymous said:06 Sep '11

Could some one do Diana?:D

alwaiis.4evaa said:06 Sep '11

can i get : Cross Ma Heart An Hope To Die, Clothes An Makeup, Boys An Lies, 4Eva There Until The End, Definition Of A True Best Friend !!

Beckyy :) replied:06 Sep '11

-'сɾøṡṡ ṃα hεαɾτ αṉ høρε τø ḋïε, сløτhεṡ αṉ ṃαќευρ, вøÿṡ αṉ lïεṡ, 4εṿα τhεɾε υṉτïl τhε εṉḋ, ḋεƒïṉïτïøṉ øƒ α τɾυε вεṡτ ƒɾïεṉḋ !!ツ..

croѕѕ мa нearт an нope тo dιe, cloтнeѕ an мaĸeυp, вoyѕ an lιeѕ, 4eva тнere υnтιl тнe end, deғιnιтιon oғ a тrυe вeѕт ғrιend !!]♥

Theree youu gooo hopee there okaay:) if youu want anymoree just saay:)x

Beckyy :) said:04 Sep '11

Not been on this weekend but bacck noow so if youuh want any names or quotess just comment:)xx

Syddd replied:04 Sep '11

can you pls do Sydneey Runions
with a black heart plsss !!

Beckyy :) replied:04 Sep '11

ṡÿḋṉεεÿ ɾυṉïøṉṡ ♥

ѕydneey rυnιonѕ♥

sчdnєєч runíσns♥

There you go xx

Syddd:) replied:05 Sep '11

i love it ! Thankyouu so mucch :)

nikki ;) said:03 Sep '11

hєч; hαvєnt вєєn σn ín αgєs íf αnчσnєє wαnts α nαmє σr quσtє dσíng just αsk ♥

Anonymous replied:05 Sep '11

can you do mellisa with a peace sign please

JB said:05 Sep '11


Laurenn:)- said:05 Sep '11

hey could you do 'Laurenn Jamess' then a heart please? thanks x

Zirve Huda said:05 Sep '11

Please I need my name in such symbols along with this text below:

I love you more than words can say.

Anonymous said:04 Sep '11

Heey , can somebody do
Syddneey Runnions
with a black heart plss ! :) thnxxx

jazz;) said:02 Sep '11

could somebody do jazzminee pikee

Livi x replied:02 Sep '11

~`jαzzmínєє píkєє♥♥
I hope you like this! This is one of my origninal ideas but if you want more, just ask! ;)

Livi x said:01 Sep '11

Could some one do Olivia? xx

iLoveEdShɘɘran. replied:02 Sep '11

- σʟινια♥
..| σʟινια |..

these are just simple ones, if yo uwant any more just ask:)!

Livi x replied:02 Sep '11

Yes i love them! But could I have some more? I'd like if it had some really nice flowers and hearts or stars together :) and just make it, amazing! Thankyou very much though :D xx

Hannaaah said:01 Sep '11

Can someone do Hannah with cute writing and symbols?

iLoveEdShɘɘran. replied:02 Sep '11

- [нαииαн☺] ..
♥♥| нαnnααн | ♥♥

--hope you like them:)x

katiee' ella said:01 Sep '11

please can somebody do me katie ella hilditch with symbols please ive asked and nobody did one for me id be very greatful if you did me one thank youu !

iLoveEdShɘɘran. replied:02 Sep '11

- кαтιɘɘ ɘℓℓα нιℓ∂ιтcн;♥

..- ᵏᵅᵗᶥᵉ ᵉᶫᶫᵅ ᵸᶥᶫᵈᶥᵗᶜᵸ♡

hope you like them:]

Nadiiaiaaaa said:01 Sep '11

Can You Write A Name Nicely
I Want It Similar:
Nadia [MrsDEacon]
If Weezy Made It Raiin Dan II Can Make It Snow ((88))

iLoveEdShɘɘran. replied:02 Sep '11

иαdια [мʀѕdɘαcσи] ♥

ιf ωɘɘzч мαdɘ ιт яαιи, ι cαи мαкɘ ιт ѕиσω ♪♫

- чou киσω мч иαмɘ иσт мч ѕтσяч.


georgia-rae said:12 Aug '11

heya would you mind doing georgia but with some symbols with it :) xx thanz

iLoveEdShɘɘran. replied:31 Aug '11

- Gɘσяgια ♥

Beckyy :) replied:01 Sep '11




Theree youh goo if you wannt anymoree just say:)x

st3Ph said:23 Aug '11

can i get a short cute friendship quote please

iLoveEdShɘɘran. replied:30 Aug '11

- ғяιɘɴdѕнιρ ιѕɴ'т α вιg тнιɴg, ιт'ѕ α мιℓℓισɴ ℓιттℓɘ тнιɴgѕ ☺.

- вɘѕт ғяιɘиdѕ ℓιѕтɘи тσ ωнαт чσυ dσи'т ѕαч ♥

hope yoou like them:)x

st3Ph replied:01 Sep '11


jayjay :D said:28 Aug '11

urm can you do me jayjay 4 jamie. with some cool writing and love hearts and smileys please :) and can you do some love quotes?thankyou!

iLoveEdShɘɘran. replied:30 Aug '11

..♥JαчJαч ғσʀ Jαмιɘ♥..
ι'ℓℓ ℓσνє чσυ ғσʀɘνɘʀ αи∂ α ∂αч ☺.

hope this is okay for you:)x

jayjay :D replied:31 Aug '11

its brilliant!! thankyouu! :D

any said:31 Aug '11

Abbaas khan thats my name can anyone do an edit for me

lillypowder123 said:30 Aug '11

can u do lillypowder123? please oh and add this ~♥~ in the beggining and end only if its not tooo hard and becky your reallly talented

Beckyy :) replied:31 Aug '11




Thereee ya goo if you want any different symbols or anythin just comment :)xx

Anonymous said:31 Aug '11

Can Some One do,
Machin In cute writing and symobles Pleasee

- сℓαααιяє; said:29 Aug '11

Hey! can some body pls do this for me? : if your heart was a prison, I would like to be sentenced for life...

iLoveEdSheeran. replied:30 Aug '11

- ιf чσυя нɘαят ωαѕ α ρяιѕσɴ, ι ωσυʟ∂ ʟιкɘ тσ вɘ ѕɘɴтɘɴcɘ∂ fσя ʟιfɘ; ♥

i hope this is okay for yoou?:)x

- сℓαααιяє; replied:30 Aug '11

Thanks Alot i Really Like iit (: (: xx

Chloe said:28 Aug '11

Can you do one saying 'Im a belieber' with a little quote and shapes please ;o x

iLoveEdShɘɘran. replied:30 Aug '11

- ι'м α вɘℓιɘвɘя' ♥ ΠΣVΣΓ ϨΛЧ ΠΣVΣΓ♪.

--hope this is okay? xx

Beckyy :) replied:30 Aug '11

ιм a вelιeвer♪●♫●♬

`·..јυṡτïṉ вïεвεɾ'ïløṿεεÿøυυ!!

ιм α вєℓιєвєя♥... єи∂ σf!

Theree ya goo if you want anymoreee just saaay:)xx

Anonymous said:18 Aug '11

Can Some1 do Secret Hide Out Realy cute?

iLoveEdShɘɘran. replied:30 Aug '11

- ѕɘcяɘт нιdɘσυт ☺.

hope this is ok?:)x

NonaMuss. xxxoooxxxo said:28 Aug '11

Can some one do.. "Cool story bro, needs more goats."
with a symbol or symbols at the end please? xox

iLoveEdShɘɘran. replied:30 Aug '11

cσσℓ ѕтσяч вяσ, иɘɘ∂ѕ мσяɘ gσαтѕ. ツ

- ㋛ cool story bro, needs more goats. ㋛

hope these are okay?:)x

Hannaaah said:29 Aug '11

Hiii, please can someone do Hannah with cool symbols/writing and stuff?

iLoveEdSheeran. replied:30 Aug '11

- нɑnnɑн. ♥

emma' ❤ said:30 Aug '11

ღ ๑۩۞۩๑



♥۩۞۩♥۩۞۩♥ ★✿♪●♫●♬【ツ】❀ ✿ ❁ ✾ ♔ ♕ ♖ ♗ ♘ ♙☩ ☨ ☦ ✙ ✚ ✛ ✜ ✝ ✞ ✠

♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯♡ ♢ ♤ ♧╰☆╮✡ ۞ ★ ☆ ⋆ ✩ ✮ ✯ ✰ ❇ ❈ ❅ ❄ ❆

Anonymous said:29 Aug '11

hi can you do ones with Ocean

Anonymous said:28 Aug '11

Cann someonee doo 'Rebeccaaa' and cud youu doo 'ILoveMaGirlieeees' with hearts and symbols pleaseee hopee itss not tooo much to ask :)x

Sehr replied:28 Aug '11

ɾεвεссαα .. ïløṿεṃαģïɾlïεεεεṡ ... Dere'h Yhuu'h Go .. x =P

Anonymous replied:28 Aug '11

can i have some symbols with 'em please :)x

Anonymous said:22 Aug '11

Can some1 doo... I got da ONE DIRECTION INFECTION! x with symbols pleasee

Beckyy :) replied:22 Aug '11

ι goт da.. one dιrecтιon ιnғecтιon!x♥

`·..ï ģøτ ḋα øṉε ḋïɾεсτïøṉ ïṉƒεсτïøṉ!

~♥~í gσt dα.. σnє dírєctíσn ínfєctíσn!~♥~

Theree ya gooo if ya want anymoreee just comment !!!xx

Phoebe replied:22 Aug '11

taylor swift plz

Coco replied:23 Aug '11

you mean you want it done in cool fonts? you're not taylor swift. are you?

Anonymous replied:23 Aug '11

Thanks Beckyy they are amazingg! your soo good at doing thesee!! x

Beckyy :) replied:23 Aug '11

S'okaay and thanks ;) if ya wanted anymore stuff doin just comment :) xx

Anonymous replied:25 Aug '11

Could you do some friendship quotes for me pleasee? (: xx

Love.. replied:26 Aug '11

- wíthσutt чσuu ín mчч lífє; thєrє wσuldd вєє nσ shínєє... ím sσσ glαdd í fσundd чσuu - íílσvєєmαα mαtєss♥

Thatt Okayy ?? iihopeesoo i cann doo moree x

Beckyy :) replied:26 Aug '11

i think she ment me love.. no offence or anythinnn :)xx

Beckyy :) replied:26 Aug '11

♥a вeѕт ғrιend
ιѕnт ѕoмeone wнoѕ jυѕт тнe ғor yoυ!
ιтѕ ѕoмeone wнjo υnderѕтandѕ yoυυ
a lιттle вιт мoree
тнan yoυυ υnderѕтand yoυr ѕelғ♥

ṡïḋε вÿ ṡïḋε
øɾ ṃïlεṡ αραɾτ
ƒɾïεṉḋṡ αɾε ƒøɾεṿεɾ!
сløṡε τø ÿøυυɾ hεαɾτ♪♥

Thereee ya gooo if youu wannt anymoreee just comment!

abby xo. replied:27 Aug '11

can i please have one that says Abby 'sixx' Radske ? :)

Anonymous replied:27 Aug '11

Thankyou very very very mmuchh!! there greatt!

zakia said:26 Aug '11

can someone do 'Mizz Zakia T.I loves Kamie' thankss xx

Beckyy :) replied:27 Aug '11

'мιzz zaĸιa т.ι loveѕ ĸaмιe'♥x

♬●♫●♪['ṃïʐʐ ʐαќïα τ.ï løṿεṡ ќαṃïε']♪●♫●♬

-'mízz zαkíα t.í lσvєs kαmíє''●♥●

Thereee ya gooo if ya wannt annymoreee just saayy :)xx

clo said:25 Aug '11

can u do a girly name with Chloe in it plz with cool text n shapes

Love.. replied:26 Aug '11

- вαÿвïεεh сhløε♥



Hopee you likee themm xx i can do moree

Anonymous said:25 Aug '11

Nasu Loves You


Love.. replied:26 Aug '11

- nαsuu lσvєs чσuu♥
°ºøρώïṉсεṡṡ ṉαṡυυ løṿεṡṡ чøυυøº°♥

gregkhhhhhh said:25 Aug '11

becky can you make me a nice shape of the letters A and K
please and thnks

Katie HILDITCH' said:21 Aug '11

anybody who wants an amazing name cool funky crossed hatched with any love hearts or any thing just let me no and ill do you one !

gregkhhhhhh replied:25 Aug '11

the letters a and k just like the letter t

gregkhhhhhh replied:25 Aug '11

❦ which is like this ....

Beckyy :) said:23 Aug '11

Heeeyyaa everyonee if ya wantt any namees done in cool fonts and symbols and if ya want any quotess just comment and i will do 'em for yaa :)xx

gregkhhhhhhhhh replied:24 Aug '11

a pentagram !!!!!!! plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Beckyy :) replied:25 Aug '11

what?!?! do u mean as a symbols or in writing ?

gregkhhhhhh replied:25 Aug '11

a symbol ... or the like five sided star thing x

JUNAYNA said:23 Aug '11

HEYY can beckyy do my name fancy and cool with a few emoticans a characters can u do:
junayna iman nisa
juniiee 4 lifee
and a friendships line (poem)

JUNAYNA replied:23 Aug '11

and can u do juniie baybeh and junayna (nice star) nisa 4 lifee! and some nice characters soz for asking too much (and can u write it upside down aswell

Beckyy :) replied:25 Aug '11

ɐuʎɐunɾ★ǝǝɟıl ɹooɟ ɐsıu = junayna★nisa 4 lifee!

јυṉαÿṉα ïṃαṉ ṉïṡα●♥●

jυnιιee 4 lιғee✿

вeѕт ғrιendѕ
ιтѕ a [proмιѕe]
noт a [laвle]♪●♫●♬

theree ya gooo :)x

:) said:24 Aug '11

Can someone do "VIKTORIYA"?

Hamzah said:22 Aug '11

Can some on do hamzah in cool writing don't make it girly plz and add in some cool symbols thanks.

lєααααααh σx said:14 Aug '11

Hiya darlings!
I'm Leah :) .. I'm not new, I've worked on this site before so I guess you could call me kind of experienced (LOL). I have an extremely large variety of fonts and symbols. I know there are other namemakers on here but I just wanted to help out. Remember to ask for Leah please :) ... ♥

Anonymous replied:15 Aug '11

Heeyaaa cud youu please do me Rebecca and RebeccaBabeehh and stuff like that pleasee i wud really appreciate it :) thanks xx

Katie HILDITCH' replied:21 Aug '11

hello, please could you do me katie hilditch with love hearts and stuff please

Anonymous replied:22 Aug '11

Heeya! Could you do Mali with some really nice symbols pleasee?.. thankyouu (: x

Beckyy :) said:20 Aug '11

нeeya ιтѕ вecĸyy:) ιғ ya waanт мe тo doo anyy naммeeѕ or qυoтeѕѕ jυѕт coммenт!!!!♥

Anonymous replied:20 Aug '11

Can you do 'Mali' Please?

sop'Lauren replied:20 Aug '11

Hey could you do
Soppay... Much love for brandon with hearts n symbols?
please and thankyou?

codiee:) replied:21 Aug '11

Can You Do Codie Samantha Micklewright pleasee?:)

Beckyy :) replied:21 Aug '11


'ṃαlï'♪ ♫ ♩ ♬


theerreee youu gooo if youu wannt any moreee or and quotes just comment xx

Beckyy :) replied:21 Aug '11

•♥•♥•ѕoppay... мυcн love ғor вrandon•♥•♥•

`·..ṡøρραÿ... ṃυсh løṿε ƒøɾ вɾαṉḋøṉ

♥ sσppαч... much lσvє fσr вrαndσn♥

Did you mean from brandon if you did heres the from's from the
1st.... ғroм
2nd... ƒɾøṃ
3ed... frσm

and you can just put them in if thats what you mean if not dont worry :) i can do you some quotes if youu need any :)x

Anonymous replied:22 Aug '11

Thankyohh Sooo Muchh Beckyy! (: xx

Anonymous replied:22 Aug '11

Heey Beckyy.. Could you do Mali with some really nice symbolss pleasee x (: thankyouu

iQuoteEverything said:17 Aug '11

This is ' iQuoteEverything ' .. here to post quotes for anyone and about anything. Just reply to this comment or ask for me. I have all quotes for every everything.
-iQuoteEverything xox

katie replied:19 Aug '11

heartbroken quotes plz.

- katieee

st3Pl-l replied:20 Aug '11

can i get a quote about self-worth please... thx

sop'Lauren replied:20 Aug '11

betrail & love
please n thankyou

ggkhhh replied:20 Aug '11

can u give me a pentagram symbol plz? thank you!

ggkhhh said:20 Aug '11

becky can u plz make me a symbol of a pentagram ? :/

Anonymous said:20 Aug '11

Can you do danvir singh dhillon please (: x

Anonymous said:19 Aug '11

hey! i want "b7ebak anthony" in a very cool way

Anonymous replied:19 Aug '11

or make it i love u anthony

Anonymous said:16 Aug '11

ANYONE ? could someone do
dimaa babey ?
or dimaa rawwr ?

NabzDot replied:17 Aug '11

- dιмaa вaвєy x.

Anonymous replied:19 Aug '11


Anonymous said:18 Aug '11

Billie-jo is so pretty

Anonymous said:18 Aug '11

Can some1 write.. 'Mali' really nicely plzz

Anonymous replied:18 Aug '11

with symbols pleasee

Anonymous said:17 Aug '11

Can youu do
-through every dark night there's a bright day after
With a sunshine poleseee(:+ maddyhuughes with a loveheart(a)xxxx.

nOnAmUsS said:17 Aug '11

can anyone do the alphabet in fancy and cool type writing? x

Nabeelaa said:13 Aug '11

Do Nabeelaa' Im still not over you

lєααααααh σ replied:14 Aug '11

Iya, hope these are fine:

#’ ɴαвeelαα'~ㄨ ιм ѕтιll ɴoт over yoυ’{♥}
*. иαвeełαα' ~♥~ ıм šтıłł иøт øνeя чøυ! ; ❁

Tell me if you need adjustments or anything :D ♥

Beckyy :) replied:15 Aug '11

♥naвeelaa' ιм ѕтιll noт over yoυ♥
`·..ṉαвεεlαα' ïṃ ṡτïll ṉøτ øṿεɾ ÿøυ
nαвєєlαα' ím stíll nσt σvєr чσu;♥♪

ιғ yoυυ wanт anyмoree jυѕт ѕaay :)х

Nabeelaa replied:15 Aug '11

derr finee ;] Thankszz Beckyy cann youu doo a friendship quote Pleasee

Beckyy :) replied:15 Aug '11

yeahh suree here youu goo

♥oυr ιnѕιde joĸeѕ-тoo мany тo naмe,
wнen were aparт ιтѕ neva тнe ѕaмee,
wнen were тogeтнa ιтѕ nυтнιn вυт ғυn,
replacιng мy gιrlѕ jυѕт carnт вe done!♥

hopee youu likee it if you want more just say or comment on my status :) :)xx

st3Ph said:15 Aug '11

can someone do a cute animal or figure please

1D ♥ said:12 Aug '11

Do one direction infection really nicely please!

Love.. replied:13 Aug '11

- one drecтιon'♥ вaчвιeeн; чoυυ eхcιтee мeeн wιтнн чoυrr lovee ѕongѕѕツ...

Hopee youu Likee ihtt^ ♥ I can doo more; justt ask x

1D ♥ replied:13 Aug '11

Can you please write the words: 'I've got One Direction Infection' ... hope it's not too much to ask

Love.. replied:14 Aug '11

- ï'ṿε ģøτ øṉε ḋïɾεсτïøṉ ïṉƒεсτïøṉ♥♪
ι've goт one dιrecтιonn ιnғecтιon♥º☆

Are those Okay?? If not let me know

1D ♥ replied:14 Aug '11

Thanks. xx It means a lot.

Love.. replied:15 Aug '11

No problemosz

Beckyy :) said:15 Aug '11

нeyaa everyonee ιv вeen away тнιѕ weeĸend вυт ιм вacĸ:), ιғ yoυυ wannт мe тo doo annyy naмeѕ or qυoтeѕ jυѕт coммenт ι can do loтѕѕ oғ dιғғerenт ғonтѕ and ѕyвolѕ ѕo jυѕт coммenт and ι'll do 'eм ♥

That dude. said:15 Aug '11

:DD Would be cool

Drew said:15 Aug '11

this is another heart symbol emoticon which can be used to show your love and feelings:


this is a heart symbol you can create just by typing on your computer keyboard.

marielouise, x said:14 Aug '11

I haven't been on this in aaaaages, but if anyone wants me to make a name for them I'd be happy to do so (: x

Beckyy :) said:14 Aug '11

нeeey ѕorry everyone ιғ вeen away тнιѕ weeĸend ѕo ιғ yoυ wanт мe тo do names or qυoтeѕ lιĸe......

ѕoo нereѕ тo тe crap we тalĸ, тнe gυyѕ we ѕтalĸ,
тнe way we ѕнop, тнe laυgнѕ we canт ѕтop,
тнe goѕѕιp we ѕpιll, тнe looĸѕ тнaт cυd ĸιll,
we ѕтay тogeтнer cυz were вeѕт ғrιendѕѕ ғoreverツ♥..

тнaтѕ ѕoмe ĸιnda oғ ғrιendѕнιp qυoтeѕ ι do вυт ι can do any oтнer names or qυoтe jυѕт coммenт!!!!!♥

i am heartbroken said:14 Aug '11

hey can u do Dusty and Alexis Best friends forever
and friend quotes?

Sammie! ♥ replied:14 Aug '11

dustч αnd αlєхís вєst fríєnds fσrєvєrツ

α ƒɾïεṉḋ ïṡ ṡøṃεøṉε ώhø ќṉøώṡ τhε ṡøṉģ ïṉ ÿøυɾ hεαɾτ αṉḋ сαṉ ṡïṉģ ïτ вαсќ τø ÿøυ ώhεṉ ÿøυ hαṿε ƒøɾģøττεṉ τhε ώøɾḋṡ.

Some symbols to use;♡ ɞ ʚ ღ ஐ ლ დ ഇ ♥ ❤ ❥ ❣ ❦ ❧.
I can do more just ask :) x

yourock! said:14 Aug '11

(¯`•.•´¯) (¯`•.•´¯)
☆ ♥ º`•.¸. •´ ♥ º ☆

these are some creative emoticons which you can make by your keyboard strokes and keyboard combination. this one is a cutie:

and these are emoticon arts made with by symbols and alt codes:

./█ ♥ /█

yourock! said:14 Aug '11

♡ ɞ ʚ ღ ஐ ლ დ ഇ

These are also some additional heart symbols for facebook. in fact these symbols are cool letters from other languages.

yourock! said:14 Aug '11

♥ ❤ ❥ ❣ ❦ ❧.

These are all the facebook heart symbols you can find for your facebook status and facebook chat. you can also use them on myspace and msn and anywhere you want literally.

annisa said:29 Jun '11

hey i said to do me and time ago and noone has done it so plz if you cud do tremaine neverson- iloveyou my baby since the first time i laid eye's on u and do it nice cheers chicken or chickets

morgs replied:18 Jul '11

тязмαιиз изvзяsoи-ιʟovзчouмчвαвч sιиcз тнз ғιяsт тιмз ι ʟαιd зчзs oи чou♥ чouя мч шoяʟd!

The 'e' is a bit hard to read so you can change them, i was just looking through and thought i could give it a try, i hope you like it:)!

annisa replied:13 Aug '11

hey no i rele love it tbh :] ive put it as my msn and face book:just saw it and it better then i do cheers babes;)

Love.. replied:13 Aug '11

- [( trєmαínє nєvєrsσn- ílσvєчσu mч вαвч síncє thє fírst tímє íí lαíd єчє's σn uu♥ツ.... )]
Thoughtt ill givee a trчч to x i can doo moree x

Love.. said:13 Aug '11

I can do names ♥ ツ And quotes; and upside down writing; just ask ♪♥Ⴁƃnɐl әʌol әʌ!l

Anonymous said:12 Aug '11

Can you do
MiMi Madison

Live Love Laugh

Love.. replied:13 Aug '11

[( мιмι мα∂ιѕσи'♥ )]

- ℓινє ℓσνє ℓαυgнツ..
Didd youu wantt itt togetherr if so; here youu goo
ṃïṃï ṃαḋïṡøṉ; lïṿε løṿε lαυģh♥♪
Hopee youu like them♥^

Rainy Day said:10 Aug '11

can someone pls do Princess-Rain'Rainy SweetDreams Dark'Cullen

Love.. replied:10 Aug '11

- [( ρɾïṉсεṡṡ-ɾαïṉ'ɾαïṉч ṡώεετḋɾεαṃṡ ḋαɾќ'сυllεṉ'♥ )]

Is thatt howw youu wanteed itt llikee orr in short verisons Like:
Princess-rainday; Sweetdreams; Dark CUllen? Lett mee knoee n i hopee youu likee dahtt^ Abovee

Rainy Day replied:11 Aug '11

thank you and alos can i have I Love Sam
done to i need it like w really cool and awesome ways tho

Beckyy :) replied:11 Aug '11

ι love ѕaм'♥

ṡαṃ ï løṿεε ÿøυυ;♥♪

í lσvєє sαm[♥')...

theree youu goo if you want anymoree just saay x

rainy says high to u replied:12 Aug '11

thank you!

Love.. replied:13 Aug '11

- íílσvєєsαmm♥'♫
ṡαṃṃ;ï løṿεε ÿøυυhh'ツ...
[( sαm; чσuur αll í thínk αвσut dαчч αnd níghtt; íílσvєєчσuuh'♥♪ )]

Samantha said:13 Aug '11

Could Someone Do;
'Grant, Iloveyou Forever; My World!

Sammie! ♥ replied:13 Aug '11

gяαит, ιℓσνєуσυ fσяєνєя; му ωσяℓ∂! ♥
grant, ιloveyoυ ғorever; мy world! ♥
ģɾαṉτ, ïløṿεÿøυ ƒøɾεṿεɾ; ṃÿ ώøɾlḋ! ♥
grαnt, ílσvєчσu fσrєvєr; mч wσrld! ♥

Hope you like them! :) Can do more if you want, just say! ♥

Sam. A said:13 Aug '11

Could someone do
'IloveYou Dale;Forever! summer 2011!

Sammie! ♥ replied:13 Aug '11

'ílσvєчσu dαlє;fσrєvєr! summєr 2011! ♥
'ιℓσνєуσυ ∂αℓє;fσяєνєя! ѕυммєя 2011! ♥
'ïløṿεÿøυ ḋαlε;ƒøɾεṿεɾ! ṡυṃṃεɾ 2011! ♥

Hope you like them! :) Can do more if you want, just say! ♥

Anonymous said:12 Aug '11

ha ha ha ha............

Anonymous said:12 Aug '11

Could you do 1 sayin cutie pie

That Girl replied:12 Aug '11

¢utιε ριε
cutíє píє
ςยtเє קเє

There yew go will they do if noh leh me noe an al make yuh sum new oneszz... I hope yew lyk em' =]

Beckyy :) replied:12 Aug '11

cυтιe pιeツ

сυτïε ρïε♥...

cutíєє píєє

ιғ yoυ wanт anyмoree jυѕт ѕaaay :)х

That Girl replied:12 Aug '11

Thanks for the help Beckyy =]

Dusty said:12 Aug '11

can i have Dusty Doyle and then Alexis Aldrich bestfriends / sisters forever

st3Pl-l said:12 Aug '11

can i get one that's a cute animal or something and also include the name 'steph' somewhere in the design.
thank you!

Shaunaa :)) said:10 Aug '11

Can Someone Do Me My Name Please
and then a friendship quote pleasee

Beckyy :) replied:11 Aug '11


yoυ ĸnow ѕoмeone ιѕ a тrυe ғrιend wнen yoυr aвoυт тo cry, вυт тнey wιll ѕay тнe randoмeѕт тнιng тo ѕee yoυυ ѕмιle- ツ

if youu anyymoreee just saaaay ;)xx

Shaunaa :)) replied:11 Aug '11

Thank You!

Beckyy :) replied:11 Aug '11

i mennt if youu 'want' anymoreee just saaaay :')xx

Beckyy :) said:10 Aug '11

нey people ιғ yoυ wanт any naмeѕ lιĸe or qυoтeѕ lιĸe...

вєѕтғríєndѕ αlwαчѕ αrє líĸє ѕтαrѕ чσυ dσnт нαvє тσ ѕєє тнєм тσ ĸnσw тнєч αrє тнєrє'ツ♥..

í cαn dσ αll ѕσrтѕ σғ díғғєrєnт nαмєѕ αnd qυσтєѕ jυѕт cσммєnт nd чσυ'll gєт єм'

тнαnĸѕ, вєcĸчч :) хх

Samantha replied:11 Aug '11

Could You Do
'I love My Girls! And Then A Friendship Quote? Please xx

Beckyy :) replied:11 Aug '11

'ι love мy gιrlѕ!♥...

ғrιendѕ are lιĸe вalloonѕ ιғ yoυ leт тнeм go υ carnт geт тнeм вacĸ ѕo тιe eм' тo yoυυr нearт ѕo υ don'т loѕe eм'ツ♥..

ιғ yoυυ wanт anyмore jυѕѕт coммenт♥ ;)xx

Anonymous said:10 Aug '11

Can Somone Do Cloud For Me (realy Preety)

Love.. replied:10 Aug '11

Cloudd for a namεε; orr a picturεε?
If its for a namε hεrε you go:
- сløυḋ♥

Anonymous said:06 Aug '11

'beckyy' you say comment if anyone wants a name done, you get loaaaaads of comments but never do them? pffffft:L

Beckyy :) replied:07 Aug '11

yeah well iv been away !

Anonymous replied:07 Aug '11

okaay thenn, don't put it then?

Love.. replied:08 Aug '11

Younoee She doesntt Havee too doo itt; youu justt havee too be paitencee; itsz requiredd.

Beckyy :) replied:08 Aug '11

thanks love.. :) see i dont hav to put stuff it aint affectiing u ok

Love.. replied:10 Aug '11

Its alrytt x


Beckyy :) replied:10 Aug '11

:) :) :) :) x


Samantha said:07 Aug '11

Could someone please put make one saying 'Samantha'Dawn loving him' or something like that. Please make it pretty+ grown up? Thanks

Love.. replied:08 Aug '11

- ♥ѕaмanтнa'dawn♥;;lσvíngg hímm♥ ís thєє вєstt thíngg

Thatszz All ii gott :)
Hopee Youu Likee Theemmmm xXx

Samantha replied:08 Aug '11

Thank you :) I like them. Could you do some more saying Samantha'Dawn, im not botherd about what they have in it :)

Beckyy :) replied:09 Aug '11

sαmαnthα'dαwn,♥♪ ..


¸.•♥•.¸¸.•♥• ѕαмαитнα'∂αωи,•♥•.¸¸.•♥•.¸

Here youu goo hopee there okaay, if you want some more just sayy xx

Samantha replied:09 Aug '11

Thank you I love them :) x Could you do some saying 'Caitlin' Please? xx

Love.. replied:09 Aug '11

- ([ caιтlιn ])♥

Hopee Youu Likee Them :) Let me knoww iff youu wantt more x

Beckyy :) said:09 Aug '11

Hey people if you want any names like or quotes like...

вєstfríєnds αlwαчs αrє líkє stαrs чσu dσnt hαvє tσ sєє thєm tσ knσw thєч αrє thєrє'ツ♥..

í cαn dσ αll sσrts σf díffєrєnt nαmєs αnd quσtєs just cσmmєnt nd чσu'll gєt єm'

thαnks, вєckчч :) хх

LeoDaniel:3 said:08 Aug '11

Can someone do Leo Daniel please,
Cool font,I'm pretty indie so something which makes it stand out with symbols.

iloveyouxox replied:08 Aug '11

Please can someone write: Ciara and Anisha BestFriends Always. Thank you!!

Beckyy :) replied:09 Aug '11

leo danιel✌☮

lëö dänïël٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶

lє๏ ๔คภเєl♪♫...

there you go if you want anymoree just sayy x

Beckyy :) replied:09 Aug '11

сïαɾα αṉḋ αṉïṡhα вεṡτƒɾïεṉḋṡ αlώαÿṡ.

`·.. cíαrα αnd αníshα вєstfríєnds αlwαчs.

•♥•♥•♥•♥ cíαrα αnd αníshα вєstfríєnds αlwαчs. ♥•♥•♥•♥•♥•

cιara and anιѕнa вeѕтғrιendѕ alwayѕ'♥™

theree you goo hopee you like it if you want anymoree just say :)x

Beckyy :) said:15 Jun '11

If Anyone Wants ME To Do Their Name Just Comment With Your Message On This And I Will :) :) xx

TylerEly. replied:24 Jul '11

Will you do tylerwilliamely in a cool text and in 3 colours of your choice please? thanks

Anonymous replied:24 Jul '11

ohh please! "charlottie" if u can

NameWriter101 replied:24 Jul '11



hope you like them :)

nina replied:24 Jul '11

-Damdoom -...and -Haroun- please :)

Beckyy :) replied:27 Jul '11

name writer101 this is my bit not urz ok and iv bee away for a bit guys sorry :)xx

Faiisa ;D replied:29 Jul '11

could you do faisa for me a bit girly too thanks ;D

maracas replied:01 Aug '11

can you do martacas for me pleaseee

Beckyy :) replied:07 Aug '11




ஐ ✲ ღ †™ ツ❀✿Ƹ̵̡.♥ ☆♪♫ ★

here are some aymbols u can add if u want ;)xx

Beckyy :) replied:07 Aug '11


ṃαɾταсαṡ ツ


there youu gooo if you want anymoree just say ;)

Beckyy :) replied:07 Aug '11

nασmí cαffrєч♥


ṉαøṃï♪ ♫ ♬....


ツ❀✿Ƹ̵̡.♥ ☆♪♫ ★

you can add them symbols if you wannt and if you want anymore doing just comment♥ x

Samantha replied:08 Aug '11

Could you do one saying Cailtin?

Beckyy :) replied:09 Aug '11

cαtlín♩ ♪ ♫ ♬



There you go if you want anymoree just comment :)xx

SweetPunk20 said:07 Aug '11


Nabeela replied:07 Aug '11

Do mee a namee ----> Nabeela

jadey said:26 Jul '11

someone do shane please xx

Love.. replied:05 Aug '11

- shαnє..хσхσ♥
[( ṡhαṉεε;вαÿвïεεh♥ )]
❀ιтz ѕнanee❀
Hopee Youu Likee Them ♥

jadey replied:06 Aug '11

yeahh thank you :D
i love them x

Love.. replied:07 Aug '11

Your welcome jadeyy
Comment if you want anything else x

Jadee x said:04 Jul '11

Heellooo EveryOnee x

Can some one plz do a name for me saying 'Jade baybeeh' with nice black hearts and make it look preetyy and grown up x

thankyouuu so much x

NameWriter101 replied:06 Jul '11

jadε baчbεεhツ♥
♥jadε baчbεεh♥

hope you like them(:

Jadee x replied:12 Jul '11

thankyoouu ! xx
i reaallyy like theeemmm xx

theeyy soo preetyyy lol xx

morgs replied:18 Jul '11

i feel like giving it a try too- hehe:)

ermm replied:05 Aug '11

can u do juniie baybeh and junayna (nice star) nisa 4 lifee! and some nice characters soz for asking too much

Anonymous replied:06 Aug '11

Can anyone do my name 'Naomi Caffrey' (: oxox

Anonymous said:06 Aug '11

how do u do this patterns

Anonymous said:30 Jul '11

can some one write bye now for me?

Love.. replied:05 Aug '11

вyeвye :( ♥

Not suree y you want someone to do yourr name' Butt Here youu go hope youu like them

Love.. replied:05 Aug '11

i meantt writee byee

Love.. said:05 Aug '11

Juniee This is forr youu

Love.. replied:05 Aug '11

Juniee This is forr youu

Love.. [♥'lσvєє replied:05 Aug '11

Soryy itt didntt workk :(

Love.. [♥'lσvєє said:05 Aug '11

AnyOne Wantt Me To Doo There Namee; Commentt On Thiss I Can Doo Quotesz; Upside down writing':
ƃu!ʇ!ɹʍ uʍop әp!sdn
HeartBroken Quote: if youu want youu heart broken; give it to a boyy :( AND Baybee Myy Heartt Was Broken Byy Youu; Now its in peices beacusee of youu :( Thankk Youu By ♥'lσvєє..хσхσ

Anonymous said:27 Jul '11

hey!! could you do "gourg Gabbie" please could you add love hearts and a butterfly?? :) thanks xxx

jεѕѕмιтcн!♥ replied:28 Jul '11

gσrgε gαввιε!♥
-gσrge gaввιe..xσxσ♥
sorry i cant do a butterfly at the moment, hope these are okay?:)xoxo

Love.. replied:05 Aug '11

- ƹ̴ӂ̴ʒ gσrgє gαввιє..хσхσ♥ ƹ̴ӂ̴ʒ

Jess i useed yourr writing and added the butterfly;If Itz Okayy

maracas said:01 Aug '11

hi can you do one for MARACAS thanks

Love.. replied:05 Aug '11

[( мaracaѕ )]
- Maracas ㋛

girl u dont know... said:03 Aug '11

can some one plz do 'chocolate' for me in fancy and funky like. thx

Love.. replied:05 Aug '11

㋛ ⓒⓗⓞⓒⓞⓛⓐⓣⓔ ㋛

Hopee youu Like Iht ♥

Anonymous said:04 Aug '11

Can you please do
Cassie loves you

Love.. replied:05 Aug '11

- cαssíє lσvєs чσu'♥
- [( ¢αѕѕιє ℓσνєѕ уσυ )]
- cαssíєlσvєsчσu♥
- ⓒⓐⓢⓢⓛⓔ;ⓛⓞⓥⓔⓢ;ⓨⓞⓤⓗⓗ

Hopee Youuh Likee ihtt

HELP? said:04 Aug '11

music symbols PLEASE??

Love.. replied:05 Aug '11

♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯

there you go. Some music symbols for you. hope you like it.

L.A said:02 Aug '11

Hey can you do, miss Louise Amzati please

Anonymous said:30 Jul '11

☻/ღ˚ •。* ♥♥ ˚ ˚✰˚ ˛★* 。 ღ˛° 。* °♥ ˚ • ★ *˚ .ღ 。
/▌*˛˚ ░ ░ٌٌٌR░A░M░D░A░ N░░░K░A░R░E░E░ M░
Kol sana W Enteee salaama ♥ ♥

aden replied:01 Aug '11

kehir mubarak ........... ;)

Anonymous said:01 Aug '11

can someone do nicole morris

Lεtмεguεss'♥ said:19 Jun '11

Pwincezz Nikki ; u dOnt ruleee! :L
Any1 can make names for anyOne, dnt need ur permission ;)

maracas replied:01 Aug '11

can u add maracas that youuu

Tayla Hatcliffe said:01 Aug '11

Can anyone do my name with like smileys and hearts around it > Tayla Hatcliffe

Nasu said:31 Jul '11

Do me a name -> Nasu

Anonymous said:29 Jul '11

Hi can you do one for Sidrah baby ? thanks :)x

Nabeelaaa' said:29 Jul '11

Can someone do nabeela please ♥

Anonymous said:28 Jul '11

can someone do faisa for me and a pm that says Mirfat,Anisa,Larenn,Muna thanks.

Rayan said:28 Jul '11

Can u please do rayan for me

Anonymous said:28 Jul '11

can u please do faisa for me thank ;D

annielovesgeorge! said:28 Jul '11

hey! my name's annie & i'd really appreciate it if a namemaker could do my name, preferably ' jεѕѕмιтcн!♥ ' as i like your names the best:) can i have an msn name and pm saying...
-annieehobson!(L) georgey, i love you millions!
gracee+oliviaa+jessicaa+abbiee+emily+char, my girls, love yous!(L)
taaaaa! i'lll love whoever does this forever! haha! thanks, mwah xoxo

secretNINJAsshhh! said:26 Jun '11

would anyone, please do mee'a
thaaaaaanks! im not botherrrd how yaa's do it so'yaar know, experiment if you wouldnt mind(;

jεѕѕмιтcн!♥ replied:28 Jul '11

кαтιε, ι ♥ нιm; xo
ĸ a тι e , ι l o v e н ι м ! (L)

are those okay?hope you like them!:)xxxx

Anonymous said:10 Jul '11

Can you do Katie Ailmore Please it's 4 my friend x

jεѕѕмιтcн!♥ replied:28 Jul '11

kαtiє αilmσrє♥
- ĸ a т ι e .. a ι l м o r e .
кαтιε αιℓмσяεε' xo
there you go, they ok?(L)

sqiggles:3 said:27 Jul '11

can someone write squiggles for me pleaaase?:3

jεѕѕмιтcн!♥ replied:28 Jul '11

ѕ q υ ι g g l e ѕ ! ♥
they ok for you babes?ask again if not!xoxo

Anonymous said:27 Jul '11

who can help me do Nicholas? thankyou very much in nice names and symbol.

jεѕѕмιтcн!♥ replied:28 Jul '11

ιтѕ.. n.ι.c.н.o.l.a.ѕ.☺.
those okay for you?ask again if not'xoxo

jesus said:26 Jul '11

could you do Ethan? please?

Chloe x said:25 Jul '11

can u do Chloe and Leah are BFF's in a lovely sweet kind of font

Anonymous said:25 Jul '11

can som1 plz do a realli awsomne nw symbol 4 mi plzz fnxx ;)

Lilly!:) said:22 Jul '11

hi umm plz can some 1 do Lilly and make it really not girls but not like a boyish 1 ether xx

Miss Ellie'Mai'S. replied:22 Jul '11

Hii there;)

'Lιʟʟч. I just need your heart❥

Want anymore? Just ask

Don'tCopy. Be original.

Lilly!:) replied:23 Jul '11

thanks it really kwl could u do princess lilly for me plz i forgot to mention tht part fanks xxxx

Miss Ellie'Mai'S. replied:24 Jul '11


Anymore? just ask ! ;D
Don't copy. Be original

Anonymous replied:25 Jul '11

can someone do JoShHuArR thanks.

Anonymous said:24 Jul '11

can some1 do a really cute symbol plz:)

Anonymous said:23 Jul '11

can some1 do emily? with like fancy letters or will some1 write lead plz dont ask y :O :P i cant explain it lol :D

`smileyface:)` replied:24 Jul '11

•°o•..'Emilyy Lead,ツ
..♥-EmILY Lead,xoxツ

Beckyy :) said:05 Jun '11

sorry guys not been here for a week iv been on holidays so if anyone wants me to do their name or message just comment on this or say :) :) xx

Anonymous replied:05 Jun '11

could you write shellyy.xx in some cool writing please?
i was also wondering if you have some nice quotes that you may know as well :S :)

Anonymous replied:05 Jun '11

can you write my name michelle.xx ♥ ?

Beckyy :) replied:05 Jun '11

yeah of course right first person first





Heres some quotes for youu !!

Beckyy :) replied:05 Jun '11

giving up doesn't always mean you're weak; it means you're strong enough to let go.

what's mínníє without míckч
what's tíggєr without pσσ
what's pαtríck without spσngєвσв
what's mє without чσu

Anonymous replied:07 Jun '11

thaanks so much!!!
i love it! :D

HELP!!! replied:29 Jun '11

OMFG!!! can u do (symbol) Loco (Symbol).
ASA FRICKIN P!!!! URGENT!! like all my friends have cool symbol and wrtin and stuff can u pllzz do mine and remember GIVE ME PLENTY OF OPTIONS AND CREATIVE!!!!! plz i dn't want to be the only one who is average and btw! nice quotes becky!!! can becky or coolchick do it i don't mind i jus need it DONE!!! thanks again love you =]

Beckyy :) replied:30 Jun '11

ok ok ok take a chill pill

what do you want me to do u dindnt say wht u wanted doin x

Beckyy :) replied:30 Jun '11

sorry dint read it properly chick x


there youu go if you want moreee just saaay :) xx

Anonymous replied:12 Jul '11

Hey becky can you do some different things with Jordan please and thanks :)

:) replied:24 Jul '11

I know i aint becky, but hope this helps:

Anonymous said:24 Jul '11

yoyoyo wats up homee J

Yaz said:23 Jul '11

Haayaaa;D Someone Do My Name Please? - Yasmin . Thaanks;)x Try to make it stand out.. ;P

Dima said:21 Jul '11

Can u do Damdoom ??? plz

Miss Ellie'Mai'S. replied:22 Jul '11

Hii there;) Here are a few ideas that i've came up with.


Dima replied:23 Jul '11

thank u so much.............! :D

Demi said:23 Jul '11

hey..can u do my nickname 'Damdoom' ,,and could u please add some hearts and stuff to it ? thnx

inspirations said:20 Jul '11

inspiration please do my name

Miss Ellie'Mai'S. replied:22 Jul '11

Hii there;)


Anonymous said:21 Jul '11

hello lovess.

can someone please do Bianca


Anonymous said:17 Jul '11

caan you do - anum - for me? thnnks.

morgs replied:18 Jul '11

is that alright? xx

Anonymous replied:19 Jul '11

yes i love it thanks :) .... lol wats the (h) ?

Anonymous replied:19 Jul '11

oh nvmm, its the cool little smile, lol,
again thanks for that. :)

Mysti said:19 Jul '11

Can someone please do Mystique.

Anonymous said:12 Jul '11

Can someone do something cool with my name Jordan please :)

morgs replied:18 Jul '11

is that alright?x

SAMANTHA said:15 Jul '11


cherokee said:14 Jul '11

can someone do my name in cool letter please

MeeeMeeee xx said:02 Jul '11

Heey everyone (:
If you would like me to do your name for you just reply on this comment and I will try to do it for you as soon as possible (:
Here are some examples of things I do:
☮☆❤ ђคภภคђ ☮☆❤
And for boys:
☊ ✈ мαтт ✈☊
And more.. Thanks (:

Baabee xox replied:02 Jul '11

Hii would u mind doin Ciara thank youu!!!!

Manchester Utd 4 EVA replied:04 Jul '11

Hey could u do mine as 'Gagan' thnx :)

Anonymous replied:07 Jul '11

Could You Please Doo Rebecaaa Thanks Sooo Much Babeeezzz ;) :)

Anonymous replied:12 Jul '11

Please and thank you! =)

Anonymous said:04 Jul '11

ارجو زخرفه نبض المشاعر

Anonymous replied:04 Jul '11

wat does that say?
I cant understand it lol
tell me please

Anonymous replied:11 Jul '11

she wants to decorate her name ( Nabd El-Masha'er)
it's in Arabic !!

Anonymous said:11 Jul '11

Emo smurf for me please

Sophiee♥xx said:30 Jun '11

Can someone pleaseee do:

Thanks ((: Could you please give me a few options for each name with symbols and stuff... thanks heaps! :)

Anonymous replied:10 Jul '11

ṡøρhïε χχ ❤♫☮

Anonymous said:09 Jul '11

can someone, pretty plz, do my name Paula
Thanks soo much xx

ANNDYRODICK said:08 Jul '11


Anonymous said:04 Jul '11

is anyone gonna do my name :/?

it's Danielle.. (:

Anonymous replied:06 Jul '11

LOL :)

Anonymous said:06 Jul '11

i love tulisa and n dubz there so good and there the best

Jadee x said:06 Jul '11

Heellooo EveryOnee x

Can some one plz do a name for me saying 'Jade baybeeh' with nice black hearts and make it look preetyy and grown up x

thankyouuu so much x

Manchester Utd 4 EVA said:04 Jul '11

can someone do my name in cool letter please as 'Gagan'

Jadeee said:04 Jul '11

Helloooooo everyOnneee (:

rasha said:04 Jul '11

It's so nice & cute but i hope to make more than this.

DeryDevonneGomez said:03 Jul '11

Hi everyone!
Can U make my name with all the symbols?
Name is Derya

Bethanie said:24 Jun '11

Please can you do Bethanie Rosina :) xx

Baabee xox replied:02 Jul '11

вєтнαиιє яσѕιиα :) χχ

annisa said:02 Jul '11

why dont u eva do them?x

Meee Meeee xx replied:02 Jul '11

What would you like done? :)

Baabee xox replied:02 Jul '11

Please can someone do Ciara thanks everyone!!!! :) I really appreciate this:D

мιѕѕ aweѕoмe l said:01 Jul '11

Can someone PLEASE DO:
ilovesoccer and Sophie
Thanks and can I please have some different options for each one- thanks (:

MeeeMeeee xx replied:02 Jul '11

ṡøρhïε χχ ❤♫☮

hσpє чσu líkє thєm (:

Anonymous said:01 Jul '11

Do Hannah for me pleasee ::)

MeeeMeeee xx replied:02 Jul '11

❤ ♡ ❤ ღ нαииαн ❤ ♡ ❤ ღ
☮☆❤ ђคภภคђ ☮☆❤
ღ ♫ ¿ hαṉṉαh χχ ¿ ♫ ღ

Hope you like them! (:

Anonymous said:30 Jun '11

Can you do 'Muna' For me please

Anonymous said:30 Jun '11

Do jack
Plzthank you

мιѕѕ aweѕoмe replied:30 Jun '11

.•´¯`•-> ĴĂČĶ

Harend said:29 Jun '11

That was a cool name with symbols.

Anonymous said:29 Jun '11

can some do Heather pls ..i love these:)x

;' PιиkStaar♥' said:19 Jun '11

dαɴιelle вαвч♥'
đąŋïεℓℓε ჩმჩყ


Anonymous replied:23 Jun '11

sorry, but would you be able to do me some colours, like really pale ones please:$? xx

Anonymous replied:24 Jun '11

you can't do colors.

Anonymous replied:28 Jun '11

no but you can copy and paste the codes on here :L

Anonymous said:27 Jun '11

can you please do a range of "y's" like any fancy stuff

Albina:) said:26 Jun '11

It's alright. I got it all summed up!! It wuz pretty easy thoough!!

Albina:) said:26 Jun '11

can some one plzzzzzz do my name out of these cool letters??? thx!!

btw: my name is Albina again thx!!

Tayla said:26 Jun '11

Hi can someone please do
I Love you ...
Violet, Jasmine, Khiara, Cobie, Kimia, Courtney, Georgina and Tamika

Anonymous said:23 Jun '11

Can some one help me with : my name

Shimica Castro Wong
Caca B

Thanks guys

Anonymous said:22 Jun '11

Heya can someone do something with rest in peace Anastasia 11/2/11-22/6/11

DELENAxx said:22 Jun '11

Hey..Can Someone make my name with ALL the sympols plz..?
My name is Derya Devonne Gomez

Anonymous said:22 Jun '11

make me one please sayin your love is my posion on my mind and were you go i wanna be there, that time and that exact place

; - Autumn said:20 Jun '11

Can somebody do my name pleaseee ? Its AutumnLynn

Anonymous replied:21 Jun '11

Hpe Yhuu Lyk It xxx

Anonymous said:20 Jun '11

Can someone please do the name Alessa
But not too girly
I love your stuff that you do!

sausage moll said:20 Jun '11

can somebody do my name it is "Harry"

Anonymous said:20 Jun '11

how to get dog up symbols on msn messenger

Lεtмεguεss'♥ said:19 Jun '11

Laчla - тrυee oɴeѕѕ;♥♥

Layla'♥♥ said:19 Jun '11

To Letmeguess'
can u do Layla for me :)

-Layla ♥♥

GuesswhOo'♥ said:19 Jun '11

nice names On here;♥

PιиkStaar♥' said:19 Jun '11

♥' yOOOu lot are good at namess; some1 pleeasee do miine'

;' PιиkStaar♥' said:19 Jun '11



Anonymous said:19 Jun '11

can someone do me a name please?

Danielle baby. :) with pale colours or something? please :) if not, just atleast the name? xx

;' PιиkStaar♥' said:19 Jun '11

sme1 plz doo'
''dnt tiinq ur siicck; :L x''

Anonymous said:16 Jun '11

Can You Do Claaaire' pls ?

αввιє вαвч replied:19 Jun '11

εїз ¢ℓαιяє εїз

Anonymous said:18 Jun '11

can you do Rebecca in funky writing and symbols thanks xxx

Anonymous replied:19 Jun '11

Please can you do my name Rebecca i would realy apreciate it anyone who can do realy funky cool ones pleaseee :) xxx

karen said:18 Jun '11

Plz do karen :P plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

ijkk said:18 Jun '11

please can someone do ijk in loads of ways for meee plzz :) just ijk ♥

Anonymous said:17 Jun '11

please for do one for Emily

G.I. Joe said:17 Jun '11

Nice symbols on this site. Good for facebook wall posts.

Anonymous said:20 May '11

Can you make one for the name Angiee, ? please and thank you , >3

ツ replied:24 May '11



Anonymous replied:17 Jun '11

Can you do Sharalle and Ralle and Cupcake

Ellenisee said:15 Jun '11

Heyy Beckzz!! Caan u pleasee doo My nameee!! Itss Ellenisee!! Andd can u do some symbols for me too!! thankzz ur really goood at themm!! :P much lovee xx :P

Beckyy :) replied:16 Jun '11

okaay :) :)xxx




there youu goo if youu want any more just saay :) :)xxx

Anonymous said:16 Jun '11

make one for me? Tiffany

Anonymous said:15 Jun '11

somebody write yazan in a cool way plz

Needy:) said:14 Jun '11

Can some 1 plz do needy taa i will b so thankful xxx :)

Lee said:13 Jun '11

heyy. can someone do my name? Lee rehs
with like any kinda design or a message? star desgins or something.. thanks! :)

Anonymous said:11 Jun '11

Can you do something that says shallows boo please
thankyou xx

Anonymous replied:12 Jun '11

Can you do one for me ? Jerrica .

Anonymous said:11 Jun '11

may anyone decorate my name plzzz 10xx

Beckkyy :) said:04 May '11

If anyonee wants me to do anyymoree just say and i will :) :) x

katiee Broown replied:20 May '11

can you do the name Angiee im makeing a thing for my frineds birthday. , ?

sammiiii (: replied:20 May '11

can you please do sammii for me? (: x

Beckkyy :) replied:20 May '11

Yeah of course Katiee


ツ♥hαppч вírhtdαч αngíєє lσvє frσm чσur fríєnd :) х

Beckkyy :) replied:20 May '11



There you are hun x

Victoria-x replied:20 May '11

can you do done that says victoria please?x

sammiiii (: replied:21 May '11

they're greaaat but could you pretty pleasee give me more optionss? xx

sammiiii (: replied:21 May '11

actually it's okayy, don't worry about it (: x

CoolChic x replied:21 May '11

(♥'] hαppчч вírthdαч, hαvєє α grєαtt dαч'х (♥']

Is that okayy hunn? x

Beckkyy :) replied:22 May '11




víctσríαα вαвєє :)

Hopee these are ok hunn if not just saay and i can doo moree for youu :) xx

Anonymous replied:23 May '11

can you do like,
selena bungay
selena rose bungay
selena rose
or - babybungs
:), please and thanks!

Beckkyy :) replied:24 May '11

Sorry no offence or anything CoolChic x ( dont have a go at me ) but i said if anyone want ME to do anymore not youu so like let me do it please and when they say Becky thats means ME xxxxx

Anonymous replied:28 May '11

can you do one that says i love luis for me.??

Anonymous replied:01 Jun '11


Can someone please pleaasee do my name for mee??
My namee is 'Ellie' :D

Anonymous replied:11 Jun '11

εllïε ♥

єllíє ♥♥


Sop'Lauren said:10 Jun '11

heyy if someone plz has the tym cud u do me a name:
(symbols) sop'Lauren(heart) (symbols)
really good love quote plz... xxx
thanks in advance if poss xxx

Anonymous said:10 Jun '11

Yeah can u do these names
tarrrr x

Ilikeoldmovies... said:09 Jun '11

i like old movies
like the grandfather
not considered the best one
but thats just me xx :)

ILOVEJISS!:)x said:08 Jun '11

Heyllo , Can Someone Make Me A Nice Msn Name For Me :LL
With Charis In It Please :) xx

anobuwerf said:08 Jun '11

Can you do the name eleni????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Thank u

bexie:) said:08 Jun '11

hya cud someone do my name cool with stuff
my name is Bexie
cheers :P

;tαnчαmchαlєв said:31 May '11

dose anyone want something ill make it for you;)

yazmin replied:06 Jun '11

can you do yazminwarren for me? thanks:)

Beckyy :) replied:06 Jun '11


there u goo :) xx

Anonymous replied:07 Jun '11

Can you do Rebecca with hearts and swirls and stuff lots of options please babe :) xx

ᶠʳᵉʸᵃᵃˡ replied:08 Jun '11


Those Are Text And Yhuuee Could Add:

ஐ ✲ ღ †™ ツ❀✿Ƹ̵̡.♥ ☆♪♫ ★

If You Want Something Diff Just Ask(; .

Jacob said:06 Jun '11

err wtf is this aint is suppose to be some name decorater or summin :S

Anonymous said:06 Jun '11

Can someone do my name Rebecca with funky symbols on pleasee princezz nikki or CoolChic x

Thanks xxx

Anonymous said:02 Jun '11

:§:§:§ that is :s but with nose :§

SOMEONE;) replied:06 Jun '11

Can Someone Write JohannesCollin plz!?

Daniel replied:06 Jun '11

Can SomeBody do my name: DanielNilsson?!?! plzz

Claudia said:05 Jun '11

Can somebodyy do my name. I've actually never tried it, lol

Claudia Giselle with a tm sign or heart or anything cute

ThatGuyAgain said:05 Jun '11

Can someone do ThatGuyAgain please

Anonymous said:24 May '11

can you do my name its JOSELINE

Kimberlyann replied:25 May '11

Can someone Do Kimberlyann for me pleasee?

кιмвєяℓуα replied:30 May '11

кιмвєяℓуαии is that ok for you or not hun thanks xxxx

;tαnчαmchαlєв replied:31 May '11

Option one - ;ќïṃвεɾlÿαṉṉ
Option two - ;kímвєrlчαnn

Kimberlyann replied:03 Jun '11

yes thank youu guyss ! (:

Laura :) said:03 Jun '11

Could Someone please Do A quote about close friends and the name Laura ????? thanks babes

Anonymous said:31 May '11

can someone do the name monica ? (;

lauren:)'xx replied:02 Jun '11

мσиι¢α (:'♥
мonιca (:'♥
ṃøṉïсα (:'♥
mσnícα (:'♥
m0n!(4 (:'♥
MoNiCa (:'♥
๓๏ภเςค (:'♥
㎡◊иⅰς∆ (:'♥

are thesee ok ? :) enjoy

lauren:)'xx said:02 Jun '11

hey, please can you do mine:

-laureenn'g (with a heart)

thankyou xxx

Anonymous said:02 Jun '11

lmho i cant blieve this prinzezz nikki chic thinks she owns this site :L

Anonymous said:31 May '11

ummm hii whhhaaaaaattttttt isssss this?xxx

туяαи χ said:30 May '11

best name her :D
super easy

deNiSe** said:30 May '11

hOw The HeLL dO yOu dO thAt?*:)xx

Anonymous said:30 May '11

can someone do Imperfection please? an advance thank you:)

Anonymous said:30 May '11

>3 hhehehehe I dunno

Anonymous said:29 May '11

Heyyy Guyss xx ♥ MIA ♥ EMMA ♥ ™

Anonymous said:27 May '11

Can someone do shilah?

Anonymous said:19 May '11

can someone do Lindsay? Please thank you

CoolChic x replied:21 May '11

.•líndsαч' вαчвíєє чuu єхcítєє mє х•.

-Hope Yuu Like It x

Lindsay replied:27 May '11

thank you soo much ! :) I love it.

Steph x3 said:27 May '11

Can Someone do i love you joe in cool letters and a heart at the end for my friend

Steph x3 replied:27 May '11

I need it done today please

Carmen Maria said:27 May '11

CAN ANYONE PLEAS DO MY NAME ? carmen maria , please ! , tjankyou

Anonymous said:26 May '11

Can you please do Monse :)

Anonymous said:25 May '11

CoolChic x or princezz nikki could youu please do my name Rebecca I would like somee options thanks babezz xx

CoCo said:23 May '11

Hi HI i luv all the symbols

Natalie replied:24 May '11

Beckkyy my name is natalie can you make my name natalie in a funky letters?:)love u Beckkyy

Beckkyy :) replied:24 May '11

yeah course i can hunni.





Youu could copy and paste the symbols to the ends of these if u like.............

•°o• ♪♣ʂΔɲ⍺ツ♥ •°o•

:) xxxx

Jacob (: said:24 May '11

can u make cool symbols?

Skylar said:22 May '11

Hi can someone do Skylar ?? plz ... thanks :D

ツ replied:24 May '11



Anonymous said:24 May '11

add me:)lol love u best friends memo,hoho,and roro

Anonymous said:24 May '11

me is the best ❤ ❤

Anonymous said:22 May '11

CoolChic x or princezz nikki could youu please do my name Rebecca I would like somee options thanks babezz xx

Beckkyy :) said:22 May '11

•°o• ♪♣ʂΔɲ⍺ツ♥ •°o•

Im gonna keep adding theem :) :) :P xx

Anonymous said:21 May '11

hi!! can someone do erikaki ?? plz ... thanks :) xxx

Anonymous said:21 May '11

hi !!! can someone do " nikol love " plz ???? thanks :D xxx

katiee Broown said:20 May '11

can someone do, i love you brittney , best friends for ever , ? pleaseandthankyou ,!!!!!!!! >3

CoolChic x replied:21 May '11

(♥']..ïïløṿεÿøυυ вɾïττṉεÿÿ; 'вεṡτ ṃατεʐʐ 4εṿαα' χ..(♥']

Dahtt Okaii I Can Do Moree x

CoolChic x said:21 May '11

Anyone Wants Me To Do There Namee Justt Sayy N I Will [[ Or One Ov The Otherz Will]]

-CoolChic x

LeLe said:21 May '11

Can you plz do one for Violet

CoolChic x replied:21 May '11

»ṿïølετ« (♥']

-Hope You Like It x I Can Do Moree If Youu Like x

Victoria-x said:30 Apr '11

My names Victoria. can anyone do me a name please? thank you:)x

princezz nikki♥ replied:30 Apr '11

•o°•νι¢тσяια•°o• , vιcтorιa.[❤] , ṿïсτøɾïα☮

- hope you like if not i will make you more no prob x

Victoria-x replied:20 May '11

thank you your amazing:)xx

princezz nikki♥ replied:21 May '11


: ) thanks xxxx

CoolChic x replied:21 May '11

♥..•o°• ṿïсτøɾïα' χ•°o•..♥

- Theree You Go x
Hope You Like It

Anonymous said:20 May '11

hi !!! can some1 do nikol love plz ???? thnks !!! :D !!!

Anonymous said:19 May '11

i love the facebook symbols, they're so cool!!!

Alexandra!;xx said:30 Apr '11

0Can you please do- Alexandra Loves Ashley sort of thing please, can i have as many as you can do, thanks babes!

Lucy replied:01 May '11

α ℓ ε x α η∂ я α ♥ε α s н ℓ ү

Alexandraa;xx replied:19 May '11

Thanks Gorgeous!

Alexandraa;xx said:19 May '11

Alright can i just have- Alexandra LOVES Ashley in all different font's then please hun, thanks!

Alexandraa;xx said:15 May '11

Hello again, if you really dont mind, can you do Alexandra Loves Ashley in this type font-ℒ Only if you don't mind, thanks!;xxx

princezz nikki♥ replied:18 May '11

i don't no where its from..sorry ://

sammiiii (: said:18 May '11

can someone pleaseeeeee do my namee; sammii
thanksss :D

Anonymous said:18 May '11

hi i love this web can some1 plz do carlo plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!! thx xx!!:D

Anonymous said:17 May '11

can someone do my name nikol please? ? ? thnks:D xxx

Anonymous said:14 May '11

please can someone do skye and skye 4 e.a 4 life tarr x guys

skye replied:14 May '11

pplleeaaassee i luv the ❤уσυ αяє му ∂єѕтιиу❤ it is great

Beckkyy :) replied:14 May '11



Hopeee these are okay if not just saay :) xx

sammiiii (: replied:15 May '11

what font is the first "skye" witten in? :o

sammiiii (: replied:15 May '11

oopss, I meant written.. :3

Beckkyy :) replied:15 May '11

umm it's not a font i got it off this thing x

sammiiii (: replied:17 May '11

oohh, where can I get itt? :o

Katy said:16 May '11

can someone tell me if there are chinese messenger letters ? or chinese symbols for msn.. pls

princezz nikki♥ replied:16 May '11

A 诶
B 比
C 西
D 迪
E 伊
F 艾弗
G 吉
H 艾尺
I 艾
J 杰
K 开
L 艾勒
M 艾马
N 艾娜
O 哦
P 屁
Q 吉吾
R 艾儿
S 艾丝
T 提
U 伊吾
V 维
W 豆贝尔维
X 艾克斯 Y 吾艾
Z 贼德

or did you mean can you write in chinese on msn?..if so you can if you download msn plus x

Anonymous said:11 May '11

hi princezz nikki could yooou pleasee do my name Rebecca Thanks :) :) xxx

princezz nikki♥ replied:14 May '11

they okay, i'll do more if not? Xx

Nina replied:14 May '11

Can you do my name Nina please (:

CoolChic x replied:14 May '11

♥ṉïṉα вαÿвïεε'♥

Der Yuu Go Ill Do More Of Yuu Want x

Anonymous replied:14 May '11

Thanks i love the rebecca's but not to be really anoying cud ii have some moree opitions please with like hearts and swirls or sumthing xx

princezz nikki♥ replied:15 May '11


dsdfd replied:16 May '11

duh..............! watever guys u cutes

Anonymous replied:16 May '11

Can i have some more options for Rebecca pleaseee :) thanks i dont want to be anoying or anything i love the other but just want some more options please xxxx

lindaaa x said:15 May '11

hey can someone do linda loves rayhan 4 eva ( in funky different kind of styles please thank you x : )

rachel said:15 May '11

can some one do Bella is a cutie pie xxxx

Lillyy said:14 May '11

or can some 1 do "Lilly 4 Dyer 4 life

Meeegaaan:Dx replied:15 May '11

Lilly Your A Geek:) Jk Love You Really Geeeko:D

Lillyy replied:15 May '11

lol love ya too xx :) hehe x

Anonymous said:15 May '11

someone do khatisha :)

georgiabeard. replied:15 May '11

;кнαтιѕнα❤. is that okay?:3

Beckkyy :) replied:15 May '11



Hopee these are okay if not just saay :) xx

Beckkyy :) said:15 May '11

•°o• ♪♣ʂΔɲ⍺ツ♥ •°o•

Im gonna keep adding theem :) :) :P xx

Lillyy said:15 May '11

can some 1 do lillybaby loves living life xxx plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sammiiii (: said:15 May '11

can someone do sammii please? (:

georgiabeard. said:15 May '11

could any one do georgia4regan? like really nice please:).

skye said:15 May '11

they're good tarr x ur gd em too

Lindsay said:15 May '11

I really like this one 'ℒιѕнα ღ'

can you do the same for me but for the name "Lindsay" ? maybe Lindsay Baybee or something? :)

Beckkyy :) replied:15 May '11

ℒíndsαч вαвєєღ

There u goo hopee its okaay if not just saaay xx

Anonymous said:14 May '11

can some1 do lilly plz xx

Lillyy replied:14 May '11

it dunt matta eny more xx

Beckkyy :) said:14 May '11

iv copyed them symbols that lucy gave us i just thought i might put it on the front page lol:/ :) x

•°o• ♪♣ʂΔɲ⍺ツ♥ •°o•

im going to keep putting thesee on the front pageee xx

Lillyy said:14 May '11

Can some1 plz do lilly has got her wish nd thts u xxxx

Anonymous said:14 May '11

can someone do skye please

heartbeat said:01 May '11

hey plz can anyone do U R MY DESTINY for me plzzzzz..thx alot

Anonymus replied:01 May '11

U R MY DESTINY........

Beckkyy :) replied:05 May '11

U R My Destiny❤❤

thaat okaaay ??? if not i will do moree :)

ilyjb4eva replied:09 May '11

❤уσυ αяє му ∂єѕтιиу❤

i replied:11 May '11

please can you do hannah please thanx Xx

CoolChic x replied:14 May '11

hαṉṉαh вαÿвïεε' ღ
нannaн вayвιee' ღ
нαииαн вαувιєє' ღ

There You Go x

Sophie replied:14 May '11

hαṉṉαhвαвïïεε(:χ hope you likee itt:Dx

Sophie said:14 May '11

Can ''someone'' mmake me me sophiee but like really nice symbols and that!x

Love sophiee(: x

anonymous said:11 May '11

hii,can u plz do name icerock....thanks...:D

princezz nikki♥ replied:14 May '11

is that ok?

CoolChic x replied:14 May '11

Princezz Can I Helpp Yuu Make The Namez ? x Replyy Back'

Beckkyy :) replied:14 May '11

Shall we let her princezz nikki ?xx

Lovelyy x said:14 May '11

Can Some1 Do Nabeela' In A Nicee Wayy x
And This Quote [[ Tired Ov Tryiing, So Sik Ov Cryiing, Yeah Im Smilling, Buht Inside Im Dyiing ]]

Anonymous said:12 May '11

hey can u do me the name dannie with a small cap for the d please xxxx

CoolChic x replied:14 May '11

♥ḋαṉṉïαα' øχ♥
Danniaa Wat Do Yuu ean By Cap For The D? x
Enywayyz Diz 1'Z For Yuu x
Hope Yuu Liike It Can Do More x

Anonymous said:14 May '11

can you please do something for abby :P thanks(: xo

CoolChic x replied:14 May '11


Hope Yuu Liike Iht x Ill Do More x

Anonymous said:08 May '11

someone do aliyah plz

CoolChic x replied:14 May '11

.•♥..•αlïÿααh'Ox вαÿвïεεh..•♥•.

Hope Yuu Liike Iht I Can Do More x

Anonymous said:12 May '11

Hi, can someone please do; lisha
thanks x

ˢᵖᵃʳᵏˡᵉ R replied:12 May '11

Hope this helps, :).
ℒιѕнα ღ

Beckkyy :) said:09 May '11

iv copyed them symbols that lucy gave us i just thought i might put it on the front page lol:/ :) x

•°o• ♪♣ʂΔɲ⍺ツ♥ •°o•

moree optiooons :) xx

Anonymous replied:09 May '11

cool where did she find them if you find out please note the website :)

Beckkyy :) replied:10 May '11

im not suree sorry x

i replied:11 May '11

thats ok ! Xx i dont mind

Anonymous said:11 May '11

colud you do jowii please

Anonymous said:10 May '11

can you please do norah

Beckkyy :) replied:10 May '11


hopee its ok if not just say and i will do moreee x

carl said:10 May '11

hey can u do plz icerock ???? and ill give u all my wishes!!!!

carl said:10 May '11

hey can u do plz icerock ???? and ill give u all my wishes!!!!

Anonymous said:25 Apr '11

could you do alicia please? :D

ilyjb4eva replied:09 May '11

❤✿ ★ αℓι¢ια ★✿❤
Hope thats ok

Beckkyy :) replied:09 May '11


ツαlícíα ツ


Hopee these are okaay if not i will do moree x

Anonymous replied:09 May '11

Yes please where did you find them

Anonymous replied:10 May '11

Can someone PLEASE do Rebecca pleasseeee :) :): xx

aileen said:10 May '11

awws I want a symbol of a beard! can any of u guys get me one!:D pliz

Anonymous said:08 May '11

Hi :)

Can You Do Claaaire' Pls :)

Thank You :)

Anonymous replied:09 May '11

❤● ★¢ℓαααιяє★● ❤



Anonymous replied:09 May '11

can you do Hannah plz thanx :)

Anonymous said:04 May '11

Could you please write Rebecca . Thannkss :)

ilyjb4eva replied:09 May '11



colette said:08 May '11

can somone do colette for me i will give thm £999999999 or over and make it long and funky im rich so i cn give u anything u want aaassswwwwwwweeeeeeeeelllll!!!!!!!!!!! extracttttt

princezz nikki♥ replied:08 May '11

and how exactly do you plan to get me cash? lol.. hope you like if not i'll do more x

Beckkyy :) replied:08 May '11




theey okaay ( yeah how will u paay me lol ? ) x

Beckkyy :) said:08 May '11

iv found somee more symbols :)

♬☻☺♡ ☯ ♥

ⓐⓑⓒⓓⓔⓕⓖⓗ ⓘⓙⓚⓛⓜⓝ ⓞⓟⓠⓡⓢⓣ ⓤⓥⓦⓧⓨⓩ

♥ ❤ ❥ ❣ ❦ ❧ ♡

❢ ❣ ⁇ ⁈ ⁉ ‼ ‽ ! !

ℓ٥ﻻ ﻉ√٥υ

thers lots lol x

Carly((: said:07 May '11

can someone do my name
pleaseee i cant think of anything (((: xx

Beckkyy :) replied:08 May '11



theey okaay if not i will do moree x

Beckkyy :) said:07 May '11

Hi princess nikki is it ok if i help with the namees too cuz i wanna help and have some thing to doo iv think iv found some other symbols too like lucy note baack Yes/No thaanks :) x

princezz nikki♥ replied:07 May '11

Yes :) xxxx

princezz nikki♥ replied:07 May '11

it's 'zz' not 'ss' :)

Beckkyy :) replied:08 May '11

sorry lol xx :) :) :) :)

Anonymous said:01 May '11

Someone please do Zoë?

Anonymous replied:07 May '11

ஐ JordaaanForverrrTogetherr ஐ

Lucy said:30 Apr '11

Hi, princezz nikkie & Namewritter i would like to help you at helping other peeps with names ive got letters and other symbols and like to have somethin' to doo while im bored Note bk Yes/No Thank you very much x

princezz nikki♥ replied:06 May '11

Hi, why did you have to ask me and namewritter? of course you caan do peoples names :) [Yes] x

princezz nikki♥ replied:06 May '11

Oh and lucy can you do me a favour babe? do me a cute message about my bestfriend olivia and this boy i like called jack and something about my girls!:) thanks i don't mean to rush but can i have it done ASAP? :) x

Abigail said:30 Apr '11

Namewritter Could please write Aishaa like how you do the rest but wif a heart at end ( giving to a friend ) written by : Abigail

princezz nikki♥ replied:30 Apr '11

αïṡhαα♥, ώɾïττεṉ вÿ αвïģαïl
is that okk for you? : )

Abigail replied:30 Apr '11

Oh ty very much x | =]

princezz nikki♥ replied:06 May '11

it's fine i enjoyed doing it, sorry i took a long time to reply : )


Anonymous said:06 May '11

someone help me make a nice name for krian pleasee :) thankyouuu! xx

Beckkyy :) replied:06 May '11



Theey okaay ? if not i will do moree :) x

Anonymous said:19 Apr '11

Can sumone please do anisa, thanks

Avleen replied:19 Apr '11

Hi Anisa! Heres a couple of screen names. reply and tell me which one you like best! :D

Option 1: ஐ● ค.η.i.s.a ●ஐ

Option 2: ··¤(× ค η i s ค ×)¤··

Option 3: (¯`·._.·. Ã η i s a .·._.·´¯)

Option 4: ¸,(¯`•¸·´¯)·•● A N I S A ¸,(¯`•¸·´¯)·•●

Allison replied:20 Apr '11

option 2 PLEASE! could you do it for meee!

pandaloverr :D replied:20 Apr '11

··¤(× LOVE OPTION 2 :D ×)¤··

Avleen replied:05 May '11

ah great glad you like it :D

Beckkyy :) replied:06 May '11

··¤(× Option 2 ;) ×)¤··

World Power Of Kanbi said:06 May '11

World Power Of Kanbi Samaj

Anonymous said:05 May '11

how can create my name "josie"

Anonymous said:05 May '11


Anonymous said:05 May '11

hello :),

id like a nice heart if you can get me one plz :) thanks

Anonymous said:05 May '11

Hey can you do like a rated 18 symbol??

Beckkyy :) said:05 May '11

Heeyyaa pepleees if you want me to do your namme or message just saay and i will ;) :) x

Anonymous said:04 May '11

Can anyone doo Rebecca with heard a swirls on it thanks

Anonymous replied:04 May '11

i mean can u do Rebecca with hearts and swirls on pleasee lmaoo :)

Bek said:29 Apr '11

Can Someone Pleeeaaaseee Do '(Heart) Doltton (Heart) My Babey Boii (Hearttt

Beckkyy :) replied:04 May '11

❤dσlttσn❤mч вαвч вσíí ❤

♡dσlttσn♡mч вαвч вσíí ♡

ღdσlttσnღmч вαвч вσííღ

Hopee these aree okaayy if not sayy :) :)

i love justin bieber said:29 Apr '11

can you please do :

(heart) Paris , I love you forever , my bestfriend. (heart)

Anonymous replied:04 May '11

❤pαrís, í lσvє чσu fσrєvєr , mч вєstfríєnd.❤

It that okaay ??? :)

Ellie&Jessica said:30 Apr '11

Hii, me and Jessica have been searchin' 4 symbls 4 ages xx nOT till we came on this site ;) Ok.. Im asking for you to do me a favour x could you please right 4 words for me : Royal Family , Facebook , TheCityGirl
Arwahh ,

Anonymous replied:02 May '11

theres a site you can go on for these you know,

Anonymous said:01 May '11

can someone do colette

Anonymous said:01 May '11

Could you please do one saying hannah

Lucy replied:01 May '11

❤☆★н α η η α н❤☆★
here you go & i hope you enjoy it =]

Lucy said:30 Apr '11

ςąɳɳƴ ♪

here you go hope you enjoy

Anonymous said:30 Apr '11

hey can sum1 do my name sana

princezz nikki♥ replied:30 Apr '11


is that ok : )

Lucy replied:30 Apr '11

If need more options : •°o• ♪♣ʂΔɲ⍺ツ♥ •°o•

princezz nikki♥ said:30 Apr '11

namewriter101 could you please do nikkk with a little heart like how you did '{ C o l ε т т ε: ♥ }'.....?
thanks : )

princezz nikki♥ replied:30 Apr '11

αсτυαllÿ ïτ ḋøεṡṉ'τ ṃαττεɾ ṉαṃεṃαќεɾ101 ïτṡ ƒïṉε ï'ṿε ḋøṉε ïτ χ

LOL xD said:28 Apr '11

Can someone please do the phrase i luv u sam

princezz nikki♥ replied:30 Apr '11

ï løṿε ÿøυ ṡαṃღ ............
is that ok? : )

Yamato Sheka said:26 Apr '11

How do you make a ying-yang?

princezz nikki♥ replied:30 Apr '11

is that what you meant?.....
: )

Anonymous said:25 Apr '11

hey could you guys do give 2 peices of a love heart ? :/ if possible thanks

princezz nikki♥ replied:25 Apr '11

what do you mean???????

Anonymous replied:27 Apr '11

Heey:) Can someone do Ellie for me pleaase thanks ;) ♥

NameWriter101 replied:28 Apr '11



Hope these are ok, if you want someone else like Princezz Nikki♥ to do you anymore thats fine :)

- NameWriter101'♥

Anonymous replied:28 Apr '11

Yeaah thankyou very much :)
Princezz Nikki♥, or anyone, could you give me some more options please? Or NameWriter101 could do some more if you'd like ;)
Not trying to be a pain!
Thankyouu :D ♥

princezz nikki♥ replied:30 Apr '11

are they ok, if not i'll do more ; )

Anonymous said:28 Apr '11

can someone pleaseeee do Jaak or Jaak Holman with a peace sign if you can?? if you cant do the peace sign thjats fine :)thankss

NameWriter101 replied:28 Apr '11

נaacк нoʟмan ツ

couldnt find a peace symbol sorry, hope these are okaaay:)

- NameWriter101'♥

princezz nikki♥ replied:30 Apr '11

נaacк нoʟмan☮
is that ok for you?? : )

Anonymous said:28 Apr '11

can some one do; jack' elliott ?;)x

Anonymous said:28 Apr '11

Can you please do George ?? please ?

Olik said:27 Apr '11

can you please do something reaally good to this:

NameWriter101 replied:27 Apr '11



Hope these are okay, if not ask for more!

- NameWriter101'♥

Olik replied:27 Apr '11

Thank youu lotss;)xxxxxxxxxx

NameWriter101 replied:28 Apr '11

Thaaats Okaaaaaayyy

Anonymous said:28 Apr '11

can someone pleaseeee do Jaak or Jaak Holman...

Musicbabe said:27 Apr '11

Can u please do saany with a music note?

Anonymous said:21 Apr '11

could you do one saying babe ?

Anonymous replied:27 Apr '11

Baaвeee' .♥.

hows that? :)

colette said:14 Apr '11

Can somone do colette and then a heart like ded fansy

NameWriter101 replied:27 Apr '11

Hey! I haven't used this site in a while, so I hope these are okay:

coʟᴇттᴇᴇ' ♥ ..

{ C o l ε т т ε: ♥ }


If you want anymore, just ask!

- NameWriter101'♥

Anonymous said:24 Apr '11

Can someone do: lucy, please, not somethink OTT tho, but gimmie options kthankstraa;)

princezz nikki♥ replied:25 Apr '11

ʟυсÿ♥ or ⓛⓤ©ⓨ or lucч♪
hope you like them , if not i'll do more x

Anonymous replied:25 Apr '11

Hmmmm have you got anymore babee?x

lilchickenlover1997 replied:26 Apr '11

yeah heere: ረሀርվ , ĹÚČŶ, ♥.[L].[U].[C].[Y].♥, ℓυ¢у, ʎɔnႨ
are they okay hun?x

princezz nikki♥ replied:26 Apr '11

yeah heere: ረሀርվ , ĹÚČŶ, ♥.[L].[U].[C].[Y].♥, ℓυ¢у, ʎɔnႨ
are they okay hun?x

Anonymous replied:26 Apr '11

Thankyou babe! Iloveyou!;)

a galll replied:27 Apr '11

Awww it's fine i enjoyed doing it! Which one did you like best then? ;)

princezz nikki♥ replied:27 Apr '11

btw.. just so you know i am 'a galll' , 'lilchickenlover1997' and 'princezz nikki' x

Anonymous said:27 Apr '11

how do u write colours into your name?

a galll replied:27 Apr '11

do you mean on msn? if so you would do [c=12]insert name here[/c] (you get it colored dark blue)~

Anonymous said:27 Apr '11

how do u make the simballs

Anonymous said:27 Apr '11

could someone please do Jaak or Jaak Holman
Thanks :)

Anonymous said:26 Apr '11

Can you please do George Loves you ? please ?

roxus said:26 Apr '11

can u make
"dolce vita"
pls and thx ):

Anonymous said:26 Apr '11

kaylee carol sieronisorus can you make it pleease?

princezz nikki♥ replied:26 Apr '11

♥.ќαÿlεε сαɾøl ṡïεɾøṉïṡøɾυṡ.♥

Is that ok?x

Anonymous said:21 Apr '11

Can you do please: (heart)Ângela I love 4ever!(heart)

princezz nikki♥ replied:25 Apr '11

♥âṉģεlα ï løṿε 4εṿεɾ!♥
hope you like it x

Anonymous said:21 Apr '11

could u do shadow,yoshi,kathy weaver,and ninja kitteh,kitty and kitten

princezz nikki♥ replied:25 Apr '11

ṡhαḋøώ,ÿøṡhï,ќατhÿ ώεαṿεɾ,αṉḋ ṉïṉјα ќïττεh,ќïττÿ αṉḋ ќïττεṉ

hope u like it xx

Anonymous said:24 Apr '11

can someone do Alyssa ? plz :)

princezz nikki♥ replied:25 Apr '11


is that ok for you? x

Anonymous said:24 Apr '11

can u do priscilla please

princezz nikki♥ replied:25 Apr '11

ρɾïṡсïllα, pяisсiʟʟa , patriciaaaa♥

hope you like x

Anonymous said:24 Apr '11

Can someone do lucy in coool text+i'll love you forever!

princezz nikki♥ replied:25 Apr '11

seee above i did it :)

Anonymous said:25 Apr '11

Can you please do Hayden

princezz nikki♥ replied:25 Apr '11

hαÿḋεṉ or hαчdєn or нayden

- hope you like them, if not i'll redo

Anonymous said:23 Apr '11

can anyone do Patricia? plz :D

Abeda replied:23 Apr '11

•°o.O ραтяι¢ια O.o°•

°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø paтrιcιa °º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø

★·.·´¯`·.·★ ρατɾïсïα ★·.·´¯`·.·★

Here u go, hope u lyk it. If not, reply back and i'll get bak 2 u..

Anonymous said:23 Apr '11

could u do ElenWynOwen please ?? thanks x

Abeda replied:23 Apr '11

ღ єℓєиωуиσωєи ღ

•☆.•*´¨`*••♥ εlεṉώÿṉøώεṉ ♥••*´¨`*•.☆•

Here u go, hope u lyk it !! :)

иαkυrɘx said:22 Apr '11

Mons†er Is a good guild name . - . OR Name.

AwkwardTurtle said:20 Apr '11

could someone do one that says "shadia loves josh" or something along those lines =P
if there were more than one option that'd be awesome, but if not, one is fine =]

Anonymous replied:22 Apr '11

heres one that i made i hope you like it :D

ṡhαḋïα løṿεṡ јøṡh

tell me what you think xx

^_^.·°•°·Deeni said:14 Apr '11

can you please do one for Deenie, and give me options please!! ^-^ ^_^.·°•°·

Avleen replied:18 Apr '11

option 1: ▒ .. D є є n i є .. ▒

option 2: °º¤ ● D.e.e.n.i.e ● °º¤

option 3: ° •ิ .. .. Ðêêñie .. .. ° •ิ

option 4: °*°* [D] . [e] . [n] . [i] . [e] °*°*

Tell me which one you like best! Hope you like them :D

Anonymous replied:22 Apr '11

ḋεεṉï - that one looks nice ")

Anonymous replied:22 Apr '11

my nickname is deeni too! xD x

Ellie Mai. said:21 Apr '11

Hello, Please could someone do Ellie Mai?
Thanks ;D

Anonymous replied:22 Apr '11

εllïε ṃαï - hows that? x

Rob said:22 Apr '11

Can Somone do Rob in reallllyyyy.... cool righting :O

yup said:22 Apr '11

i sayd i will be back which i am

Anonymous said:22 Apr '11

i need to know how to decorate my name on msn

Anonymous said:21 Apr '11

Hey can you do one with "zuammy" ? please & thnks :)

Stephy01 said:21 Apr '11

can sum1 please don the name "Stephanie" pleaseee .♥.

Alyssa said:20 Apr '11

thank you so much for doing this

Tiff :D said:20 Apr '11

Pleasee Can someone do Tiffany with some hearts?

Theresa said:19 Apr '11

Wow I just discovered this site and I have to say what nice names ;D could someone do for me? my names Theresa could I have hearts and butterflies please? I love butterflies XD would be great if someone could and could my name be in fancy writing all girly like ^^ ok well I'll wait and see would be grateful

Avleen replied:19 Apr '11

Hiiya Thesea:) so here are a couple of girly screen names i made for you, with 4 options to choose from! tell me which one you like best by replying to this!!

Option 1: εïз * ღ .. Tнe®eѕα .. ღ * εïз

Option 2: ஐ ●•۰ Theresa

Option 3: ☆.•*¨*`•.¸ There§α .•*¨*`•.¸☆

Option 4: ☆.*[T]. [H]. [E]. [R]. [E]. [S]. [A] *.☆

Babsღ said:19 Apr '11

could anyone do Babs

rosie said:19 Apr '11

hi :D cud anyone do me a name please? my names rosie xxx

grr said:15 Apr '11

can u make
"dolce vita"
pls and thx :D

Anonymous replied:17 Apr '11

could any1 do it )'; pls and tq

Kim! replied:17 Apr '11

can you do one saying kimberley loves jack please? that would be great, much love x3

Avleen replied:18 Apr '11

I hope you like this! :)

«(¨`v´¨) Kιbвєяlєу ♥..L O V E S..♥ Jαck «(¨`v´¨)

Anonymous said:17 Apr '11

can you do one saying Chowder pleaseee:D

Avleen replied:18 Apr '11

Heres a try out-:

(F) ●•۰ Cнowdєr.. • (F)

Anonymous said:18 Apr '11

do i cool writtin Eimear

Avleen replied:18 Apr '11

*.- Eiмєaя! ..

I hope you like it :)

Anonymous said:13 Apr '11

could anyone do rachel please:)

Andy-Andreaxoxox replied:14 Apr '11




Anonymous replied:16 Apr '11

how do u do it??

Anonymous said:14 Apr '11

can someone do isabelle please and thank you :)

Anonymous said:09 Apr '11

Hey can any1 do me "Rouba" plzz nd tnqq :$

Andy-Andreaxoxox replied:14 Apr '11




pick which 1 u like!!

hope they'r okay

Andy-Andreaxoxox said:14 Apr '11


Can someone do: Andrea : I heart u and a really mad quote in a really mad writing maybe in different styles?

Thx a lot guys!!

daisyo. said:14 Apr '11

hi everyone ;]

will somebody make me a cute but original name please? my names daisy.

thanks a millionnee :]

optimusICE said:12 Apr '11

Can someone do. The Optimus ICE. ? ThQ

Mattias said:12 Apr '11

Can any1 do Mattias Gamer plz?

Anonymous said:12 Apr '11

(n) nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

barbiee meme said:11 Apr '11

THxszz I Luv Iht btu can yue do moree lol iht for mi fb picsz

Lea ♫ Armstrong~ said:11 Apr '11

heeey can any one doo me a fancy name saying "horney mee' Lea Armstrong" ?

Leonie❤Matty replied:11 Apr '11

i am new to here but this is discusten lea?:/

Leonie❤Matty said:11 Apr '11

can someone make me an msn name saying leonie ❤ matty but more nicer with good letters and symbols,
Thank you !❤

Anonymous said:11 Apr '11

Heyy can someone please do me " SUMMER 2011 " using this kind of font DΣLΠ
Thank youu xx

Anonymous said:11 Apr '11

kimberly do please :)

Aman said:11 Apr '11

can someone write my name for facebook?
Aman amii

ツMaryam Tahera said:10 Apr '11

Yh Bwoii Ihtz K w l !
A n d V e r y _?? E a s y _ !

Rheaa ; xx said:09 Apr '11

Cann sum one do 1 for Rhea

Sierra x'x replied:09 Apr '11


ˢᵖᵃʳˡᵉ, ˢᵖᵃʳᵏˡᵉ/rнeα вαвeѕѕ х ☆-'

я'н'ε'α.. oxo;#ღ

Hope you like, if not just ask agaaain :) x

Anonymous said:07 Apr '11

can you do one for Rebeki please?

мιss sшαɢɢerг replied:07 Apr '11

Ƭнe Θпe & Θпʟч 'Яαcħeł ™. hope this is okki

мιss sшαɢɢerг replied:07 Apr '11

sorry posted it wrong!

Ƭнe Θпe & Θпʟч 'Яeвeқι ™.

Anonymous said:06 Apr '11

Yeo ii need sumbody to make me a w.e tht says Cash. $Money.$ Heroez. (:

Hello!! said:05 Apr '11

Can someone please do Jameela

Gemma said:05 Apr '11

Will you please do


Anonymous said:05 Apr '11

will u please do GemmalovesAlex

Taya Loves Jake said:05 Apr '11

Can some one please do

Lea ♫ Armstrong~ said:04 Apr '11

Can Someone Do HoneyWolf With cute symbols and such? O:
Many Thanks, Dont mean to put you in a rush >.

Anonymous said:03 Apr '11

Can anyone please do Selenabungay.
Letters, symbols.. don't care! anything is good :)

Sammiieffinwammy said:02 Apr '11

Can anyone make Zachhyyboo in cute letters? xo

Rasandeep said:01 Apr '11

Caaaan anyonee write Rasandeep Verdi in a diffrent handwritting thing
Thaaankyouu x

barbiee meme said:01 Apr '11

Hello HI can anybody Do Meh marjurie Or Barbiee M3m3 Plsz Anybody Plsz Nd make meh sum quote Plsz anybody thxsz

jesus said:01 Apr '11

I nedd chuii_Manee like a name

Anonymous said:30 Mar '11

can you do Lydia please:)

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