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Hello Kitty cursor

Hello Kitty cursor
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A very cute Hello Kitty cursor, with a red heart being used as the mouse pointer. You will use the red heart shape on the top left of the cursor to click on things and select text. Grab the myspace code from further down the page.

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Cursor Codes for Hello Kitty

Use the Hello Kitty cursor on MySpace, Bebo, blogs, etc with these codes:

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User comments

truly my favorite of all time this one is.
Anonymous on 17 Jan (02:17)
I love it! My friends says she damn cute!
Hello Kitty! on 15 Dec (06:08)
Anonymous on 10 Aug (12:29)
very useful for those of us who adore this little cutie!
Anonymous on 27 Feb (11:31)
Damn .. she's cute.
Anonymous on 21 Feb (20:16)
i love you helllo kitty
ale on 08 Mar (14:36)
hello kitty rulez!
Anonymous on 05 Apr (04:16)
i love you hello kitty!!
starquita on 05 Feb (21:18)

Details for hello kitty

Tags: Hello, Kitty, Cute

  • The Hello Kitty cursor is Static
  • Hello Kitty cursor file size: 2.19 kB (2238 b)
  • Added on 10 June, 2008
  • Cursor category: Hello Kitty Cursors

Hello Kitty is a static cursor measuring 32 by 32 pixels.

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