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Pokemon Cursors

Pokemon fans will be pleased with this collection of free Pokemon cursors.

pikachu cursor
poke ball cursor
Poke ball
charmander pokemon cursor
Charmander pokemon
blastoise pokemon cursor
Blastoise pokemon

There are 4 cursors in the Pokemon Cursors pack.

Free Pokemon cursors

The famous Pokemon logo

The Pokemon franchise started up in Japan during 1995 and had spread to the US and other parts of the world by 1998. Products include Pokemon games, trading cards, books, toys and an anime cartoon show. While not as popular as it was during its peak years of 1999-2001, Pokemon is still quite popular among kids and teens. To find out much more about Pokemon, visit the Pokemon page on WikiPedia.

We've got all sorts of cursors for you, featuring your favorite Pokemon characters and items. Jazz up your MySpace, Xanga and Bebo profiles with a custom Pokemon cursor, just click on your favorite cursor and get the codes. Due to the fact that there are hundreds upon hundreds of different Pokemons around (the Pokedex is huge!), we can't add a cursor for every single Pokemon. We've tried to include the most popular and well known Pokemon (such as Pikachu, etc), but let us know if we're missing your favorite one.

All of the Pokemon cursors are free to use and each one comes with its own HTML cursor code. You can use the cursor code generator to customize where your Pokemon mouse cursor will appear on your page, have fun.

All of the free pokemon cursors are protected under copyright laws.