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These are the stories emoticons we have. We found 3 results. All of our stories smileys are free to download.

True Story Meme

True Story Meme emoticon

This Rage face meme character has been taken from a still shot of Barney Stinson in the first episode of How I Met your Mother's fourth season.

  • Added on 03 November, 2012
  • Filename: true-story-meme-smiley-emoticon.png
  • File size: 47206 bytes
  • Rated 3.88 from 34 votes
  • 1 frames measuring 150 x 150 pixels

True Story Troll

True Story Troll smilie

This is a variant of the "True Story" Guy form the Rage Faces series along with the caption "That Ass" or "Dat Ass" as if he is admiring the a well-shaped buttocks of a female.

  • Added on 03 November, 2012
  • Filename: true-story-troll-smiley-emoticon.jpg
  • File size: 12241 bytes
  • 1 frames measuring 150 x 151 pixels

Reading Stories

Reading Stories smilie

This is an image of a smiley face reading a red book that says "stories" on the cover.

  • Added on 06 February, 2014
  • Filename: reading-stories-smiley-emoticon.gif
  • File size: 28498 bytes
  • Rated 4.47 from 15 votes
  • 33 frames measuring 68 x 74 pixels
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