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Zwinkies are customizable 3D cartoon avatars brought to you by IAC Media. These avatars can be a representation of you in a virtual world called Zwinktopia. By downloading and installing the Zwinky toolbar software setup you will immediately be able to create your own cartoon Zwinky character and display it on your web pages, including Facebook and Myspace!

Once you have downloaded and setup your Zwinky profile, you officially become a citizen of Zwinktopia! You can then make an avatar, play online games, chat with other users and even go shopping.

More about the software

Zwinky won't cost you anything and is totally free and safe. There is absolutely NO spyware, adware, malware, virus or Trojan associated with this online game. For more information about the downloadable Zwinky software products and toolbars you can read the IAC privacy policy and EULA. To sign up, simply click here to download the new version and create your account.

The toolbar works with most web browsers (such as Internet Explorer or Firefox). And if you were wondering, it also works with Windows 7. After the setup is complete, you will need to stay online to play games and chat with other users.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and join the Zwinky community and turn yourself into a cartoon character and begin having lots of fun!

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