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PUNCHOn 28 Sep 2018 Liberal Deoxys said:
Sailor Moon emoji is better. I hate Naruto emojis.
MSN ICON...On 22 Sep 2018 Pikachu said:
Haha so funny
SLAP IN...On 07 Jul 2018 Kev said:
The code for this slap emoji is incorrect and goes to a different emoji. Could you give me the correct code please?
SLAPPINGOn 16 Feb 2018 Anonymous said:
I don't see any download button to download this slapping emoji.
MSN ICON...On 10 Feb 2018 Liz said:
Hi, would I be able to use this msn icon slap emoji in facebook chat? I am not sure how to install it. It just says code and I copied the whole thing and it just pasted your website. I have looked for this msn slap for a long time as msn messenger is no longer used. Thank you!

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