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3D Animated cursors

Looking for a fresh 3D cursor for your desktop or web page? Just look through our free selection of the best 3d animated cursors.

3d cube cursor
3D cube
3d cactus cursor
3D cactus
spinning globe cursor
Spinning globe
futuristic 3d cursor
Futuristic 3d

There are 4 cursors in the 3D Animated cursors pack.

Free 3D cursors

A 3D representation of the standard arrow cursor

3D cursors are some of the absolute coolest cursors you'll ever find, no doubt about that.

Thanks to the latest animation technologies, we can create 3-dimensional cursors with really impressive effects. These animated cursors can really bring your page to life. While these cursors are visually impressive, their file sizes are usually a bit larger than standard cursors, due to the detailed 3D animations.

A cool 3D cursor is the perfect finishing touch to your page or MySpace profile. As with all of our other cursors, these 3D cursors are free and come with cursor codes that you can copy and paste. Using our unique HTML cursor code generator, you are even able to select when and where the cursors will appear on your page.

One final note about these animated cursors. Due to browser limitations, only Internet Explorer users can see cursors animate. FireFox users will still see a 3D cursor, but it just won't animate for them. We have included the latest information on browser cursor support on this page. We hope that all web browsers will support animated cursors in the future, but this may be a long way from materializing.

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