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These are the omg rage emoticons we have. We found 5 results. All of our omg rage smileys are free to download.

Raisins Troll

Raisins Troll

This rage comics meme emoticon is called "Raisin" due to its association with the first related meme which was about a memes comic character mistaking the raisins for the chocolate chips in the...

  • Added on 03 November, 2012
  • Filename: raisins-troll-smiley-emoticon.jpg
  • File size: 10966 bytes
  • Rated 3.80 from 10 votes
  • 1 frames measuring 150 x 150 pixels

Oh Crap Rage

Oh Crap Rage emoticon

This meme emoticon also known as "Raisins" and "OMG" is among many rage meme characters which are used on the online forums and communities to create and share with others their real life...

  • Added on 08 November, 2012
  • Filename: oh-crap-rage-smiley-emoticon.png
  • File size: 70368 bytes
  • 1 frames measuring 150 x 109 pixels

Gasp Rage

Gasp Rage smilie

What you've got here is an animated "Oh Crap" , OMG, or Raisins Rage Comics faces.

  • Added on 08 November, 2012
  • Filename: gasp-rage-smiley-emoticon.gif
  • File size: 74027 bytes
  • Rated 3.60 from 5 votes
  • 7 frames measuring 140 x 86 pixels

Oh Crap Rage Face

Crap Rage Face

What you see here is the raisins guy image from Rage comics strips or "OMG" rage guy who apart from the anger and frustration can also convey his sense of amazement and astonishment.

  • Added on 08 November, 2012
  • Filename: oh-crap-rage-face-smiley-emoticon.png
  • File size: 5808 bytes
  • 1 frames measuring 100 x 100 pixels

Mega Rage

smilie of Mega Rage

in this version the eyes are red which is an indication of anger, therefore it should be only used for the purpose.

  • Added on 08 November, 2012
  • Filename: mega-rage-smiley-emoticon.png
  • File size: 15926 bytes
  • 1 frames measuring 100 x 76 pixels
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