Zwinky Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Question: How can I create my own free Zwinky?
  • Answer: Creating your own Zwinkies is easy, just read our guide to Creating A Zwinky.

  • Question: Is Zwinky FREE to download?
  • Answer: Yes! Using and creating your Zwinky is free. You can download Zwinky creating software free of charge and use it.

  • Question: Can I add Zwinkies on MySpace?
  • Answer: You sure can, adding Zwinky avatars to MySpace is really easy, learn more over here.

  • Question: Can I create my Zwinky without having to download anything?
  • Answer: No, it's not possible to create your free Zwinky and wardrobe without downloading the Zwinky setup.
The Zwinky FAQ tutorial and guide is up to date.