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These are the trollol emoticons we have. We found 2 results. All of our trollol smileys are free to download.

LOL Troll

lol troll smiley

This LoL and Troll combination is positioned at the left of the frame and is suitable for the panes that don't end with lol troll and it's is not the final (last of the four panes) image.

  • Added on 03 November, 2012
  • Filename: lol-troll-smiley-emoticon.png
  • File size: 22036 bytes
  • Rated 3.36 from 7 votes
  • 1 frames measuring 150 x 88 pixels


smilie of Trollol

This rage comics emoticon is a mix of LOL guy and troll face and is called trollol also sometimes troll lol.

  • Added on 03 November, 2012
  • Filename: trollol-smiley-emoticon.png
  • File size: 12007 bytes
  • 1 frames measuring 150 x 76 pixels
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