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News: Emoticon Packs
Posted on Thursday, July 10 @ 09:17:28 CDT
After quite a bit of work, I've managed to get 9 emoticon packs up :
  • Browsers Emoticon/Display Picture Pack
    Browser related Emoticons and Display Pics. Created by Sherv.
  • Custom Emoticon Font Pack
    19 Great Custom Emoticon Fonts
  • Custom Emoticon Pack
    100 Awesome Emoticons
  • Custom Emoticon Pack 2
    This file includes the following packs : Mario emoticons, Pacman emoticons, SARS Protected emoticons, Extended emoticons and the Rock, Paper, Scissor game emoticons.
  • Custom Emoticon Pack 3
    This file includes the following emoticon packs : Aliens, Numbers, ICQ, Black and White.
  • Custom Emoticons Pack 4
    70 Cool Emoicons.
  • Display Picture Pack
    Many cool display pics!
  • Forums Custom Emoticon Pack
    This pack contains the emoticons from some great forums : phpBB, Invision Power Board, Vbulletin and Snitz.
  • Status Custom Emoticon Pack
    Use these to indicate your status in your away messages and to refer to any status while chatting.

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