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Zaps are one of the coolest additions to MySpace IM! Get your contact's attention with these free MySpace IM Zaps!

Free Zaps for MySpace IM!
Download MySpace Zaps

Download Free MySpace IM Zaps

Liven up your MySpace IM chats with our Zaps, they're free to download.

All of our free zaps have sounds and they can all be added automatically to MySpaceIM with the click of a button! You can add the Zaps to as many MySpace IM accounts as you wish. Once installed, you can also customize each one of the Zaps by changing the Zap text and renaming them.

If you ever feel like you want to zap your buddies, download and install these free Zaps!

What are MySpace Zaps?

Zaps are like an evolved version of emoticons, they support an animated graphic as well as accompanying sound and text. Once added, you can send a Zap to your contacts in MySpace IM chats. As of right now, you can not send Zaps in the MySpaceIM chat room.

MySpace Zaps Help

We'll be adding a help section shortly. In the meanwhile, contact us with problems you have with the Zaps.

Suggestions and Requests

Got something to say about our Zaps or have a great idea for a new Zap? We want to know and we're listening, so write to us here!

Looking for some Adult Zaps? Go over to our Free Adult Emoticons section!

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