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Moods and Emotions MSN Display Pictures

This page contains all of the MSN Display Picture sets related to expressing moods and emotions! You can use these display pics in MSN Messenger to show your feelings and moods, or what you are currently doing. Included are the very popular Mood MSN Display Pictures, exclusive to Sherv.NET!

Mood 4 Display Pic Collection Mood 4 Display Pictures

The 4th and most popular release of the Mood MSN Display Pictures collection to date! This exclusive pack of high quality MSN Messenger Display Pics was released in July 2005.

Click Here to Download the 'Mood 4' Display Pic Set

Emotions MSN Display Pictures Emotions Display Pictures for MSN Messenger

This pack of 12 display pics, features a series of MSN Display Pictures expressing different emotions, all in a very cool yellow theme!

Click Here to Download Emotion Display Pictures

Mood II Display Pictures Mood II Display Pictures

This is the second set of Mood display pictures, released for MSN Messenger in 2004. More high quality MSN Display Pics!

Click Here to Download the Mood Display Pics

Mood MSN Display Pics Mood MSN Display Pics

The original pack of Mood Display Pics, featuring lots of really cool MSN Display Pics! Although these were released in 2003, they still measure up in terms of quality to this day.

Click Here to Download the Mood Display Pics

Stay tuned for more awesome MSN Display Pictures on Sherv.NET!

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