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Hello Kitty brushing hair cursor

Hello Kitty brushing hair cursor
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This is a very cute Hello Kitty animated cursor where the kitty is brushing her hair with a brush. She's wearing a very cute pink dress, copy the myspace code for this cursor from below.

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Cursor Codes for Hello Kitty brushing hair

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User comments

Anonymous on 12 Jan (12:25)
Very good Hello Kitty emojis
Anonymous on 08 Sep (13:49)
Super cute Hello Kitty emojis
Anonymous on 03 Sep (08:22)
How to download hello kitty cursors?
Emoji on 15 Jun (07:23)
Yes I Love your Hello Kitty emojis.
Anonymous on 28 Nov (07:25)
Cuteness overload! I love hello kitty emojis and emoticons very much.
Anonymous on 11 Aug (06:37)
I love cats, kittens, Hello kitty, and everything catlike.
Anonymous on 01 Jan (03:04)
It's very adorable.
Anonymous on 10 May (10:17)
Love this brushing hair emoji so much. Hello Kitty emojis are always cute. Everlastingly!
Anonymous on 26 Jan (05:36)
Where ya download?!
Anonymous on 06 Nov (02:25)
Anonymous on 04 Mar (21:05)
Anonymous on 14 Feb (04:30)
why can not be downloaded...
Annisa Liyanti on 28 Jan (02:45)
i love hello kitty forever...
nikcy on 18 Dec (12:29)
the cutest kitten ever!
Anonymous on 15 Oct (13:54)
how to make hello kitty smiley faces for facebook? how can I download them?
Anonymous on 13 Sep (20:57)
so much fun!
Anonymous on 01 Mar (18:12)
Anonymous on 16 Nov (07:20)
the cutest of all cuties in the universe or all universes!
Anonymous on 06 Nov (14:43)
I gladly enter my comments here for you guys hope it's useful to others. I like people send their own stuff too. in that case, we can share and enjoy more graphics and variety here and on the web. we should share more. thanks.

By the way, the animations and graphics on this site is great! please add more.
Anonymous on 18 Oct (23:18)
this is really super Cool!
Anonymous on 14 Aug (01:42)
Give us more plz, more... more of this little cutie!
Anonymous on 11 Jul (13:22)
yeah some people get bored with their PC settings so fast! I'm one of them myself! I love changing my background pictures and screen savers and msn themes and colors and cursors and everything else!!
Anonymous on 29 Mar (05:27)
it's good to have lots and lots of these cute stuff to change your cursors frequently almost on a daily basis if not several times per day!
Anonymous on 29 Mar (03:16)
do you know of a cuter thing in the entire world? not me!
Anonymous on 25 Mar (09:40)
I bought a doll of this sweetie for my little sister and she's very happy girl now!
Anonymous on 03 Mar (13:08)
just love it!!!
karolientje on 25 Feb (23:14)
i love it..but i dont know how to got it..
Anonymous on 11 Feb (17:08)
Excellent! super cute kitten!
Anonymous on 14 Jan (08:36)
me too am a big fan of HelloKitty!! ha ha... love all the cute cats... they're so lovable and I adore them.
Anonymous on 13 Jan (11:48)

Details for hello kitty brushing hair

Tags: Hello, Kitty, Brush, Hair

  • The Hello Kitty brushing hair cursor is Animated
  • Hello Kitty brushing hair cursor file size: 12.71 kB (13014 b)
  • Added on 10 June, 2008
  • Cursor category: Hello Kitty Cursors

Hello Kitty brushing hair is animated in 6 frames, the animation is 1.83 seconds long. This cursor uses 3 frames for its animations. It's an animated cursor measuring 32 by 32 pixels.

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