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Cursors in different browsers

Cursor support varies between browsers, here is a list of browsers that support cursors.

  • Internet Explorer

    Users of Internet Explorer 6 and newer can take full advantage of custom cursors, including animated cursors. IE provides the best cursor support of all browsers.

  • FireFox

    Users of FireFox 1.5 and newer can also see custom cursors with one exception, they can not be animated. As of writing, the current version of FireFox (version 2) does not support animated cursors, but this may change in future versions.

  • Other browsers do not generally support custom cursors.

    Since Internet Explorer and FireFox are used by close to 90% of web users, the majority of your visitors should not have any difficulties in viewing your page's cursor. Safari also supports customized cursors.

Test your browser

To detect if your current browser supports custom animated cursors, move your mouse over the box below and see if your cursor changes.


Also note that to view animated cursors, you must be using Windows NT or newer. We will keep this information up to date as new browser versions are released and cursor support increases.

Read our cursor changing guide to find out how to change your cursors, or go to our cursor definition page to find out more about exactly what a cursor is.

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